This mornings meal was so good! 🔷
Farm fresh eggs 🔹 organic chcumber🔹 organic sweet potato 🔹 and homemade banana bread (I didn’t have any this morning, but Travis did and gobbled it all up!)
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Somebody told me that the most impactful things you can do for your students are empower them and inspire them! They were correct! I spent many years focusing on engaging my students but when I changed my focus I literally changed the outcome! We made personalized Zen Gardens on Saturday and we talked about all that this Earth has to offer us, and how important peace and sanity are! They were excited to create and take home their own little #zengardens! It was amazing to watch them explain it to their parents during pickup! “Daddy this is going to help me find my calm!” One of my students told her father as they walked out of the classroom. #mindfulnessmatters 🤗 #teachingthemyoung #thefutureismindful #iteachkindergarten #lastingempowerment #theymakemyheartsmile #kindergartenrocks #thistimeisprecious #sowgoodseeds #Reapgoodharvest #mindfulness

I may not be a size 8 any more, I may not have time to put on my make up, but you make me feel beautiful , with your smile and your presence 💜💜 #breastfedbaby #mcnnappies #clothnappybaby #thistimeisprecious #mysonismyworld #gentleparenting

Watch how we do what we do. Our story, our way! Being a successful boutique HR firm in Bangalore. #HR #transformation #SocialMedia @upgradehr.co

I’ve got a million things to do but nothing is as important as this - sometimes you just have to surrender 💙💙 shout out to all my mama friends doing the same thing today 😘 #mostimportantjobintheworld #surrender #letthewashingpileup #thistimeisprecious @john_empowered_lifestyles

Mummy and daughter nails #thistimeisprecious

He always wants to be around me and wants my undivided attention. This makes it hard to get much else done unless he actually takes his nap but then I remember that this won’t last forever. They’re only this little for a moment and then it’s over. So my To Do list can wait. #thistimeisprecious #theyreonlylittleonce #hesgrowingtoofast

Guys.. you know what your lady finds incredibly attractive? Spending time with your kiddos! 😍😍

Trying to get them to take turns while playing Super Mario bros Galaxy.

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⭐️ On reflection
Some days just don’t pan out the way you initially thought they would but you know what that’s ok 💙
I had a list as long as my arm and I barely made a dint in it. This 👆👆 situation kept me occupied for well over 2hrs! .
I know these days are numbered. I know his need for me right now is sooo much of his world 🌎 so, as someone that likes to “get shit done” I need to remind myself that this situation is ok
It’s ok to stop, to rest, to chill, to not worry that the list isn’t being ticked off, or the washing hasn’t been hung out and actually enjoy this moment, the one I’m in right... this... second
We have no idea what tomorrow will bring so learning to be ok in the present moment... I think is powerful
Plus there is some pretty cool podcasts and audiobooks out there 😊🌻❣️

What a view! After #PiYo this morning at @back_2_basics_fitness I went home to get some dreaded chores done around the house. My youngest daughter got called on for a playdate. It ended up being just Madisyn and I. After a couple hours I said to myself; the laundry, dishes, emails, dog hair...It's all going to be here but this time with my daughter, this time is precious. One day I'll blink and she may not have the same time to spend with me like we do now.
I work odd hours to be available for those who need me to work around their work schedules, which means an entire week can go by before I get to see my chicklets. 💜 💜 💜 ▪

We ditched the household chores and spent a beautiful Sunday afternoon outdoors. We defiantly got our exercise today going up and down that huge hill but was it ever worth it. I am feeling so blessed xoxo Once home Madisyn asked me to make her a fruit smoothie. I love that my healthy lifestyle is also becoming my kids healthy lifestyle too 👌 👌 👌 ☆

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Emerald Rayne, you have captured your Daddy and Mama’s hearts like nothing ever has ♥️. You are now 7 months old, yesterday 1|9|18. I am shocked with how time flies these days but we are savoring each new day and new experiences. You are so beautiful and you have the sweetest spirit about you. This passed month you received your baby blessing from my Dad and it was truly beautiful. Your Heavenly Father loves you so much and we know you are loved by everyone! Your first tooth, bottom right, is coming in! It’s the cutest thing ever! You are so good at rolling from you tummy to your back and back to tummy. You are trying so hard to crawl, it’s the cutest thing. We started feeding you food! So far you LOVE carrot 🥕 and hate green beans, maybe we’ll try a squash next and circle back to the greens 😆. You are trying hard to say Dada and Mama. You have the cutest giggle and Cousin Colton loves to make you laugh. You love to stand and hold your hands on the couch with our help, you get so proud! You are so good on car rides and love to visit your family and friends! Your favorite place is in the ergo carrier going for walks outside. You get sooo excited when you see and play with Nahla pup. You just love bath time and splashing in the water! You are so good at sitting up, a tad wobbly when looking around but pretty sturdy. You are a total cuddle bug and love to watch movies and hunting shows! We took you on your first drift boat ride, now that you can fit in a life jacket, you did so good, slept most of the time and enjoyed the sunshine. Your jumper and sitting on your blanket with toys brings lots of smiles and the ‘serious concentration’ face. You also experienced your first Christmas, it was amazing! We love you so much, Emma Girl and are so proud of everything you do!! #7monthsold #emeraldrayne #littlelittle #angelbug #ourbabygirl #ourgreatestadventure #thistimeisprecious #blessed #weareherparents #shecanfitinalifejacketnow #herfirsttooth #realfood #sittingupbyherself #rollinglikeapro #emmaandnahla #proudparents #she♥️herfamilyandfriends #emmasfirstchristmas

Auntie Amanda with the sweetest little Emerald Rayne! #emeraldrayne #ilovethem #thistimeisprecious #momentslikethis♥️ #myheart @afilomenacarter

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