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Peace is scary. There's no self-induced adrenaline. Xoxo

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#ThoughtThursday: "He talking big 'bout his car and his crib! But, it's a damn shame he don't do for his kids!" Think about that... - #KashDoll | #CornelsCorner #CCSquared 🔵⚫⚪|🌐

Rewatching Jurassic Park when you’re older and realizing that all the dinosaurs were female kind of makes you wonder if maybe they were all on their period and feeling misunderstood....? #givethemchocolate #thoughtthursday

Dasya here tuning in for #ThoughtThursday. I LOVE Halloween. Like, look at those sugar skull plates... They're to die for. (pun intended 😉) I'm one of those firm believers in celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving, and THEN Christmas. I think Thanksgiving especially gets lost in the mix and I wish it got more regongnition. But luckily at Love to Cook we have the cutest stuff for all three holidays to appease any type of shopper. ☺️ #lovetocooklogan

Create family rituals like bedtime stories and game nights that your little ones will cherish forever.
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Hey hey, you know how much I preach about fluid intake.💧💧 I'm all about juices, smoothies and slushes and look, Summer is already here!🌞🌈 I do unboxing and product reviews on snapchat and you guys love it, so I will post vlog versions here on instagram as #ThoughtThursday where I share reviews/ comparisons/ opinions on products I use consistently or not so much.

I am a RawPressery juice hoarder and I love trying all the variants because they are GMO free and all goodness. My dietary restrictions include no processed sugar, so these are a win win for me! They have launched some new variants with Matcha, Coconut Water and Activated Charcoal and they taste delicious! Sugarcane is my forever favorite though.🌤

It first begins with being at a place of rest #thoughtthursday #stanley #hongkong

#ThoughtThursday Our new season inspiration, What do you think?

#Lingerie #Beauty #Loungewear

Intentions are magnetic. The more we declare them, believe in them, and act in ways to manifest them, the more powerful and real they become.
Be intentional with your thoughts --- they become words. .
Be intentional with your words --- they become actions. .
Be intentional with your actions --- they become habits. .
Be intentional with your habits --- they become your character. .
Your character determines your Destiny. ✨😁✨ Think happy and positive thoughts. ✨😉✨ #coachuni #thoughtthursday


#ThoughtThursday You tell 'em girl!🤷#hairflip

Today started the #7daysofgratitude - my first suggestion on how to welcome more gratitude in your life is to say “Thank You” — Check back tomorrow and for the next 6 days to learn more from me and from others!
Being grateful for others in our lives is so powerful, the more you notice something or someone to thank, the more beautiful experiences you have. .
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Are you making sure to complete the little things?
This was the thought I had today. Learning about how the smallest defect (like 10mm crack) can completely alter how a material reacts under stress blows my mind. Knowing this, think about the small "cracks" in your life.
If we don't pay attention to every detail, ultimately our journey and all work you put in, can fracture around you. Not only that, but focusing on these details instills good habits in you and teaches one the value of hard work. Nothing but benefits come from doing this and it also turns out better quality work in the long run.
Focus on these cracks, don't let them lead to failure in your goals.
#ThoughtThursday #TheDetails #DoTheWork #GoodHabits #PhDLife #Goals #YoungEngineer #Microstructure #Focus

Thought Thursday!

I needed this reminder today!
If you told me a year ago that I would be where I'm at today I would have laughed in your face! I was I hated how I looked and fell in my own body, I couldn't look in a mirror to get ready, and I could not take a compliment!

In the past year I have come to love and appreciate myself, I know my self-worth, I know that I'm amazing and I love being able to sit down and do my makeup and share my love and my passion for it!

Sometimes we just need little reminders that we are awesome! We are doing a good job! And no matter what we matter!

#thoughtthursday #love #killingit #lovelife #youmatter #selflove

About 9 in 10 Americans get their news either through a #mobile or #desktop device according to #Nielsen. What’s your preferred online news outlet?

Get up and take a step. It’s a sure way to find yourself closer to your goal. #ThoughtThursday #LegaciesMatter

💥#ThoughtThursday 💥

Just imagine how the future you would feel if you gave up 👀! Often times we forget our why and what we're doing it for, but remember just when it gets tough to keep pushing because you're moving even closer to your breakthrough 💪🏾 #Fitquotes #fitnessmotivation #Thursday #motivation #Fitnessjourney

Lord knows I have struggled with mental health issues throughout my entire life. I had to find things out for myself well into my adulthood. Sometimes I feel as if I learned it all too late and further realized that I have to use whatever time I have left to make the best of things the way they are now. But nowadays, I am learning more and more about myself and the problems I am able to confront. And thanks to family and friends for your support as well. Happy Thursday! #ThoughtThursday
#Repost @1000lifelessons ・・・

Morning 🌞 Welcome to Thought Thursday!! 📝
We absolutely love this one from Henry Ford! We have the words “on behalf of our clients” printed at the bottom of every check we write to staff for their hard work at events as a reminder of who pays the bills and why we are there. 🎯🍽 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️

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3 ways you can effect success.. weather you want a #successful relationship, health, career etc.. have a STRATEGY, change your STORY and develop a quality STATE. It's down to us if we want to create success in our lives. If you leave it up to chance it's just not going to happen. #successfullife #haveastrategy #changeyourstory #empoweringminds #mumprenuer #empoweredwomen #takeactionnow

Daily Timbit: What a difference it makes in your day when you give out what you truly want to see in the world. It will change your life and others around you (even though you may not see the results of your efforts right away). The more negatives you give out, the more you get in return. The law of attraction is in full effect all the time. Give what you want to see. • Happy Thought Thursday! #dailytimbit #thoughtthursday

#thoughtThursday... Did you know we have between 20,000-90,000 thoughts a day? Annndddd... 90% of those thoughts are on repeat. Meaning... we repeat the same exact thoughts to ourselves over and over on never ending loop. Crazy huh?
What are you telling yourself today? Chances are, your thoughts are not actually truths. They are opinions, beliefs and standards or judgments. Just ask yourself: could this thought be held up in the court of law? Hmmm... ponder that.
When we repeat a loop of lies, we can easily spiral into a whirlwind of anxiety, fears and limiting beliefs. I know I’m not the only one with this problem. Anxiety plagues almost 10 million Americans at any given moment and it’s quickly rising to rates higher than hypertension and diabetes, as the most common illness. Yet, it’s also one of the only mental illnesses for which therapeutic strategies are equal, if not more beneficial, than medications alone. But... you probably don’t know the right tools and strategies out there. Let me help you out! I’m hosting a free anxiety workshop next week, just in time for the holiday season to kick off. If you’d like a little extra help to combat all the lies you tell yourself and to stop the whirlwind of anxiety from taking over, sign up at attackanxietynow.com or click link in bio! Can’t wait to chat more! #attackanxiety

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