Refresh is DONE, as of yesterday and I am extremely happy with my results 😊

I feel less bloated, less hungry, less tempted by everything around me & being down 2.8lbs with more energy isn't so bad either 🙌

Aside from physical results though, the mindset shift that takes place is the BEST part. I knew my nutrition was slipping (ie that stop at the Allie's donut stand last week 😳) & I was having trouble refocusing. I was allowing myself to clean up my kids leftovers far too often. I was taking just one "little" bite here and there. I was having 2 glasses of wine instead of 1. I was ordering an app while out to dinner. I was getting my coffee with milk instead of black. Just little things that were adding up, but that don't seem like a "big" deal in the moment 🙄

If I had a nickel for everytime I had to stop myself from mindlessly putting something in my mouth during this 3 day detox, I'd be a rich woman......and that's no exaggeration. Mac & Cheese, cookies, popcorn. Hot damn, I take ALOT of Mom-bites 🙈
Being cognizant of that and forced to recognize it is where the real magic happens. Once you get past the 3 days, you are still aware of the behaviors you've just pushed aside and it makes you want to continue doing better. It's not always easy and I'm certainly not perfect, but I try. In fact, I started to slip up this morning and took a bite of my kids cold leftover pancakes (ewwww, why?) and Chris said, "Don't do that. That's how you get yourself into trouble", haha!! And I was so thankful for that because it's true. I had just explained it to him last night 😆
So, bottom line is, when you're stuck in a rut, find a way out. I knew that if I change nothing, nothing changes.....so I took control!! And, so can you 😘

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The countdown is on: 1️⃣7️⃣ days until I visit my mom in Florida 🌴☀️ we are having a girls weekend full of beach/pool time, drinks, food, and gossip! Anyone elses mom their best friend?? 🙋🏼‍♀️
• •
I'm working out and eating right, but I know the week I leave I'm going to want to kick it into mega gear for that 👙 so starting Sept. 24th I'm doing a 3 day cleanse with a couple of my girls! This isn't a juice or all liquid cleanse, you actually get to E-A-T all of the 🥕🍆🥦🍉🍊🍌 {fruits & veggies}.
• •
Swipe ➡️➡️ to see some amazing results from this THREE day only cleanse!
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If you want to join me, you've gotta let me know by - this - SUNDAY [Sept. 16th] so your cleanse kit can make it to you in time for the 24th start date!! So, mark it in your calendar 📆 and drop your email below [without the . com], or send me a message to reserve your spot!!
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Juice cleanse prep is underway!
After watching my girls and their men do this last week, Eric and I decided to jump on the bandwagon and we are super excited 🎉 .
We just spent the last hour juicing 128oz of green gold for day one!!!
I’ll be sharing in my stories over the next three days how things are going!
#juicecleanse #bringit

Ok y’all I made it a day on my juice cleanse ...day 1 kicked my ass #sujajuice #sujacleanse #threedaycleanse #dinner

Went a little crazy on too much spaghetti. And garlic bread. Oops. Bloated + puffy + lethargic = yuck. Some serious PCS meal prepping is going down tomorrow afternoon to lock these gains in 100% (SO excited to share my budget-friendly meal plan! ✌🏻 the eff out low-quality junk! garbage in = garbage out!) BUT, I’m going to flush + reset with a 3 day vegan cleanse 🌱🥦🍅 I always feel SO much better after I do, and it’s been about a year since I treated myself to one! Going crush leg day (tomorrow’s workout) tonight so I can take it easy the next 3 days and stick to some restorative yoga! There’s no time like the present - why wait until Monday if you feel like you need a change NOW?
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It’s time! This box arrived and there’s no going back now. My system needs a complete overdrive to get rid of all the bloat and cravings I have after a summer of indulgence. 🍕🌮🍦🍪🍹 Is it going to be tough? Heck yes! I know it’s time to focus on my fitness and nutrition though and will be leaning on my challenge group a ton starting on Monday. But before then, I’ll be over here cleansing out my system!

Tune into my stories above to hear all about the cleanse over the next three days. Want to jump into our three week online challenge group starting next week? It’s not too late! 📱💻 me!

