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Leo, another month has passed since you came into our lives and surprised us all. Another month of learning, accepting, growing but most importantly, loving on you.
We love the way you smile at us. We love the sound of you learning to giggle. We love watching you try your hardest to reach your milestones. We love the way you watch us and take in all the chaos that's going on around you.
To say you have changed us would be an understatement. The beginning was hard, I'm not going to lie. But as each day passes things become a little easier. You weren't who we were expecting, but now we couldn't imagine you any other way. It was you all along our little lion 🦁

these little noodles are FIVE months old (have been since the 3rd 🙈).
they bring us so. much. joy. remy is our little goon--he giggles, gurgles & constantly gives us the cutest sly, knowing grins. when he smiles, his eyes sparkle, like he's sharing a secret with you. he already knows how to make people feel special.
royal jack is our active, alert boy--he loves all things physical & seems to be a protector. he's strong--loves to stand, bounce, sit up, & grab things. he adores judah cash--he cracks up laughing when jc walks by, & clearly wants to be doing "big boy things."
it's been beautiful to watch their individual personalities develop, & although i am 1,000% exhausted, i truly feel honored to be their mama. #remyandroyalgrow

Dog therapy ❤️ #postheartattack #threemonths

Thanks for the best time of my life! 💕💞 #threemonths #iloveyou

pool day with my favourite little man🙈❤️ #threemonths

How can #threemonths fly by so quickly? And now it's hard to imagine life without my happy "little Ryan"! I'm so grateful to be his #mommy! #gratefulheart #babylove #growingfast #treasureeachmoment #mommynson #happybaby #healthy

Wednesdays = mom and Gabe day!

She gained another kilo and then some. Thriving and getting cuter by the day!! Thank you, Lord! You are awesome!! #soleilbrooklyn #threemonths


Look who is three months. Opps....my hair is everywhere! Who can relate? #threemonths #babyboy #thatsmile

I'm three months today !! He's my pride and joy! I love you so much baby joe joe #threemonths #rainbowbaby

I just can't get enough of him! 😍 #kassius #threemonths #ratemybaby @theellenshow

Vesla i hjemme(mimmi)strikket romper, hårbånd, smekke og sko 😍 Dagen har blitt tilbrakt på barselgruppe, og avslapping resten av dagen! Verken vesla eller jeg er i form så vi har kasta pappa ut av senga for at vi alle skal prøve å få sove bedre 🍂
#babygirl #threemonths #proudmom #justbaby #adorable #fashionbaby #fashion #instakids #instababy #romper #homemade #barselgruppe #momlife

It's been three months since we left NYC, three months! It feels like yesterday, and I miss our daily routines and friends from the city oh so much. But this little girl is thriving in our new town, and LOVES her new school. She has adjusted amazingly making some sweet new friends and surprises me everyday with what she is learning. She definitely needed the open spaces and yards to facilitate this growth. I can't wait to see her continued progress throughout the year. It helps me ease my own worries about leaving the only home she knew.

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