It’s been a fun 2 days #thrivingtogether

It’s been this much fun with this woman for ten years!! And we still can’t get a photo together without cracking up! @kath.kalijo @kalijopilates

Ilove our Friday morning sessions by the water... a great way to finish the week.

#fridayfun #endoftheweek #thrivingtogether #activewomen


Kibar dalam semangat berkobar.
Menjemput janji para pejuang mimpi.
Teguh dan kokoh berdiri dan berpijar.
Ibu Pertiwi, dirimu sangat kusayangi.
Dirgahayu Indonesiaku
Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia yang ke 73. .
SDAC 2018

#themomentwhen we were awarded #theemeraldcup #regenerativecannabisfarmaward remains one of the greatest highlights and most satisfying moments of our career. Why is it so important to us to go so far #beyondorganic or #sustainable? Because not only do the purest practices produce the most beautiful, natural, multidimensional and spiritually elevating medicine you can buy, but in order to #healtheearth we must #renew and #regeneratetheland by #givingback more than we take. That's why everything that goes into producing our flowers is made on the farm, from the land, by our own hands, from start to finish. Our life together is first and foremost about #makingart in humble collaboration with #nature by staying true to the lessons the plant teaches and #remaininghumble in our pursuit of #thewayoftheflower, the ancient spiritual art form of nobly and mindfully preserving the true essence of Nature in her finest moment. #regenerativefarming is a #lifelongjourney and we are so #grateful for the opportunity to follow this #wayoflife. Thank you @theemeraldcup @biovortex @hightidepermaculture @blake_mendocino @thblake @dragonflyearthmedicine for honoring #ourlifeswork. 🙏 @solfulca @thecohong #dempure #dempurecertified #regenerativecannabis #knowyourfarmer #womengrow #womeninweed

I love that thrive benefits me AND my boys. I get more done in less time which leaves more time for cuddles and play time! I am less stressed, more patient and more willing and able to make every moment a learning/teaching moment! Never going back.
#thrivingtogether #happymama #cuddletime

Wanting to HELP amazing people get incredible REAL natural RESULTS!! I've got HUGE 🙌🙌🙌 savings!! Stop wondering what these 3 steps can do for you and start seeing RESULTS!!! #allnatural #3simplesteps #realresults4realppl #resultsdontlie #feelamazingeveryday #BURN #burningitup #premiumnutrition #plantbased #nongmo #glutenfree #diabeticfriendly #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #energythatlastsallday #cometakethisjourneywithme #youwontregretit #neveralone #support #thrivingtogether

This is the big reason to slow your eating down... You need to let your body process and respond to what you are consuming. If you eat fast, you can consume a lot of extra food during that 20 min delay and easily over eat.

It helps when you understand how your body really works.

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I love our evening "Ladies Night" sessions. They get you warm on a cold evening, get you out in the fresh air clear, your head from the day you have just had and sets you up for a good night sleep! Beat of all for those with families you can get them sorted for the night and still make the class!

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Happy #fridayintroductions 💫
Thank you for all the recent follows! For those of you who may not know me, I’d like to take moment to introduce myself.
I’m a trauma therapist and mindset coach practicing in the cute coastal town of #yarmouthmaine. I help women feel safe, confident, and empowered so they can create the lives they desire.
I’m one hell of a dreamer with a major knack for not following through on projects I start or ideas I have.
I wanna do all the things bc I know they are awesome and super helpful, but then things fall out of alignment and nothing gets accomplished. #ImperfectBoss
I’m constantly reminding myself to give myself some grace. 💫
It’s completely okay to not shoot for the stars every moment of every day. There is such ease that comes from being really freaking good at one thing and focusing on that one thing. (I’m saying this more to myself right now than to you, but it’s good you hear it too.😆)
This is why I’ve focused my practice on just working with women who want to dive into making sense of their past so they aren’t perpetuating patterns that no longer serve them. I know I do this well. I know my dozens of hours of specialized training and 30+ years of life experience provides me the tools need to support women on their journeys. With that being said, it’s super easy for me to want to do #AllTheThings which distracts me from what I really need to be doing in my biz. I know my #bosslady sisters feel me on this one!
To all the dreamers and achievers
To the procrastinators and avoiders
To all the women who feel lost in life and biz much of the time
To all the women who are so entrenched in the belief they are never doing enough and if they can just do enough they will then be enough...
I see you
I hear you
I am you
We are in this together
Much love to you on your journey.

