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#tbt This photo taken at a time when life was so good… All was right in the world. We were all healthy, happy and whole. Not a need in the world. Funny how life can turn on its head in a second. Regardless I am grateful for so much and all that has happened. It led me to where I am today… And although life is not perfect I am here and still standing. Plus I have the best kid and friends in the world. #goodlife #thrivenotsurvive #grateful #waybackwhen

Climbing La Fiamma - landmark of beautiful Bergell / #Switzerland ⠀⠀⠀
Photo: Exped tester Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide⠀⠀⠀
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Good morning chocolate peas!
My breakkie on this grey morning was piece of bread topped w/ cream cheese and cheese 🍞 and a bowl of fresh pineapple and some supplements 🍍

How are you guys? Did you sleep well? Doora woke me up pretty early because she had some stomach issues. But I guess she's okay now.
I'm heading to the studio for ballet, so yeij! 🤗

One thing I need to address you about, because this just keeps bugging me. It's about validation, and how to validate others while being frank. Yesterday I received a comment how stupidly I act (read: eat) and that I must understand that because that's what I do: speak my mind.
And the thing is: I don't understand and I don't have to.
When I question someone else's actions, I never do it by judging the other person! Instead, I validate. I ask what is her goal - is it to get better or stay sick - and ask how this behavior serves her goal, what do you think. When I'm being frank, I never say that other person's behavior is "stupid" or something else, and then expect she/he understands, because I don't have the right to judge someone else nor tell how they should feel.
Because that is very invalid thing to do, and that will never help anyone! ✋

You can be frank without dissing and judging other one! But don't justify your actions based on someone else's, because you are not this other person, you are YOU!
So I guess I could shrink it in a nutshell and say, that it's not what you do, it's HOW you do it.
And do it with validation, do it without judging, keep it neutral🌾

I'm curious and you don't have to comment below, but I want you to think how would you be frank in a neutral and valid way?
What would you say?
Little nut for you to crack 😎

Wishing you all a fabulous Thursday, keep your head up high or your crown might slip 👑😘

(Flashback picture from coma to doing an Ironman 70.3 with one arm that worked a few months later). Sometimes terrible things happen, but successful people learn and grow, unsuccessful people wallow and blame. Life has hit me with some hard punches that would have broken me if I wasn't willing to push, to fight for what I want, to achieve and obtain my goals, and willingness to suffer for goals. Well I took another hit recently and I am grateful for how painful it was/is because that's when I learn and grow. Yeah it sucks, but Game on life! Throw whatever you got at me, I'll persevere because that's not only what I do it's who I am. I'm also a good person that takes care of my friends and would sacrifice for them. #leggo #thrivenotsurvive

Beast Nation is ready for 2H17. #oneteamonedream #thrivenotsurvive

‪Worcestershire number one spot on Friday nights...‬
‪Thrive into your weekend...‬
@alexandersworcester#ThriveNotSurvive #Fridays
‪Snaps: 📸📸‬

Didn't realise it was Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK last week. All I can say is that the journey has been tough, but the fight is worth it. Recovery started for me with a gratitude for life. #ThriveNotSurvive #StrongerEveryday. Believe me, everything will get better. #Smile #MHAW17

Champagne + fabulous people + a wedding dress = a pretty magical day! 💍🍾💍 #yestothedress #baldbride #ewingssarcoma #thrivenotsurvive #weddingdress


Oh. My. Goodness.
This is a AMAZING deal! I can't believe you can get almost 3 months of product for $200!!!! I know you've seen my posts about the energy, but it's so much more than that!
Energy, mental clarity, focus, mood support, joint health, the list goes on and on! Message me for details!!! Won't last long!

