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#MyCityMoves is a city-wide fitness challenge, where the city of Philly is challenged to track their workout using a MYZONE belt throughout the month of March for the opportunity to earn over $10k in prizes.

Follow link in my bio to get a belt so the city can see if you work out like you say... πŸ‘€

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Day by day, getting bigger and bigger, can’t stop won’t stop, gainz & gainz and then some more gainz. This is 3 years, it doesn’t happen over night. Loving the grind even at 42 πŸ’ͺπŸ‹πŸ½ #lifting #setthebarfitness #thrivefit #stbfit #superman #20incharmgoals #trainordie #maxmuscle #maxfreknmuscle #iammaxmuscle #grayhairdontcare

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A hack is anything that makes things easier or faster. They will save you from punching. As an example, to remove deodorant streaks from a shirt use a dryer sheet. So, if you get nothing else from this at least you'll have that and your AM running late self will thank me. You're welcome.
If you're still reading this, then you win
Semi-smart stuff: People commonly lose their spine in a rollout. Demonstrated in the early parts of this video. They typically cannot fix this by just being shown or told or by shaking their face until they get it
πŸ’₯ THE HACK πŸ’₯
Start them in a bit more of a rounded spine (the opposite of the mistake) and they will typically land somewhere in the middle aka exactly where you want them. whaaaa-pow.
Thanks for @cigould for being a good sport and cringing as he demoed that bad form...and then doing a πŸ’― perfect rep
Thanks to the @bodybyboyle crew. @kenwhit16 @kev_in_carr @not_mark_sanchez @collectmomentsnotthingz for this one πŸ‘Š
βœ”οΈ: @thrivetraining
βœ”οΈ: @perform_better
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So simple,so effective. Suitcase hold.Dumbbell 1/4 body weight held about 6 in from hip. Keep shoulders level and abs contracted. @thrivesportsandfitness #dontjusttrainthrive #thrivefit #groupfitness

Thank you Rachel ( @biggie_smalls_15 ) for the kind words and for telling your awesome story. Keep crushing πŸ™Œ
Thrive members, best members
Thrive Coach @andreathomas3 πŸ‘‹πŸ»
βœ”οΈ: @universal_ac
βœ”οΈ: @perform_better
βœ”οΈ: @bodybyboyle
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First workout in the new kicks was a success! #nobullproject #crossfitthrive #thrivefit

15 swings, 5 goblet squats, 3 push-ups. 20 rounds. 20:25 @sam23rich what else you got? #ThriveFit #performbetter #thrivefit30 #24kg #conqueredthecoyote

Your challenge should you choose to accept it will be the Coyote. The Coyote is 20 rounds of 15 swings, 5 goblet squats and 3 push ups (eccentric push ups are acceptable as a modification). Acceptable kettlebell weights will be from 12kg to 24kg (no lighter, no heavier). You will be on the clock on this one, so choose your bell, get swinging and keep moving. Your finishing time will range from 20-35 minutes depending on the size of the kettlebell. The idea here is to push yourself but get quality reps in.
Test your might against the Coyote and post your results with #thrivefit30 and the size of the kettlebell used. Go get after it! #thrivefit #thrivefit30 #conqueredthecoyote #24kg

Push it...Push it real good #cityfitness #thrivefit #fitness #health


Did you know Chin-Ups build a strong back, biceps and help create healthy happy shoulders? For aesthetic reasons, athletes and adults tend to focus on too many pressing exercisesβ€”ignoring chin-ups and other critical pulling exercises.

Here's the problem: too many athletes and adults don't do Chin-Ups because they cannot perform them well or at all. They shy away simply because the exercise is for real difficult. And if they do actually try them, we almost always see the 1/2 rep type where their arms don’t even get close to straight at the bottom. This becomes a crutch and does not provide any long-term benefit. Over time, too much pressing in ratio to pulling creates a upper body imbalance and you get the forward rounded shoulder look. This also presents itself in poor shoulder mobility and pain!
Make sure you are doing a close to equal pulling to pushing ratio each week. And when doing chin-ups, get those arms all the way straight at the bottom and try to touch your clavicle to the bar at the top!
#chinup #healthyshoulders #strongback #thrivefit #detroitthrive #grossepointe #healthiswealth #feelgreatbegreat #heroesmovement #breastcancerawareness

First workout in the new kicks was a success! #nobullproject #crossfitthrive #thrivefit

Adult functional training sessions from 5-730pm or if you'd prefer, Pilates at 630pm every Wednesday at Commit Fitness in Leominster Ma. Come in and see why we were voted the best fitness center in Leominster 3 years in a row.
www.commitfitness-ma.com #commitfitness #mbscthrive #thrivefit #leominster #leominsterma #bestgym #pilates #functionaltraining #instafit #instagood

