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Happy wedding anniversary to this hunk 💕 Three years, not much has changed since then 😂 #thirdweddinganniversary #doesnttimefly #errrr #wevebeenkindabusy #threekids

First Day Of School 📚📕✏️📝🎓 #ThreeKids 🤷🏾‍♂️

I call this: The husband says I'm beautiful FACE #6yearmarriage #threekids still the same @halilkaraaslan

4/5 of us happened to be coordinating the other day. After telling Andy to change his shirt and snapping 37 pictures...this is was what we got! #benfieldpartyof5 #picturesarehard #threekids #goldendoodle

Soaking up the last of our summer days together #threekids #capecod

Oh, how we love this pregnancy announcement! All the excitement tempered with a little bit of scared. Don't worry @roseandmarigold, having three kids is the BEST (most of the time)! #pregnancyannouncement #threekids

Rub-a-dub dub 🛁 #bathtime #threekids

I was working out with my kids yesterday in one of my stories, and a girl sent me a message in response to it, and told me to put a shirt on.
Here is my public response: If you don't like the way I show what REAL LIFE looks like- that's real life with a stomach that will always have skin (because #threekids), real life trying to be consistently healthy for my family, real life with the good, the bad, AND the ugly- then there's an UNFOLLOW button for a reason. Feel free to use it.

I'm never gonna be that girl who puts herself out there and isn't REAL about it. This is my body, this is my life, and I'm not going to be on here every single day pretending that it is something that it isn't. So while there are a million poses, outfits, and filters that I could use to cover up my flaws and imperfections, I'd rather not.
I know that I wouldn't feel comfortable to ask for help from someone that seemed to be perfect in every way and seemed to always have it together. Instead, I know that I would rather work with someone that I could relate to, and that I could open up and talk to.

So will I put my shirt on when I work out in MY stories? Ummm not if I don't want to. Will I feel confident enough to rock the body I have, perfect or not, and be proud of all the progress I have made? HECK YES I WILL.
Again, there's an unfollow button. Use it, and TBH, I probably won't even notice. 😏


Soaking up the last of our summer days together #threekids #capecod

The struggle is real.. 😡🔫 #dinner #alwaysatleastone #starvethen #threekids #mumlife #laughs #insanity 😂😐😭

THIS!! All day!! If you're not following @notquitesupermoms, I highly recommend following her! #patienceofjob #pleaseJesus #Repost @notquitesupermoms (@get_repost)

Motherhood. • it's wonderful, terrible, invigorating, exhausting, rewarding, straining, and incredible all mixed into one. It's hard to feel like I'm being a good mom. But, I'm doing my best- so I'm a good mom.

For more thoughts search "mom" on the blog (link in profile) •

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My world! They went snooping around the garden for more tomatoes and even cut me some sunflowers. #gardening #tomatoes #healthy #momofboys #furbaby #threekids #sunflowers #fallcoming #countrykitchen #countryliving

When you photograph in color you capture the color of the clothes, but when you photograph in black and white you capture the soul.
Live.laugh.love, do what makes your soul happy. .
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The first week of anything outside your comfort zone is usually the worst. 20yrs ago this week, I was at camp with my college dance team and I was fried, crying, and wanted to go home. I was told, "learn to love it." A hard thing to hear as you cry into your crappy dorm pillow sore and tired as all of the upperclassmen head out to party like camp is no big whoop. I'm skating again and something that was second nature is entirely out of my comfort zone now. My ankles are bloody, I'm tired and sore, but those words "learn to love it" are in my head and next week this won't even be a thing.

When your all dressed up emoji style 🎉

🍜 В нашей семье есть особое детское блюдо - "макароны с бульоном". Да, это буквально макароны, смешанные с куриным или мясным бульоном! Давид очень привередливый в еде, и это блюдо было придумано специально для него, но понравилось и другим двум тоже. После разных способов борьбы я решила просто дать ему есть, что он хочет, и надеяться, что его меню улучшится с возрастом. А ещё, мы не заставляем детей доедать всё до кусочка. Когда они говорят, что наелись, мы их отпускаем играть дальше. .
🍜 There is a special kids' dish in our family - macaroni and broth. Yes, its literally macaroni mixed with chicken or meat broth! David is a very picky eater, and this dish was invented specially for him, but the other two like it as well. After all kinds of struggle I decided to just let him eat what he likes and hope his menu will get better as he grows. And also, we don't force the children to eat everything to the last piece. When they say they are full, they are free to go. .
#троедетей #threekids #kidsnutrition #kidsmenu #детскоеменю #питаниедетей #макароны #привереда #pickyeater

Rub-a-dub dub 🛁 #bathtime #threekids

This is picture is my all time favorite! #family #howitreallyis #threekids #feelslikefifteenkids #life #love #happiness

Came across this recipe yesterday and tried it out this morning.
Oh so delicious!!!! Chocolate Superfood Oatmeal 💛 Steel Cut Oats (1/2 cup)
❤️ Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Shakeology) (1/2 scoop) 🥄Peanut Butter (1 tsp)
🥄Almond milk (1/2 cup)

You can alter this to match your specific needs and tastes. I like having actual measurements to follow when I try a recipe so I put in the amounts I used. Put all ingredients in a bowl (except protein!) and microwave for 30 seconds and then mix in protein powder! Top with your choice of fruit (blueberries and raspberries for me today)

This filled me up. Its nutritious, on my Health Style meal plan and so easy to make. 👌

Now that's my kind of recipe! 😊

I'm not ready to see summer go but fall seems to be in the air lately. Cooler temps, the breeze. It's a beautiful day to be outdoors so that's where I took my workout this morning.

Fitness can be all different things depending on the person and the day. Some days it's physical, some mental, and sometimes it's about pushing yourself and reaching a goal. For me today it wasn't about any of those things but more about reflecting and the enjoyment of it all.
Being outdoors, being able to move, look at the beauty around me and have some time for myself. ❤️

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