One major thing I love to do each week is take time to meditate on what I accomplished. Great or small. Whether it be making it to a 6:30AM crossfit class five days in a row, or meeting with new agents, I take time to celebrate the victories! In a world full of discontentment and instant gratification it's absolutely necessary to focus on the process of accomplishment. I believe it keeps people grounded and aware to keep digging deep.
What is one thing you accomplished this week?! Started a new book, worked out, got in extra prayer time? Shout it out below! 👊🏽⬇️💕

So very Thankful for these 3 steps right here!! No matter how late I went to bed, No matter how many times I've been up with the kids during the night, no matter how early I wake up. As soon as I do my 3 steps I am ready to go 👣👐 #thrivelife #thankful #mommymagic #thrive👌 #premiumnutrition

In light of fall being just around the corner, I am hosting a autumn (& maybe a tiny bit of football) styled giveaway! Here is how it will work:
🍁Create a FREE customer account for Le-Vel (Thrive) with my link in bio or at the bottom of this post. Comment "done" once you have done this so that I can add you to the entry list. (2 entries.)
P.S. If you already have a customer account through me and would like to enter, that is fine, you will just have to do all of the "Extra Entries" section to be entered. Comment "done" once you have done this so that I can add you to the entry list.
🍁Go like the Le-Vel Facebook page. (1 extra entry.)
🍁Share this giveaway post and tag me in the post. (1 extra entry.)
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🍂Minimum of 6 participants to do the drawing.
🍂Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.
🍂Giveaway goes until midnight (EST) of August 19th. 🍂Giveaway winner will be announced on August 20th and I will send a message to the winner with the details of their fall giveaway surprise!
🍂HAVE FUN! Fall is almost here!
🍁🍁🍁 https://littlemsbartels.le-vel.com
#Fallisalmosthere #Giveaway #Thrivelife
This giveaway is in no way affiliated with Instagram.

Incase you lost track, like we did this morning and thought it was Saturday! True story. ♡

How every Friday should look... This week I had some great clients to work with and some fun knots to unravel. I love when I am able to help someone with an area that has been giving them a hard time. The whole reason I do massage therapies is because of the impact I can make on someone's health and wellbeing.
Sure the relaxing part of its amazing but the healing part is even better!

What are some of the benefits you can expect from getting a massage?

1. Relieve stress

2. Reduce anxiety

3. Manage low-back pain

4. Help fibromyalgia pain

5. Reduce muscle tension

6. Enhance exercise performance

7. Relieve tension headaches

8. Sleep better

9. Ease symptoms of depression

10. Promote relaxation

11. Lower blood pressure

12. Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

13. Help chronic neck pain

14. Increase range of motion

15. Improve mood

What are you waiting for? Book today!
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She needed to get a new ID because the security guard said that wasn't her 😂😅 a good problem to have! Thank you thrive!! #fitmom #momlife #blog #bloglife #weightlossjourney #fitfam #instadaily #insta #instagood #livelaughlove #selfcare #bodygoals #goals #goaldigger #healthylifestyle #thrivelife #thriving #heygirlhey

Sometimes long hours at the computer require a snack! Havarti cheese and pretzels hit the spot perfectly. .
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We love our #thrivelife and we celebrate it often...even at the beach!
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It’s your time to thrive 🌸 #improveandinspire

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Oh man. I had to remind myself of this mantra big time this weekend. I found myself in the ER with my youngest daughter, which ended up being our first overnight hospital stay. Clearly, it wasn’t where either of us wanted to spend our weekend. It was scary, stressful and overwhelming. There were so many worries and concerns on my mind about the what if’s... and so many thoughts about all the other things that needed to be taken care of...
And then I would remind myself of this mantra. This is where you are. Of course, neither of us wanted to be there and both of us wished we were somewhere else, but that’s wasted energy. Wishing something was different than the way it is. We were there. So the only thing to do was to BE there. In that moment. To make the most of it as best we could. We talked about it being an adventure she could tell her sisters about and how everything would be ok. And once the initial shock subsided, I was amazed at how my 7-year old made the most of a scary and awful situation. Amidst the uncertainty and fear, she kept her witty sense of humor and positive outlook
So often when we find ourselves where we don’t want to be. To make matters worse, we waste time and precious energy wishing we were somewhere else or wondering why we are there in the first place. When things don’t go the way we want or planned, we are disappointed, stressed and frustrated. We push against what is and wish for something else. We resist. We reject. We fight against the tide

But, what if instead, we acknowledged, this is where we are? Right here and right so there’s no point wishing it wasn’t. What if we trusted in life to bring what us what is needed, when it’s needed, even when we don’t understand it? What if we are present where we are and then, and only then look ahead to who we want to be and how we want to move forward? .
#beherenow #thisiswhereyouare #acceptance #makethemostofit

I have all the time in the world for the people that want to make changes...the people that just sit wasting life and complaining you've got 30 sec max.....
You have to want change to make it happen 💕 Happy HuMp Day !!!
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When taking on 3 extra kids for the night is no problem because you thrive! #thatenergytho #housefullofkids #thrivelife #imadethemsayballsinsteadofcheese #itsalittlefunny

Choosing gratitude changes perspective. It moves us from scarcity to possibility, from lack to love. How do you start your day with gratitude? How do you keep it going? How do you end the day in gratitude?

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