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Handstand Workout 💪🏼🤸🏼‍♀️
The end is of course the best.. 😂
- 5x Pike press from laying down x2
- 10x Straddle press (this time 11 though.. it's too hard to count to 10..) x3
- Handstand walk across the training space x3
- Press up from side split - press up from normal split x3
- 3x Basic press from the ground
- Handstand spinning until you get confused about the spinning and you fall down.. 😜
🎤: ALMA - Chasing Heighs

"But if you can't take me at my worst, You don't deserve me at my best" ♩ღ #atmybestmachinegunkelly#thissong

"Kaun tujhe yu pyar karega"💕 Guys do listen in maximum volume bcoz thora dheere record hogya😅 #ThisSong❤


Everyone listen to my new track #DontWatchThat Produced by myself, vocals by @mckapitalk & Mix/Mastered by @sultvn_official 🔥link in bio 🎧

Tell me your deepest thoughts and I'll tell you mine, See when God made you he made me in mind, Like the stars in the sky I shine bright for you, I'm your queen you're my king I'll be the light for you 💕 #finngruva #tenelle #mylady #thissong #onmyeverydayplaylist #music #polymusic #musicforthesoul

First dance by Blackstone Evénements. ✨

That feeling ❤️cover of Worst in me - with Julia Michaels.

#thissong #mybaby #favoritesong #so #lovethissong❤️ 😘😘👌👌👌💟💟

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