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"That awkward moment when your kids look more pregnant than you" caption + capture by @thesimplefolk_ 💛 // chosen by mod @raising.little.women 🌿


"I'm tired. I need a carry. My legs hurt" - something we hear non-stop from Penny if we ask her to walk anywhere at home. But, when we plop her on top of a mountain in The Alps and then ask her to walk down (something that ends up taking three hours), we didn't hear a single moan. Who can worry about tired legs when this is your view? #WHPadventure

"Why take an infant into the backcountry, because it sure isn’t easy. They can’t walk or carry anything, so you end up carrying them and everything else they need. They aren’t potty trained, so they poop and pee in diapers, and because they aren’t disposable, you end up packing it all out. They require a lot of time to feed, play with, and change, so there never seems to be enough time to do things around camp. And on top of it all, they won’t remember it.
So why?
For me, it’s simple. 1. Both my wife and I can get out of the house and into the mountains, which is important for both our physical and mental health. 2. Our wild places are so much more important to me than just the view and memories. For me they have an unseen power in them to heal the soul. I like to think that although my daughter might not remember the experience, she can feel that power and it will help her as she grows and develops. 3. We are teaching her now how to camp and hike, which is a big help for us, because this is what we do, A LOT. 4. Hiking and camping are some of the best times to develop relationships, because it forces us to minimize our lives down to what is essential, leaving all other distractions at home. Time camping and hiking has always been a very special time for me to build relationships, so having this time with my daughter has been priceless.” - @moonmountainman #childrenofmountains

I completely can relate to the energy this little girl has. I have one at home too😏 This moment is raw and awesome, and her siblings face is classic. Love it!
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"If I was a flower growing wild and free,
all I'd want is you to be my sweet honey bee"

Last week on our flight, with three minutes to go until the wheels hit the ground after our vacation, my son finally decided to take his first nap. Figures! He looked pretty darn cute doing it though, even though it was the first one in four days and only last a few minutes!

Their happy place 🌊❤️

We hiked for about 30 min in the rain, she didn't mind at all. 'Wow' she said as we reached the top and were rewarded with this view. I love her adventurous spirit, can't wait to see the world with her. I don't need to show her anything, she already sees more than me. .
This is my entry for @instagram #whpadventure weekend project

#ad All of these cute back to school posts with chalk boards had me envious for Olivia to have her very own 💕How fun is this personalized chalk board from @pcgifts 😍 PS keep those back to school pics coming! I am loving them 😘#personalcreations #giftpersonal .
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Guimel received his first sacrament yesterday.

Looking at life through 🌹tinted glasses

When we have guests stay overnight Rowan gets to sleep in a "nest". It's one of his favorite things. 🐦

•🌳 P I L L O W F I G H T 🌳•
Watching the epic pillow fight at @justsofestival rounded off an amazing weekend. The littlest toddler might have been too young to get involved (her poor bro who gets a wallop from her a few times a day might disagree) but she still got to enjoy the fluff that came out of it. What a weekend. #justsofestival2017 #pillowfight #vanishinglibrary #justsofestival

Happy Sunday Friends!

We LOVE @cuddleandkind because every doll is handmade by female artisans in Peru, and for every toy purchased Cuddle and Kind provides 10 meals for children in need.

Since it's Chelsea the Cat's birthday, if you purchase her in any size today you will receive a free 10"x10" inspirational print that provides 5 meals to children in need. So in total, your purchase will feed 15 children!

Happy Birthday to Chelsea the Cat!

Someone made a little fairy house, let's hope Flora like her new home as much as Laoise does #imagination #throughachildseyes #newhome #fairyhouse

How about the weekend?


Slow, simple mornings

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