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The unglamorous but fulfilling side of being a mom with no yaya! Groceries ✔️ dinner ✔️ clean house ✔️ laundry ✔️ ligo si baby ✔️ ligo si mommy .... 🤐 LOL #babywearing #threemonthsold #babasling @hbibrkhami

Usapan ng dalawang Alfonso.

P.S. naka mittens si Miggy kase di pa nagugupitan nails nya dyan and gusto ko tulog si Miggy kapag ginigupitan ng nails para di malikot. Yun lang, hehe! Unahan ko na!

#KalboVsNakakalbo #TimplahanOKuhananNgWater #MrSuave #LittleMrSuave #OurSonMiguel #ThreeMonthsOld

What a little posh baby in her @ralphlauren onesie💕 Annabelle turned 3 months today!😱She's changed so much! I just set live her 3 month baby update on my channel!👶🏻 #annabellerose #threemonthsold

You will always be Mommy's number 1️⃣. Happy 💃🏻0️⃣0️⃣ days of you, my dearest Amelie. ❤ 3/26/17 #AmelieAM #Letthembelittle #threemonthsold

THREE MONTHS OLD - Penny is growing so fast!! She slept in her crib for the first time last night and it was heavenly. She only woke up one time. Usually she doesn't wake up at all. She's such a good sleeper, especially compared to her sister. She loves milk but loooooves her pacifier even more. Still loves to be swaddled to go to sleep. She has learned how to laugh out loud and it melts our hearts. She is very smiley whenever you talk to her. She is the happiest baby I know. Mornings with her are the best because she chats up a storm, tells me all about her dreams and just babbles on and on. This little girl just makes me so happy every day. She loves her sister and just loves to stare at the dogs. She's our little miss independent. We love you baby girl. 💗 #misspennyrose

You will always be mommy's number 1️⃣. Happy 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ days of you, my dearest Amelie. ❤🌹3/26/16 #AmelieAM #threemonthsold #100days

These giggles get me everytime😍 #everlyjstan #threemonthsold #littlepoppyco


Skinny jeans babies 👯 #threemonthsold #fourmonthsold

After deleting social media this is what everyone missed on Sky's behalf 🎀👑 #babygirl #threemonthsold #shelovessweetpotaotes #criblife #smilesfordays #cutesmiles

Hi! Odin is three months old today! He weighs 11lbs 8oz and he is a little over 22 inches long. He talks all the time and is so curious about the world! #odinfox #threemonthsold #ilovemybaby #babygram

Brantley is 3 months old today!!! Time is flying! I went back to work last week and we are adjusting to the new schedule. He loves his hands as you can see and he really found his voice this month, it's the cutest thing ever (I may be biased☺️ but really). #threemonthsold #brantleymichaelporter #loveofourlives❤️

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