Day by day, getting bigger and bigger, can’t stop won’t stop, gainz & gainz and then some more gainz. This is 3 years, it doesn’t happen over night. Loving the grind even at 42 πŸ’ͺπŸ‹πŸ½ #lifting #setthebarfitness #thrivefit #stbfit #superman #20incharmgoals #trainordie #maxmuscle #maxfreknmuscle #iammaxmuscle #grayhairdontcare

At Commit Fitness our adult functional training training programs is comprehensive and balanced. We warmup properly and fully. We include power, strength and conditioning. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Here's the assault bike 5 minute conditioning drill. 15 seconds hard, 45 second recovery for 5 rounds. Sounds easy? Well it's not!

Don't skip out on your conditioning!

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Do you have pain in your shoulder or notice a difference in range of motion or strength on one side during overhead exercises?
Thrive is the only Certified Postural Restoration Center in Hampton roads and has advanced training to look at the biomechanical cause of why you are experiencing these issues.
Learn more about our unique approach and how we can help you improve your training at THRIVEvb.com/postural-restoration
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We like variety in our warm up! Skipping is one our favorite movements for both young athletes and adult athletes! Great activity for everyone, especially distance runners, sprinters, and jumpers that need to absorb repetitive Ground Reaction Forces during competition and activities! πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ›ΉοΈβ€β™€οΈβ›ΉοΈ πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ #movebetter570 #thrivefit #mbscthrive #dynamic #warmup #plyometrics #skipping #skip #training #trainforlife #groundreactionforce #dallaspa #shavertownpa #trucksvillepa #kingstonpa #wilkesbarrepa #nobodydoesitbetter #instahealth #instafit #instagood #instathlete

Jessica is crushing her 6 week challenge! Down 5.2% body fat in 5 weeks! Keep at it!! #6weekchallenge #setthebarfitness #thrivefit #stbfit #stbfitfam #goals

So simple,so effective. Suitcase hold.Dumbbell 1/4 body weight held about 6 in from hip. Keep shoulders level and abs contracted. @thrivesportsandfitness #dontjusttrainthrive #thrivefit #groupfitness

Want a natural way to feel more energized and motivated to workout? The Fitness Essential Oil blend will uplift and inspire you to to achieve your fitness goals!
Learn more at THRIVEvb.com/aromatherapy-essential-oils/
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When you see/read smart things, share smart things πŸ“š below
@not_mark_sanchez being all like β€œhide ya wives” with this heavy-as-f#%k Get Up
Repost from @movementasmedicine .
Low Dose Consistency in Technical Lifts
In an effort to improve my #TurkishGetUp 1RM, I spent many weeks practicing with low to moderate intensity loads (30%-70%). Prior to this 52kg TGU, my 1RM was the 48kg. I spent my practice time using nothing heavier than a 36kg. In resistance-trained individuals, it’s important to recognize that it will be more difficult to progress, if you’re constantly training at or close to (~90% or above) your max. Particularly, in more technical lifts like the Turkish Get Up or Olympic lifts, consistent practice at submaximal loads will have a better return on your long term investment. Why?
More technical lifts demand a significant amount of mental focus. Training them at 90% or above all the time, takes away from one's ability to concentrate.
Staying submaximal will keep the nervous system from fatiguing too rapidly, allowing for more repetitions.
Lower risk of injury.
Decreased soreness will allow for more practice.
In short, if you want to get really good and really strong at something, practice it! Put yourself in a position to have success and keep your practice consistent. Challenge or test your 1RM from time to time (I like every 6-8 weeks), to see that your system is working. Have respect for your body and it’s demand for rest. Recognize that it can not go 100MPH all of time and you will have long-term success in your training.
Thanks for reading! Let us know if you have something you would like us to post about! Have a great weekend!
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Have you been working on strengthening your core but still have back pain or instability?
At Thrive, we specialize in optimizing your core using advanced Postural Restoration concepts to improve stabilization and set your spine up for success.
Learn more at THRIVEvb.com/postural-restoration
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We launched our Drop 2 Sizes Fat Loss Challenge back in September. And with only 3 weeks left in the challenge I asked everyone how they think they were doing. They all have been working hard and deserve great results. That lead to the theme of the day. "Do just a little bit better".
If you're working towards a goal, try a little harder. Do some extra reps, choose a heavier kettle bell, eat a little less, make it to one more workout this week, add more vegetables, drink more water, go to bed a little earlier, and the list goes on.
In 3 weeks this group will be trying on the clothes that didn't fit in September. They will nail this! Stay tuned.
#commitfitness #mbscthrive #thrivefit #leominster #leominsterma #trainingcamp #drop2 #fatlosschallenge #precisionnutrition

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