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Despedidas que aunque no sean delictivas debieran ser sancionables.

I think, more often than not, instead of appreciating what we have around us, we keep focusing on what we do not have. We are filled with grudges and resentments and have strong opinions about what we deserve. You see, some days are just great; things go exactly how you had planned or maybe even better and you jump from meetings to other tasks to your personal life feeling amazing. And then, there are those days; days when you feel no motivation at all. When everything seems to be going in an unexpected way & you get that sinking feeling in your stomach.  And all you want to do is go back to your bed and sleep. You know the feeling.

But, think about it for a moment. How often do you pause to really appreciate what you have in life? Not what you've lost or what COULD have been but what you HAVE in your life at present? Sometimes, it's very easy to feel bad because you're going through a tough phase in your life. However, remember, no matter how bad your situation might seem at the moment, there are many things to be grateful for in life. Every-day, I get a lot of messages from people whom I have never met but who really felt motivated enough to send me the positive notes that they do. Their expressions of gratitude have, at times, helped me immensely when things got tough in my life.  So, today, I want to thank each and every one of you for making a difference in my life, in whatever little way. THANK YOU. 😊

What do you feel grateful for? 😊

Sooooo sweet! #roommatecarla couldn't have been more hospitable or #thoughtful #thankyou and I'll miss you #barcelona #perfecthotel

|| day of WEDDING outfit || ••••••
My first bride to be gift from my MOH @ashmakesmeup . How cute is this little outfit to wear the day of my wedding while we get dolled up? Thanks Ash! I love it ♥️🌹
#celebration #gift #Nordstrom #white #sweet #thoughtful #AEwedding92317 💍💒👰🏻 #wedding #thankful #loved #friendship #bestie #celebration

Let me tell you a secret... Im not perfect. I say and do stupid things sometimes, just like we all do... I am not perfect. I never said I was. There are days when I wake up and don't feel like getting up. There are days when I don't feel like working out or going to work. There are days when I just lay on the couch and aren't feeling like doing anything.. Everyone has those days.. We all mess up from time to time. Nothing wrong with it. I fail so often in my life, personal and professional, sometimes I feel stupid, insecure, scared.. You heard it right, I have fears.. Don't you? Everyone does, not every one will admit it, but we are humans who have flaws. 🙂
Why am I saying it you wonder? 🙃 Well, my dear reader, just to show you that there is very little difference between you and me on the inside.. The only difference between us is what you see from the outside, the body shape, the language you speak, the manners, the personality, the confidence, how you carry yourself.. I can go on & on.. Just remember ☝🏻 that it us up to you👈🏻 what you want to show to the world and how you want to present yourself. The sky is the limit. You can create anything you want out of yourself, but on the inside you will always be a human being who has weaknesses. 😉 #thoughtful #weakness #strength #secret #philosophy #physiology #businesswoman #ladyboss #millionaire #realestate #broker #mindset #strong #tough #grind #hustle #reflection #lifestyle

Check out the cockpit of the LC 500 with Rioja Red leather and Alcantara. Beautiful, Elegant, and Inspiring. #LexusLC #Lexus #lexuslclive #luxurycars #Brave #Thoughtful #Imaginative #ExperienceAmazing

I loved your language:
your hands wrote words down my spine,
your grip – and push – like comma's and dashes
in this physical love letter.
You gently and firmly moved me like the tides,
pulling me towards you & away,
constant in your rushing presence
and aching absence ... //

A real handpicked rose dipped in 24K gold to preserve its natural beauty. Completely unique and no two rose are alike. #eternityrose #giftsfromhim #boyfriend #thoughtful #cameronhouse #presents #instadaily #surprise #gold #rose #forever


Thinking about London 💔🖤

Iron sharpens iron! Make sure your friends are smarter than you. It's not a bad thing to learn new things. I have friends that are therapists, principles, coaches, presidents of companies and other amazing jobs. I don't allow their positions to intimidate me. Allow myself to become more driven because of the knowledge they give me.
Your group is weak if your the best and smartest at doing everything. If it were a basketball, soccer, volleyball or football team, that team would be horrible. Spend your time with people that make you better.

Mit dir macht das Shooten immer so viel Spaß, da entstehen einfach so viele tolle Bilder... aber bei so einem wunderhübschen Motiv ist das ja kein Wunder... 😍💖
Die Abendsonne macht Hunger auf Sommer... 🌅🐦
Auch wenn andere uns nicht verstehen, brauchen wir nicht mal mehr Worte. 😜
Danke für alles, du bist die Beste. 💞💖
Model: @waves.of.gold © me
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I'm learning to let go of fear and doubt and rest in the truth .. thank you for the message @houseofbelonging

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