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Stunning view from #EmpireStateBuilding 👁 |
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Highcoast sunset.

She’s turned 2 today, 2 whole years. I have to repeat it to actually start believing it.
And there are 2 essential things that she has taught me:
1. There’s always an opportunity for good stuff (food, for example), you just have to show up...and never leave that spot. It will happen eventually. 🍗🍌🍓🍕🧀
2. Five minutes is enough time to miss somebody and be extremely happy when they come back. 🐾🐾🐾 She got 2 cupcakes and swallowed them😄
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If you've ever visited Cappadocia or other parts of Turkey (even some districts of Istanbul) during the Ramadan, you surely have heard the night drummers at around 2am. I was quite surprised the first night so I googled it - the drummers walk the streets, waking the inhabitants in time for 'Sahur', the last meal before a long day of fasting, that starts with the call to prayer at sunrise. But among other articles there was one stating that 'they are waking the women up in time to make breakfast so that everyone can eat before sunrise'. 😁
I told Franz in the morning about that article and ask if he heard them - nope, but if that's the key to waking me up early and getting me to make breakfast - he'll buy drums, he said. 🥁

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