#11 is “Memories” on toned grey 14”x21” •

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I paint and have clothing & commercial and homedecor wall art available for celestial things like us
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"Dear A,

I can imagine us meeting again after 20 years with gray hair strands, older but still with bright eyes. Still in love with each ones passion. We might be single (still), widowed, annulled or married.
Please invite me for a coffee. I know you would still love coffee. I would love to hear all the adventures you’ve had. We can listen to eraserheads songs and I would be up for some debate with you about the society.
Tell me if you’ve gotten a full arm tattoo or full body. I’d like to know the back story of each. And at the end of the day, I know you’d like to nap. So we go on our separate ways, with smiles on our faces. Happy that we not only once crossed paths.

Ps. I shall carelessly say that at one point 20years ago. I loved you.

Love, K"
#artpoetrees #unsentletterproject #unsentletter

Let me be selfish
and I know this is a sin but I want to feel your skin against my skin
So let me hug you so tightly like we don't have to say goodnight.
Let me kiss you as if it is the first time, and tomorrow let's wake up like trees rooted and intertwined.
Let me be needy,
Let's pretend as if this is not the last,
And if there is no forever, can we stay like this a little longer? - A.D | last night"

"We never asked for more,
we accept.
We never questioned each other,
we didn't need answers.
The presence of us was more than enough.
We notice everything, 
we understand.
But is this real?
is this even possible?
or this is just one of the things we are borrowing? -A.D | borrowed"

"I pray to find THE ONE

Life is uncertain. I won't know what's coming next.
We don't know what's ahead of us. But I pray to find
The One.
I've been through a lot. I've met a lot of guys that broke my heart. I've met some that I thought they are the one for me but my heart's been hurt a couple times by a couple guys that didn't treat me right. When I fall, fall hard. I don't do halfways, either I'm all in or all out.
But it turns out that I always get played. Is this really my fate? I'm always involve with lovegame, I don't think I signed up for that. I don't play well with love because I never treat love as a game. I just want to find the one and only one for me.
Yes, you'll tell me don't find love because it will naturally come in an unexpected way. In a way that we could not possibly imagine. In a way that's beyond our understanding. In a work that God has plan for us.
But I hope it's not too late for me before I close my door for love. I hope I can still break the wall that's surrounding my heart. Lately, I've been feeling like a stray cat, so defenseless and fragile but at the same time so cautious and letting no one near me.
I pray that someday I'l meet the right person who can unlock the chain of my heart. Someday, I hope to find someone who would accept me after seeing my flaws and darkness. Someday, I hope to find him, that him, that can make me realize how beautiful love is. Someone who can I trust my heart with, to whom I no longer have doubts and I no longer fear of being in love. Someone I'm willing to break my wall that is guarding my emotions all the time." I pray to find the one"

Letter sender: Elizabeth Garcia 💌
#artpoetrees #unsentletterproject #unsentletter

Alert : incoming foot steps. Every being in their subconscious mind has had the thought, the scare of how the other being could harm them. And we will still keep striving on this thought. This instinct.

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