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On a cold winter morning in the time before the light #dragonforce #throughthefireandflames #inhumanrampage #lake

The Piano keys are black and white, but they sound like a million colours in your mind. .
@rsdmax #practice #throughthefireandflames

You guys remember the last song on Guitar Hero 3? I never could beat that one on expert #jacksonguitar #throughthefireandflames #dragonforce

I will beat this....one of these days >:D

Pics and clips from the @dragonforcehq concert at the Roxy 🤘🏻 #metal #dragonforce #powermetal #losangeles #throughthefireandflames


Cuando consigues que un colega ponga dragonforce en radio betis, sabes que el meme ha alcanzado nuevos niveles. Through The Fire And Flames, verdiblanca till dead! #throughthefireandflames #Dragonforce #TodoSeaPorElMeme #EseBetisWeno #SoFarAwayyyyyyy

Playing that lute is no joke in Fable 3. #fable3 #videogames #dragonforce #throughthefireandflames

1/8” 6010 root on some 3” sch 40 today. Welding a 1” long piece to a 90 , good opportunity for an inside shot 👨‍🏭 #welding #weldernation #weldingsmostwanted #weldporn #weldeverdamnday #welddevils #weldmoney #rootpass #6010 #gloryhole #penetration #throughthefireandflames

This fall, I took a Power Metal overdose 🤘🏻
#EDGUY (29.09) 🤡
#DRAGONFORCE (26.10) 🐉
#HELLOWEEN (10.11) 🎃

Seeing three of the most famous power metal bands that I happen to be a huge fan of in less than one and a half months.

September 29th
Edguy has been one of my favorite bands since my childhood. Lead by the world's most underrated composer Tobias Sammet, Edguy offers you everything from dynamic metal to rock 'n' roll to powerful ballads. Combining both unbelievable talent and depth with lightheartedness and humor. A group I had put very high on my "Bands I have to see live" list.
On top of that, on their 25th anniversary Monuments tour they played mostly the beloved classics. And especially several songs like "Lavatory Love Machine" or "The Piper Never Dies" from one of my all time favorite albums "Hellfire Club"

October 26th
While one can argue whether modern Edguy still counts as power metal, no one would disagree that Dragonforce personifies it like no other band; numerous guitar solos, epic choruses, powerful vocals and lightlinglike speed. Apparantly, metalheads don't like Dragonforce because they sound too childish. Non-metal fans think they're too fast. And then there's me who thinks it's pure epicness.

November 10th
Everyone has this one band or concert they wish to have seen. But that chance has gone; by now the band broke up, doesn't sound like back in the days anymore or your favorite singer left and was replaced by another great musician, but it just isn't quite the same. The latter thing was me and Helloween. My favorite album came out in 1988, and while I too enjoy their modern sound, it always bothered me to never hear my favorite song "I Want Out" on a concert from the original members.
When I found out that Helloween announced a tour where the old and the new members come together to play all the classics once again - the Pumpkins United - I got my hands on tickets as soon as I could.
And what I saw did not disappoint; almost three hours of raw power and speed metal, an impressingly detailed live show and a setlist that left me without the slightest spark of disappointment.

On a cold winter morning ,in the time before the light
In flames of deaths eternal reign we ride toward the fight

What’s up, I’m Brady— follow my new personal! @bradywhite23 #metal #guitar #shredding #throughthefireandflames

We feel the pain of a lifetime
Lost in a thousand days
Through the fire and flames
We carry on
#throughthefireandflames #dragonforce #rockingout #currentlylistening #hype

Ahora sí ya va mejor! GH-3:LOR 😎🎮🎸

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