My Candy Gore child with his... boyfriend..?
I'm definitely drawing Candy Gore Thaurens more, I really like it (∩ω∩)
I finally figured out how to get the drawings from my Surface Pro to my phone! Ya!
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|Our greatest happiness does not depend on the condition of life in which chance has placed us, but is always the result of a good conscience, good health, occupation, and freedom in all just pursuits.| Thomas Jefferson.
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TJHS Class of 2008 & Alumni-

Your class reunion is officially August 18th, 2018. Please visit (www.tjhs2008.com) [link in bio] for Venmo payment instructions for purchasing tickets and donations. EACH TICKET SOLD will go into a group donation for Communities in Schools, the venue (Art Marble 21), buffet style dinner and drinks. Art Marble 21 is located in South Lake Union and has plenty of space for all of us to attend. We have The Fire Pit room reserved for us at the north side of the venue, bar area, couch lounge area and the southside arcade/pool area is open all night for us. PLENTY of room to chill and relax, mingle or not.

Please feel free to donate to this event and organization!! Check out (https://www.communitiesinschools.org) for more information about Communities and Schools and why we choose to help fundraise for it! ***Everyone who donates will have their names broadcasted throughout Art Marble 21’s screens through out the night as a Special Thanks!! If you can't make it, feel free to purchase a ticket and help fundraise for your class anyways or leave a donation!

Not apart of TJHS? 2008? what?
Feel Free to DONATE anyways!
Venmo Instructions: (http://tjhs2008.com/rsvptix.html)
Comment: TJHS 2008-Donation

***We also want to OPEN up this INVITE to ALL TJHS ALUMNI. Yes, even if you didn't graduate with c/o 2008. We want you to attend and join us as we raise money for Communities in Schools! Tickets are at a first come first serve basis. Hope you guys take the time to get involved!
Small donations go a long ways!

Don’t hesitate to join us, we know reunions can be nerve wrecking but that’s why we are promoting a fundraiser to help break the ice into the future and start asking ourselves/each other “What do you wanna do in the next 10 years?”.

Cheers and Happy Friday EVERYONE!
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Abolitionist John Leland was a strong supporter for Civil Rights and Religious Freedom in the late 18th/early 19th centuries. His intention for the 'Cheshire Mammoth Cheese' was to show support for Jefferson, in honor of his republicanism and his support of religious liberty. At the time of delivery, Leland noted the cheese "was produced by the personal labor of Freeborn Farmers, with the voluntary and cheerful aid of their wives and daughters, without the assistance of a single slave." Jefferson would reimburse the town, $200, and Leland accepted an invitation to preach to Congress. #foodhistory #USHistory #cheshiremassachusetts #johnleland #cheshiremammothcheese #thomasjefferson #foodnerd #lovefoodhistory #historynerd #abolitionist #buthowdoesittaste

We had our tech run this morning, which went amazing thanks to @justapaigeinmybook and are ready to open! Come out to @mththeater stage 2 for the @kcfringe !! We open at 8pm TONIGHT!! Come check us out, it won’t disappoint! #theforeplay #openingnight #freedom #thomasjefferson #georgemason #jamesmadison #kctheater #fringe

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