Being flexible with your plans is another key factor to thriving in life! #thrive #thriving #quickinspiration #theactionagent #motivation

Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. Yes, some things in life truly are difficult, but there are many things we make more difficult simply by saying they are.
Be mindful of what you are saying to yourself. Your subconscious mind is always listening. Why not feed it something positive and see how it transforms how you navigate life?!

☝️✌👌 steps for ☝️✌👌 days.... Lets talk about the misconceptions around Thrive... “I is just too expensive”. 😱
Well it's $5 per day and most people spend more than that on drinks that leave you with a crash later. (Also, customers and promoters can earn their product for free) “It's another weight loss program”.👇🏻
No it's premium nutrition. Everyone has a unique experience because we all lack something differently “I don't have time to take a bunch of products”.
Me either, however all 3 steps take about 20-40 minutes of waking up. BAM💥 done

#3steps #thrivingtogether #thriverforlife #lovemylife

Wifeys! We heard y’all loud and clear 🙌🏽 Thank you for DMing, responding, and simply letting us know what YOU want to see and hear about! This community is for YOU. So thank you for being a part of this ♥️ #yourcommunity #sisterhoodofwives #thrivingtogether #wifeysociety | as always, feel free to DM us anytime 📱 we’d love to hear from you!
📸: @janiorisdr

Fresh mani AND my #blacklabel... Monday never stood a chance! 👊

Comfort food at the end of a day training. #toastmasters #thrivingtogether

My husband started his journey with Thrive last week!! 😍😀 @woodnbeans Trying to take this picture was a challenge 🤣 #123thrivewithme #thriveexperience #thrivingtogether

My late working breakfast. Today is a juggle day. All my kids are at school/childcare, my middle boy had an open classroom session for parents this morning and I need to get a heap of work done today.
A big reason I work for myself is to have the flexibility to get to tge kids school events. They love it and I get to see how things are going at school for them. Damn kids can be so different at school compared to how they are at home!

BUT working for myself means everything - business wise - pauses while I do this other stuff.

Its me and only me that writes the session plans. Its me that advertises. It's me that plans and implements new programs. Its me that has tp keep learning so that my clients can get the best information amd the best outcomes and service from me. It's also me that does the bookings, invoices and the list goes on!

I skipped breakfast at the usual time so I could get to school with the kids on time this morning - not unusual, but i got home much later than usual. I had to FORCE myself to make breakfast. I wanted to get straight into work. BUT I know that if I have a crap breakfast or skip it, my day will be crap and I will get very little done. My brain will be slow, foggy, distracted. It will just be a waste of my time and leave me exhausted and frustrated.

I share this only to show that we all juggle a lot of balls. Just don't sacrifice your sanity and wellbeing to be everything to everyone else and screw (too blunt?? Sorry) yourself in the process. Take the extra 10 mins for your meals. Walk away from your desk to refill your water bottle every hour.

Don't let your world dictate your priorities, choose them for yourself and be sure to make yourself a high priority.

#selfcarematters #balanceitout #bethereforyourself #thrivingtogether #priorities #rydemums #liveandlearn

The best part of single life is doing what you want when you want out wake boarding with two of my best homies 3 men and a baby out smashing life #lovingliferightnow #montanaliving #406life #406lifestyle #summertime #livinglifetothefullest #thrivingtogether 🙀#thriveexperience #thriventosmashlife #healthylifestyle #healthyliving #healthymindset #livinglifetothefullest #livinginthenow #singleliferocks

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