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[22/100] -- Movie Selection, pt. 1: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. .
Following @lowtide.lettering 's awesome suggestion, I decided to share my favourites among the movies I have seen this year and incorporate that into my #100dayproject - so get ready for some cinematic squares in the next week or so 😄 And if you haven't seen Three Billboards, go watch it! For me, it really is about all the comedy and tragedy within humans and their lives, and, beside that, it is incredibly entertaining! #the100dayproject #BthereBsquare

🎬 #NuevoTrailer 🎬
Jessica Chastain y el reciente ganador del Oscar, Sam Rockwell por “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (2017)” se unen en “Woman Walks Ahead (2018)”.
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With most of the movies from 2017 being avaiable and the fact that I have watched most of what the year had to offer, I thought it would be a good memory and mind exercise to post a top 10 of what I witnessed in the past year. There are still movies that I haven't had the time to see so this list should more accuretly be called "My Top 10 Movies From 2017 by April 24th, 2018" 😅 but I digress. I recommend every entry in this list highly, if you haven't seen them yet give them a well deserved watch.
Bear in mind that the list is personal, but I won't be offering much detail on why I chose an entry (some of them though have their own seperate posts, and a few have appeared a lot in my stories and previous recollections 😅), if you like you can comment and I can explain about each one.

My Top 10 Movies From 2017:
10. American Made (dir: Doug Liman)
9. A Ghost Story (dir: David Lowery)
8. All the Money in the World (dir: Ridley Scott)
7. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (dir: Martin McDonagh)
6. Wind River (dir: Taylor Sheridan)
5. The Greatest Showman (dir: Michael Gracey)
4. Coco (dir: Lee Unkrich)
3. The Shape of Water (dir: Guillermo del Toro)
2. Blade Runner 2049 (dir: Denis Villeneuve)
1. Logan (dir: James Mangold)

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Находясь под большим впечатлением от последней работы Мартина Макдонаха «Три билборда на границе Эббинга, Миссури» пересмотрел предыдущие две картины ирландского режиссера - «Залечь на дно в Брюгге» и «Семь психопатов», что составило весь его цикл полнометражных лент🎥
Что ценно и тождественно качеству для меня в интеллектуальном кино?
Помимо оправданных надежд на мой привычный капризный райдер (диалоги героев, нетривиально закрученный сюжет, музыкальное сопровождение), ММ с успехом взялся подать зрителю сложную по восприятию форму - драмеди, где есть место полярным эмоциям - юмору и напряжению.
Ставить паузы на походы к холодильнику и в туалет - не вариант. Ты внимателен к деталям и фактам, так как увязывать их постоянно между собой и сочувственно отслеживать судьбы киношных образов с их непростыми характерами - это самая малая благодарность творчеству ММ, если в прокатное время не вложился в кассовый сбор ногами и рублем🔝
На выходе: смотреть обязательно, рекомендую с бутылкой крепкого виски, в конце недели и в компании добродушного циника🥃🌃 #MartinMcDonagh #InBruges #SevenPsychopaths #ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri

Three Billboards In Ebbing, Missouri (2017)

Finally got around to watching this greatness. A very unique drama with multifaceting characters that's grounded with realism and a modern day allegory of society fractured. The casting was just perfect, Frances is brilliant and Woody is memorable (his narration over 2 scenes were really moving). But hats off to Sam Rockwell, his portrayal was superb. An underrated actor in my opinion. Loved him since Green Mile! Oscar well earned and about goddamn time!!!!!! Impact:
On February 15, 2018, Justice4Grenfell, an advocacy group created in response to the Grenfell Tower fire, hired three vans with electronic screens in a protest against perceived inaction in response to the fire.[42]The vans were driven around London, and displayed messages in the style of the billboards in the film: '71 Dead', 'And Still No Arrests?', 'How Come?' #threebillboards #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #inbruges #2017 #oscar #bestactress #bestsupportingactor #yes #brilliant #awesome #entertaining #recomended #approval #scoffnscreen #film #movie #f4f #l4l

#쓰리빌보드 Review.

간만에 진짜 각본과 연기 모두 훌륭한 영화를 봤다. 프란시스 맥도먼드 때문인지, 마틴 맥도나의 예측이 불가능한 훌륭한 각본 때문인지는 모르겠지만 마치 코엔형제의 영화를 보는 듯한 느낌을 받았다. (특히 ‘파고’......)

