Don't You Think Soo, He Sacrificed Most Among Avengers ? -
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Just a few bangers from the Best Whip contest at The Throwdown at Sundown put on by @biesebrothers As always just another great event for the Wisconsin moto community. 📸 @mecalisphotography @jjesko505 @kylehameister38 @gaerneusa @yamahamotorusa @bell_powersports @thormxofficial @answerracing @husqvarnamotorcyclesusa #moto#fantasymoto#thor#answer#100%#yamaha#husky#bell#motophoto#whipit#sideways#upsidedown

Bolinho de meu filhote

Facts. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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“You mean…..as a friend??? Yeah I like you too!” Peter said cheerfully. You covered your face, completely embarrassed. Of course. You had just told Peter you liked him, after years of gathering up the courage, he asked you if you meant just as friends. “Okay...I’m going to go now. Bye weirdo,” you called, quickly running away to where your best friend Jade sat. Peter waved after you, slightly confused now. “Bye?” You pumped your legs faster than you’ve ever willingly run in PE. “Jade! Peter. Is. Dumb,” you groaned, leaning on her shoulder. She stopped eating her sandwich, giving you her “you’re crazy” look. “Well yeah, I know that. But why?” You rolled your eyes. “I told him.” Jade put down her food, turning to you with wide eyes. “No way. You didn’t. You’re way too chicken for that.” You nodded breathlessly, still shocked yourself that you actually told him.
“Wait. Okay. Let me get this straight,” MJ rubbed her forehead, completely dumbfounded by what had just happened. “Y/N, the girl you’ve been hardcore crushing on for 9 years just told you she liked you. And you said, ‘You mean as a friend? Yeah I like you too??’ Listen to me very closely.” She gestured for Peter to come closer to her, leaning in. “You. Are. An. IDIOT,” MJ yelled in his ear. Peter winced, rubbing his ears gently. “It’s not my fault!!” he protested, pushing her away. “She meant as just friends!! Obviously. There’s so many other guys out there that are chasing her, she could have whoever she wants! She doesn’t want me. I don’t deserve her,” he said sadly. MJ threw her hands up in frustration, dragging Peter out of his chair. “You’re seriously pathetic right now. She likes you!!” MJ pushed him over to where you sat, awkwardly watching as she dragged him closer and closer to you. “Go. Ask her to homecoming,” she hissed, pushing him to you. “Hey Y/N,” Peter stuttered, looking down at his shoes. You winced internally, giving Jade a terrified look. You knew what was coming. Peter was going to apologize for not liking you, and say that he still wanted to be friends. (continued in comments)

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