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Day 3 of my cleanse is in the books 📚! I am so proud to have stuck with this! It was my first time doing anything like it! I'm not much for juicing, potions full of chemicals, or pills 💊 to make you 💩 This was the perfect thing because I ate REAL food 🥗the whole time!
Not a lick of anything that wasn't on plan and that is HUGE for! Nutrition is SUPER hard because I struggle with eating my stress and my emotions.. I love carbs of any kind and especially ice cream 🍦.. But not this time! I had so much energy today I can hardly believe I've done this all with NO caffeine, NO meat, NO dairy and NO coffee 😳. If you are interested in saying good bye cravings 👋 and hello 😁 to a lighter, less lethargic, and empowered YOU reach out! I know what it takes and I can help ❤️
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If you haven't yet ordered your Labor Day 3-Day Cleanse, call us or come sample some juices! 3 days ~ just $99 ~ 18 juices! See ya there 🍏{order now through Thursday}
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I am hitting ⏸ from my strength + HIIT program for this week so that I can cleanse this body of mine after a spur of the moment weekend away. It’s my very first time to do this particular detox. I have all the groceries and I am ready for the morning!

It has me thinking about how so many of us set start times for ourselves that are unnecessary. “I’ll start exercising in the new year.” “I’ll start clean eating after Halloween.” “I’ve reached a certain age, and old habits die hard.” This. Is. My. Face. ➡️ 😐

My program is 8 weeks long. I know my body. I need to clean it out, and, honestly, it’s perfect timing! I’ll do weeks 6, 7, and 8 of my program during my next 21 day fitness and nutrition group that starts next Monday, September 10th. 🙌🏽

There is zero reason for me to put this off until the end of my program when I know I need it now. The same is true for YOU. Is it time to drop excuses and do what your body is begging you to do? Let me know. If you want to follow the goodness I’m doing, check out my story the next three days. ❤️

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Been totally BUMMED out about the BOOT! If you didn’t know, I tore a ligament in my heel & have been sentenced to 6 weeks of the dreadful walking boot! Which also means - out of my morning routine because no working out!! .
Instead I have been focusing hard on nutrition, because 80% of our results come from the kitchen right?!? BUT I woke up this morning actually MISSING my workouts- say what? I HATE working out & complain about it ALL the time - yet I want to workout? How does that work!?! .
Instead of being a grump about the boot for the next 5.5 weeks of my life, I decided to improvise and do workouts modified for the foot (check out my IG story!) and now I feel SOOOO much better about life 🤷🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️😊
plus I got my whole tribe of new babes starting with me next week with another three day cleanse to kick off September!! If you haven’t reached out, todays the last day to get in on time. Email me, drop an emoji, or send me a DM! After that Labor Day bbq you got coming up - you are going to NEED a fresh start! I got YOU 🎉👯‍♀️🌈

Feeling a little wind blown after this amazing summer. The food, the dranks...the dranks. Gonna get the kiddos on track with back to school next week (all.the.emotions) and then the following week....ITS MY TURN.
Monday September 10th..we’re doing a little cleanse!
🥑Only 3 days!
🥑Superfoods shakes and REAL WHOLE FOOD 🥑No fasting, no starving
🥑Lose bloat and some junk weight (usually around 5 pounds for me!!)
🥑 gain energy and curb cravings from all dat summah FUN!
And we can do it together!!! Time to get my shit together, time to get ready for the school year, time to feel GOOOOOOOD!!!
Comment or message and I’ll add you to our group!! ✨✨✨🔥🔥🔥 #threedaycleanse #healthyfoods #healthyfats #superfoods #nostarving #nofasting #hydrationAF #dropsomebloat #nomorecravings #tonsofenergy #onlineaccountability #letsdoittogether #healthyeah #liftingsoulsandcrushinggoals #teamhighfrequency

Fresh Juice Made With Love Daily 😁🥒🍏🍍🥝🍉🍊
Link in Bio (Free Delivery) (Shipping Coming Soon)

End of summer got me like....😩 It’s been amazing, sunshine ☀️ and fun💃🏻...but also drinks...and snacks...because SUMMER.🙌🏼 Feeling ready to get back on track with that nutrition AF. Over the winter I did a three day superfoods style cleanse twice. It. Was. Awesome. Junk food cravings gone, a few tortilla chip style pounds gone (6 to be exact), and tons of energy.
SOOOOOOO....Monday September 10th....I’m doing it again. Starting this fall fresh, I’m gonna need that energy for the back to school craziness. And also teach my body to grab for water more than wine (sometimes) and veggies more than chips. 😂
And I wanna do it with YOU!!!! Because it’s only THREE days. We can do it together. You feel amazing. It’s fruits, veggies, water, healthy fats, superfoods shakes...NO STARVING. NO FASTING.
So let’s do it TOGETHER, group style.
Comment or message me for MORE INFO...for ALL THE GOOD STUFF.
So I’m gonna enjoy this last official week of summer. And then September 10....ITS TIME. You ready?