이 영화에서 배우들간의 앙상블은 실로 대단하다. 프란시스 맥도먼드 뿐만 아니라, 우디해럴슨의 농익은 연기와 샘록웰의 독특한 연기까지 어우러져 환상적인 조화를 이룬다. -

딕슨이 분노하며 웰비를 창문 밖으로 던지는 롱테이크 씬이나, 우디 해럴슨이 세명에게 쓴 편지를 독백하는 장면들이나, 몸에 화상을 입은 딕슨에게 웰비가 오렌지 쥬스를 건네는 장면들은 한 순간도 놓칠게 없이 정말 매력적이다. -

결국 영원한 선도, 영원한 악도 없다. 누군가에겐 원망의 대상이 되지만 또 다른 누군가에게는 영웅 대접을 받기도 하고, 누군가에게는 계란을 맞지만 또 다른 누군가에게는 사랑을 받는다. 이분화 할 수 없다는 것을 알기에 이 영화는 시종일관 냉소적이고 이성적인 자세를 취한다. 충분히 분노만을 자극하고 감정에 호소할 수 있었지만 그러지 않았다. 그래서 난 이 영화가 너무 좋다.
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Friday, April 27th📽 Show @ 7:00pm Tickets $5

-okay so the good thing is that i just finished watching this, so it’s gonna be easier for me this time. Also sorry for not posting, i’m taking like four days off
-okay woah woah woah, what could you probably say about this movie, who said what where and when to who, to me there’s much more than this. First of all i wanna thank Frances, Woody and Sam for rocking my whole 115 minutes with their marvelous performances. So we all know this story is about a woman who puts on three billboards located outside Ebbing Missouri city three posters, with these words to make the police concentrate on their job. And what does that mean? Yes, her daughter Angela was raped and then murdered some months ago and all that her mother, Mildred is asking is for the police, especially chef Bill Willoughby and later officer Jason Dixon, to find the one who did that to her daughter. She takes this path knowing what’s ahead, but no, she doesn’t. Mildred is described as an woman, with no feelings, who never laughs and the one who wants to make anyone feel bad about anything. You could probably see that in the way she treats her ex husband and the officers, but try to take a look at the cold relationship with her and her son. He is as desperate as her for his sister’s ending, but Mildred can’t help herself out of it, so she makes her son wanna face all by his own, since he doesn’t take part in her own problems. Although her attitude, i think that Mildred is not proud, as many could think, she’s fearless against the others and she will do anything that can be done to find her daughter’s killer. -I rate this movie with 8 out of 10, because i was kinda expecting more at the end, but that was what the director had decided. Who cares, after all those two took home their oscars🙆‍♀️
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我是遲至【金球獎】入圍名單揭曉才留意到這部片子,明明預告毫不催淚,卻看得眼眶泛紅,是剪接、片段,抑或Frances McDormand的演出,實在說不上來。

觀影後,個人非常滿意。首先,編導Martin McDonagh的劇本很驚喜,議題也豐富,而且劇情走向完全猜不透。當你以為憤怒媽卯足勁要PK警長,為慘遭姦殺的女兒討回公道時,出乎意料地,身懷絕症的警長,上半場就斃了自己。整條主線似乎直接打斷,誰料到,前面任性又孩子氣的媽寶警員,下半場毀了容,竟脫胎換骨,Sam Rockwell不論是角色或演技的蛻變,氣勢完全接得住憤怒媽。

全片很喜歡兩場戲,第一是有隻鹿在廣告牌附近冒出,Frances McDormand把它當成是死去的女兒化身,與之對話。這讓我想起《Wild》,Reese Witherspoon遇見的是狐狸,視作為已故母親,有異曲同工之效。兩片都是關於救贖的故事,她們與逝去的人對話,並嘗試放下。第二是火燒廣告牌,面對兇猛火勢,兒子高喊:「It's too late!」明知撲不滅,憤怒媽仍不放棄,因為廣告牌是她當下唯一能替女兒做的事,是她的心靈救贖,最後只能眼睜睜看著熊熊烈火⋯⋯我的眼淚,不自覺就掉了。

