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Rockstar mom wearing our baby out and about. #papoose #babywearing #threethingsilove

East Coast living ☀️🌻😍 #threethingsilove #poolday #sunshineinmylife

Our pal @its.coopers.world tagged us to join in the #threethingsilove challenge.
2️⃣Finding dead things
3️⃣Licking the cat food spoon
1️⃣Ottoman Trolling
2️⃣Chair Draping
3️⃣General pestering
We tagged a few friends to join in!

It's a good day for turquoise, cacti, and coffee! #threethingsilove #mildlyobsessed #cactilove #HappySaturday

Thank you lovely @luciaonlyberner for tagging us to #threethingsilove tag 😊
Háldi loves food and treats but not tomatoes. Snow and cold weather is of course something awesome but I think Háldi would choose berner girl Martta instead. He really has a big crush on her (you can check out Martta's pics on the magazine post I put earlier today 😉) And then he loves pillows and lamb furs for a nap. Of course with bellyrubs from me 😊

If you liked this, please let us know your three things 😘

😂😂 My human thinks this is just too funny! Silly me 😝
My sweet friend @hermanns_world tagged me to the #threethingsilove challenge 💕 Thanks for tagging me!
1) I love my family ❤ I love to play with them, eat with them, go for walks with them... sometimes my humans get annoyed because I follow them around and would even like to go to the bathroom with them! 😜💕 2) I love long walks in the forest 🌲🌲
3) I love food! And eating 😋 And it gets even better if I get some human food... that's delicious! Too bad I don't get human food very often 😶
Tagging some friends to do this challenge too 😄💗

Wishing I was back in nice with sun in my eyes and flowers in my hand #ThreeThingsILove 🇫🇷☀️🌸


Enjoyed my spur of the moment getaway. Got to do a little brunching, shopping, beaching and sightseeing and best of all got to spend some quality time with my sister when she wasn't conferencing and all about her nursing/teaching business! #threethingsilove #family #travel #travelwithfamily #ihavenofriends #myfriendsarefamily

EXACTLY 14 DAYS AWAY FROM OUR LAUNCH DAY! 😱😳🤗 It is crazy how fast this has come up, and we are blown away by all the support, we've received! So let's keep it up & start off this short week with something fun! 😀 respond in the comments below & have a fantastic Tuesday! 💛🍐
#pearcards #passthepear #19konthe19th

Three things I love ❤️ I miss you every day Daddy, but you are responsible for helping me find Voiceover (and acting/performing) and Yoga- the things in life that make me the happiest. You are my forever inspiration✨🎙🙏❤️#threethingsilove #foreverinspiration #voiceoveractor #yogaeverydamnday #easternbodywesternmind #chakrasystem #anodeajudith #thankyoudaddy❤️

Thank you, @linus_the_sheltie for tagging us!💕 Here is our heinously belated response to the #threethingsilove challenge! 1) CHIPMUNK hunting, ANYWHERE!! (Even in the drainage trench in the patio) 2) sweet potatoes, green beans, and any kind of meat from the table! 3) my family's attention and love all of the live long day. We'd like to see responses from tagged friends to keep the fun going!

3 thứ mình thích trên bàn làm việc :3 ~ bút thì tất nhiên phải có rồi, để sk mà :3 , cái xe thì mình hay ngồi chơi khi mệt, h nó hư bung bánh ra rồi ~ còn hộp màu thì để chặn giấy hoi :3 ~ #instadaily #instagram #threethingsilove #workspace #theysamecolor

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