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....And dinner, just about made it through another day of my #plantbasedcleanse !! Sautéed 1/2 teaspoon of coconut 🥥 oil adding chopped bell pepper, chopped broccoli, sliced carrots, and mushrooms with a little bit of chopped onion to the pan, with a little bit of water, bought vegetable broth to enjoy with my dinner, and another protein rich shake to go with the meal!! Feeling pretty good!!! I could up my water intake, but we have been out and about, so not paying attention to the water I am drinking!!
I had only one cup of coffee ☕️ this morning and that was at 5:45am!! I usually need a pick-me-up come the afternoon, but I took a 20 minute power nap, perhaps my body needed a little rest!
Something I am also noticing is since I am intentionally cutting out all the junk from my diet, and have had to follow the cleanse meal plan, I am learning I certainly have the will-power to say “No” to the foods that are not the best for my body!! I am also noticing that I am leaning more on the Lord during this process, it wasn’t that I was planning on doing this, it seems I am turning to Him for more support and help during this ordeal!! I feel like it’s like a spiritual fast I am experiencing too!!
I will continue to share this journey with you all, as it has been very humbling for me to deny my flesh of the foods I would eat for emotional reasons, right now it is to get myself back on track for health and spiritual purposes!! If you want to learn more about what I am doing on this journey, please comment below or DM me, I would love to help you get back to healthy habits!! #day2done #plantbasedcleanse #plantbased #wholesomefoods #threedayplantbasedcleanse#mindbodysoul ##healingthebody #threedaycleanse #healthyinsideandout #momlife #healthandwellness #lifestylecoach #nutrition #veganforthreedays #sundayevening

Deeeener!! 🌱 based dinner with my protein rich vanilla shake!! Yummm!! Actually, the veggies are very tasty! I sautéed broccoli, sliced carrots, sliced mushrooms, and a little zucchini, I then pressed a clove of garlic into pan with veggies to add some flavor, and a teaspoon of 🥥 oil and a little water, and added a dash of salt! #plantbased #threedaycleanse #veganforafewdays #threedaycleanse #veggies #proteinrichvanillashake #dinner #lightdinner #fillinguponveggies #momlife #momtofour #healthyliving #breakingbadeatinghabits #onedayatatime #goals

Good morning!! I woke up at 5:15 am on a Saturday morning to help my hubby prepare for his “drill weekend” for the National Guard! He was my accountability partner in waking up early today!
Day 1 with my #plantbased cleanse! Weighed myself and I am starting out at 125.4 pounds.
I drank about 8-12 ounces of water BEFORE enjoying my ☕️!! Ok, so the cleanse doesn’t recommend to drink coffee, but if you really enjoy that cup of joe, drink it black!! So I enjoyed mine with a teaspoon of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon!
Since the kids were not up yet, I had a little bit of time to do part of my work-out, an hour later I begin to feel pretty hungry so I decided that it was time for my Superfood shake, along with a 🍌 serving, so I blended the shake with about a cup and half of water and a banana, and a few pieces of ice!
It’s about 9:15am, and I am feeling pretty satisfied!! Will continue to share my plant based three day cleanse with you all!! #militaryspouse #drillweekend #saturdaymorning #upearlyonaweekend #day1 #threedaycleanse #superfoodsmoothie #superfoodshake #chocolateshake #healthylifestyle #healthymom #abreakfrombadhabits #momtofour #momlife #cleansingthebody #mindbodyandsoul #atimetoreflect #growingmyfaith #postivevibesonly #stayingontrack #goals

3 days of cleaning it up & keeping it simple!
Promised you guys I would share a little bit about the mini cleanse I did earlier this week! 3 days of clean protein, upping my fiber, lots of filtered water💦 & REAL food too🥦!
The plan itself was easy to stick to & I didn't feel deprived even when I was still exercising. Full disclosure I did sneak a few Cheerios & Cheez-Its after the Twins game on Tuesday because it had been along day & I didn't eat the game. Almost perfect 🤷🏼‍♀️
Internally my gut feels SO refreshed & I had sustainable energy throughout (no go-go juice even OMG⚡). Are there huge difference between these pictures physically? Not a ton! But the point was to tighten up a little & refresh the body, which is exactly what I did🤗
I'm not one to believe it quick fixes AT ALL, but this was nice to go into a fun weekend feeling fresh & reset. Between this & knowing our Active August group starts Monday when I get back, I am SO thankful for this community that helps me stay on track even in these crazy times of life🤯
Need that extra layer of accountability girl? I have TWO spots left to start fresh with us Monday! Drop an emoji💃🏼 or send me a message if you want to learn more!

Now, its time to help cleanse my body and make myself feek rejuvenated again! #detoxjuice #heathylifestyle #healthyjourney #healthagain #jusbyjuliethreedaycleanse #threedaycleanse

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