很愛Frances McDormand的演出,其角色鮮明,電影有足夠空間及背景鋪陳,充滿爆發力。這個倔強又蠻橫的憤怒媽,稍微拿捏不好,就難博得觀眾同情與喜愛,她氣場足夠沉著,完全把觀眾帶入劇情。倘若當初沒對女兒說了那麼狠的話,讓她開車,結局或許就不一樣。

我們看見她在兒子的校園裡聽見同學非議,大庭廣眾下,立即還以顏色;可是,當她獨自面對疑似殺害女兒的兇手(她毫不知情)羞辱時,只能默默承受。是欺善怕惡嗎?這才是人性啊!她跟前夫、兒子,以及愛慕她的侏儒,對手戲都好看。尤其那場一家三口爭執戲,特有趣味,看似互懟又互相傷害,其實都是愛,Lucas Hedges救媽媽一幕,帥!

其實,電影並不沉重,運用得宜的配樂,節奏輕快,台詞更是犀利點幽默。總而言之,今年奧斯卡金像獎入圍的9部作品中,《Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri》是我心目中的最佳影片!Martin McDonagh沒入圍最佳導演,我很驚訝!雖說《Get Out》劇本出乎意料,但撼贏本片贏得最佳原創劇本,還真無法接受。

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#ArteCulturaUCAT y el programa #CinemaEnLaU, una cartelera especial para cierre del mes de abril.

El día miércoles 25 de abril, a partir de la 02:05pm, en el Auditorio de la #UCAT #SedeLomaDelTejar (#BarrioObrero), se estarán presentando dos películas de una nueva categoría que presentamos en Cinema en la U: “Ganadores Óscar 2018”. En ellas podremos apreciar el trabajo impecable no solo de sus protagonistas, merecedores de los premios de la Academia. También podremos disfrutar del trabajo de sus escritores, productores, y directores. - Primera función (02:05pm): #ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri (#TresAnunciosEnLasAfueras) / 2017. Escrita, producida y dirigida por #MartinMcDonagh. Protagonizada por #FrancesMcDormand, #WoodyHarrelson, #SamRockwell, #JohnHawkes y #PeterDinklage. Es una película de drama, misterio y comedia negra, que gira en torno a la historia de Mildred Hayes, una madre que alquila tres vallas de anuncios para llamar la atención sobre el crimen sin resolver del que su hija fue víctima.
Fue incluida entre las mejores diez películas del año por el American Film Institute. Nominada a 6 #GlobodeOro, 9 nominaciones en los #BAFTA, nominada a 4 #ScreenActorsGuildAwards (#SAG). Recibió 7 nominaciones para los Premios Óscar 2018, lograron llevarse las estatuillas como Mejor Actriz para Frances McDormand y Mejor Actor de Reparto para Sam Rockwell. -Segunda función (04:15pm): #TheShapeOfWater (#LaFormaDelAgua) / 2017. Escrita y dirigida por #GuillermoDelToro. Protagonizada por #SallyHawkins, #MichaelShannon, #RichardJenkins, #DougJones, #MichaelStuhlbarg y #OctaviaSpencer. Ambientada en Baltimore durante 1962, la trama sigue a una joven limpiadora que trabaja en un laboratorio gubernamental de alta seguridad quien se enamora de una criatura humanoide-anfibia capturada.

La película ganó el León de Oro (Mejor Película) en el Festival de Cine de Venecia, nominada a 7 Globos de Oro, nominada a 12 BAFTA y nominada a 13 premios Óscar, ganando en 4 categorías Mejor Película, Mejor Director, Mejor Banda Sonora y Mejor Diseño de Produccion

Entrada a todo público, invita @arteculturaucat

Watching #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri finally. Popcorn and berries to keep me company #movies #metime #headspace

쓰리 빌보드⚠️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri⚠️

Já está no ar o mais novo vídeo do canal a Música, o Filme e o Livro. Comento aqui sobre o filme Três Anúncios Para Um Crime, de 2017, vencedor do Globo de ouro de melhor filme. LINK NA BIO #tresanunciosparaumcrime #threebillboardsoutsideebbingmissouri #francesmcdormand #woodyharrelson #samrockwell #martinmcdonagh

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