We’ve been back home for just a few weeks and I’m already missing running around Italy with this guy!! We drank wine, ate lots of pasta, and took in as much of the culture as possible as we explored the magic of Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Florence, and Venice. One of the highlights of the trip though was our own photo session in Venice with @serena_genovese...when everything leading up to the session went horribly wrong. I had a sinus infection, it was 30 degrees outside (I planned for 50), and so many other things kept going awry the morning of our session. Find out on the blog why the worst was actually the best possible thing that could have happened and why completely forgetting about the camera can truly give you images you LOVE! I mean I cry every time I look back at these images I love them so much!

If you want to stay in your corner of the world forever, do it. Go to the same restaurants, be friends with the same people, walk the same streets. If you’re happy in that, you don’t need to travel the world.
If you want to leave, don’t let someone stop you. Run as far as you can and experience the life you want. Throw yourself into new cultures, make mistakes, and learn as much as you can. Get bored and go back home or fall in love and never go back.
We all need something different and no one can tell you what that is. Sometimes you have to do what scares you, do what you love, or do what is hard. Above all else though, you have to do what’s right for you. If you live your life for other people, you’ll never really live it.
— Excerpt from the book I’ll never write
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