~A quick ice trip last year with one of the brothas~ we went from having caffeine hits in the backyard to randomly boosting down the freeway to chase the light on the ice for the weekend. These are good times!! Thredbo didn’t fail to fill the soul✨🌈🤙❤️🌈✨ @visitnsw

12 hours later and it’s still snowing! Bring on tomorrow’s powder!

A Memory which is never gonna lost forever with the mates. Just enjoying the beautiful day in #thredbo ⛷after idk how many hard days in jobs, uni blah blah.
Stay healthy and fit guys coz long way to go. And Be grateful what you’ve today around you coz all things has got limited time.
#thredbohwhatafeeling #thredbovillage #thredbomountain #thredboaustralia #thredbomemories


That’s a wrap - Addy’s first ski lessons are over after 3 amazing days. Thanks to the wonderful teachers Chelsea, Madeline and Adele that taught this cheeky monkey fundamental skill and a love of skiing that I am sure will last a life time. Thanks @thredboland. This is Delly aka Adele, Addy’s ski instructor for today who took her up the magic chair and down Friday flats multiple times.
#thredbo #fridayflats #skiing #snow #fun #3yearold #thredboland #thredboandkids #thredbovillage #thredboskischool #thredboaustralia

~ winter is here

When was the last time you did something for the first time? ❄️

Today’s weather forecast for #thredbo - let it snow let it snow let it snow! We’re all counting down the days until the school holidays, and can’t wait to breathe in the crisp cold air and to be boarding every which way across the snow again! Starting now to build my courage (and muscles - a bit late for those abs tho😂) to cope with the adrenalin that surges through your veins when you arrive at the top of a chair lift, and there is no way back but down! There is a part of the brain that loves to risk take... I haven’t got it! So I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and find the right reasons to do those crazy things we do for fun! First reason: Great memories! 2: awesome feeling of accomplishment. 3: your kids think you’re cool. 4: To push your body and discover what strength and movement it’s capable of! 5: To stay fit and healthy for years to come, enjoying time with my hubby doing what we love 6: To inspire our kids that their #mum can achieve anything if she sets her mind to it. (Although , believe me, it takes A LOT of courage and a lot of Mind Shifting!) . And since we’ll have 6 kids with us, I had better order a back up supply of essential oils for injury recovery (and one for the nerves maybe?!) although I hope we don’t have to use them! .

#letitsnow❄️ #courage

Night time walking 🌘

Vale Warren Miller, (93). He recorded on film sublime stuff that we only dreamt of emulating; in incredible mountain locations around the world most of us in Oz had never heard of until his films came to our shores. #skiing #vintageski #thredboaustralia #perisher #charlottepass #jindabyne #skivictoria

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