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A little #behindthescenes of our latest series of content for both the #calgaryrealestate consumer & our #thrivenotsurvive educational #realtor series #tellyourstory #whoyouworkwithmatters #brokerage #itsjustbetterhere

We're making healthy cookie balls! This one is my sized! 🤣😝#dailydoseofdensenutrition

I have so much motivation and such a mission to accomplish so much and to help so many people, but no matter what I still wake up with this anxiety some days that I just can't seem to overcome.
I want so badly to make a big impact in this world that it just brings me to tears with the amount of resistance that I get from people.
All I'm trying to do each day is help change lives by teaching people how health and fitness is the beginning of so much more.
It took me an hour and a half to finally get out of bed this morning and get going. I had so much I wanted to accomplish this morning but I just couldn't find the motivation inside. The fear of rejection and failure filled my mind. Thankfully I had something to look forward to, teaching a Piyo class. Could not let the ladies down! 😀
It definitely helped me feel better but did not get rid of this anxiety I have today. It even causes chest pain sometimes.
So I started working on my goals and could not shake my anxiety. So I decided to listen to some personal development and watch some of the online training from Brennan Bruchard. Cannot wait to get his book Motivation Manifesto. I am not going to let this anxiety stop me from achieving my goals. I'm also continuing to say my positive affirmations each day and keep focusing on working on things that are working towards my goals! I will help at least 5 lives this month!
I will help people overcome diabetes, obesity, depression, and so much more
I will have the ability to do this full-time so I can truly work on something that I'm passionate about and live life by my own design
I will not give up
#brendonbruchard #thrivenotsurvive

We have this one life, very only one life. We don't know how much time we have: it could be anything from five minutes to 50 years.
Nevertheless, we don't have enough time 🍃

Today when I was on my run, my body gave me clear signals of how exhausted and tired it was. I felt physically ill and cold, my heart beat was irregular, I experienced shortness of breath and chest pain. I got scared, really scared and I sat down.
But guess what's the saddest part?
That it always takes my body to shake me up before I dare to give it more loose and rest 🍃

I feel like there're two sides inside of me: me, and this dark side (how cliche!). I kind of enjoyed to just sit there Doora next to me, but I was also scared af. Will this ruin everything? How much will I gain? What if I weigh more tomorrow? Should I still run at home?
But once I got home, I grabbed a bag of tortilla chips, curled up on my sofa and watched wedding tv-series.
I didn't run 🍃

This misery is not how my life is supposed to be. I'm supposed to go thru this god knows why. I believe there's a bigger reason behind this, and it's not measured in pounds or centimeters. It's measured in memories, laughs and tears, maybe even blood caused by paper cuts 🍃

You don't have to be brave, because you will become one.
You don't have to be proud of yourself now, because you will become proud.
But what you have to be, is willing to take the risk.
What can you lose anyways? ❤

If it's difficult, it's helping you grow. No one wants to hear it, me included, but it's always the truth. #innerstrength #personalgrowth #thrivenotsurvive

Catching a few quiet moments at Thomas Basin in Ketchikan. Reflecting on the day I paddled into this harbor on the summer solstice in 2010. At that time I had paddled approximately 700 miles and I had roughly another 500 to click off. Life's a journey--live it wildly!!!
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Climbing La Fiamma - landmark of beautiful Bergell / #Switzerland ⠀⠀⠀
Photo: Exped tester Reto Schild, Swiss Mountain Guide⠀⠀⠀
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#Morning stuff done, pups dwalked🐕, laundry done, Gracie Lou's bedding cleaned😢, yard poopie scooped💩, dinner started.. So let's #swim.. And I'm so damn excited I can fit in this suit again!!!
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Le-Vel just launched a great promo for promoters so I am paying it forward!! All of this for only $200 for anyone direct to me! Plus, if this is your first time ordering or upgrading? I will throw in $50 in Le-Vel credits. ($450 value for $200!!) Want to upgrade to DUO?! That can be arranged!! PM me for details. *personal offer valid for customers and promoters direct to me. ThriveGalJoni.Le-Vel.com #thrivenotsurvive #thrivepromo #3months4priceof1 #bestdealEVER! #thrivewithme

Choose to #ThriveNotSurvive and make a point to live a #PurposeDrivenLife

It gives me so much joy to work with the youngest members of our community; regular chiropractic care allows their natural state of being to be one of vibrant health and possibility! 💙 .

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