Top o' the #Threeoclocker 12 yr old girls in custody after two middle school students were shot and 3 others injured. #liveteamcoverage @kareenwynter @davemechamtime Join me @kaceymontoya @kajgoldberg5 on @ktla5news @ 3p produced by @jcoxinst & EP @marcusktla5

Top o' the #Threeoclocker #RecreationalMarijuanause is now legal in California #liveteamcoverage @ellina_abovian @stevekujz #legalsmart attorney Allison Triessel Join me & @kajgoldberg5 on the @ktla5news @ 3p produced by @jcoxinst & EP @marcuswilsonsmith

Joining us today on the @ktla5news @ 3p @gretchenrossi as well as women of #cosplay Join me @luparkerla @kajgoldberg5 on the #threeoclocker produced by @jcoxinst

Of course,I'm watching the #threeoclocker on @ktla5news . Hi there again @luparkerla @markmester 😎😎😎

It's @ktla5news #threeoclocker time...hi there @luparkerla @gewalker310 (apologies for the blurry photo...still getting used to this new phone lol)

Top o' the #Threeoclocker #breakingnews @lapd officer arrested for inappropriate relationship with cadet at #77thstreetdivision @ChrisMWolfe #livereport Join me @luparkerla @kaceymontoya @Davidlaz on @ktla5news @ 3p produced by @jcoxinst & EP @marcuswilsonsmith

Coming up on the #Threeoclocker @manhattan.beach Police Chief Eve Irvine joins us live in Studio to talk about the South Bay Medal of Valor Luncheon

Off the @jackinthebox SportsDesk this morning to report on the passing of Roger Ailes on the @ktlamorningnews but don't forget later today to join @luparkerla and myself on the #oneoclocker and the #threeoclocker aka the @ktla5news @ 1p & 3p

Top o' the #Threeoclocker how did @pomonapd find the killer of this 8 yr old boy? @ellina_abovian will explain in a #LiveReport Join me @luparkerla @libertechan on @ktla5news @ 3p @marcuswilsonsmith

Top o' the #Threeoclocker #breakingnews the CBO scores the #americanhealthcareact @kokomodianne #livereport Join me @luparkerla @libertechan @Davidlaz on @ktla5news @ 3p produced by Christine Truing & EP @marcuswilsonsmith

Coming up on the #Threeoclocker we gave been talking about it all week! A #pizzookie from #bjrestaurantbrewhouse will be devoured here on the @ktla5news @3p along with pizza in the newsroom join me @luparkerla @kajgoldberg5 @Davidlaz on this Friday!

Top of the #Threeoclocker another #LAcelebrityburglary @ellina_abovian #LiveReport on who the victim is this time and $$value$$ of what was stolen Join me @luparkerla @kajgoldberg5 @Davidlaz on @ktla5news @ 3p @marcuswilsonsmith

Top o' the #Threeoclocker two Catholic Churches less that a mile part in #westcovinaca are vandalized @kareenwynter #LiveReport Join me @luparkerla @libertechan @Davidlaz on @ktla5news @1p & 3p

Top o' the #Threeoclocker @whittierpolicedept Officer allegedly killed in shootout with known gang member released from jail 10 days ago. @kareenwynter #LiveUpdate plus @whittierpolicedept news conference Joun me @luparkerla @libertechan @Davidlaz on @ktla5news @ 3p

Top o' the #Threeoclocker #BreakingNews A #CalstateFullerton Professor detained for allegedly assaulting student who did not share his political views. Join me @luparkerla @kajgoldberg5 @Davudlaz on @ktla5news @ 3p produced by @sam3k

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