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Taking out the dropped ceiling & exposing the 70 yr old beams added much needed character to this attic bedroom! Sources and more are on the blog under Chesterfield Cottage Part 2 (UPDATE: site is down - we're working on getting it fixed. Thank you to those who let us know!!) #linkinprofile #beforeandafter #rustic

Welcome home!
I moved out of my parents house almost 20 years ago (makes me feel a little 👵🏼that it's been 2 decades!) and this is the first time I've really felt settled in somewhere.
I have no doubt that a big part of this feeling was the commitment @joshgitalis and I made to making it as healthy and chemical-free as possible. 💦💦💦
This meant being incredibly mindful of the paints we chose, the furniture, our water filter... Yes, it has taken us hours and hours of research for nearly every decision but I'm grateful we took that time.
But guess what!?! It wasn't just for us! It's for you too!!! We have taken everything we've learned about healthy lifestyle over the last ten years, combined with everything we learned about cleaning house (in the most real sense there is) and put it together in our new course HealthyAtHome.me
In this course we take you through the home, room-by-room and offer the realities of what may be lurking and simple and effective ways to reduce the toxic load. We also take you on a full tour of our home to show you where we went right, and where we also fell victim to #greenwashing .
Please join us for this important course!
Registration closes this Friday. Don't miss out!
#undietlife #home

Good news/bad news...I always do bad first...Our book SOLD OUT and that blows our mind, first of all. Good news: it's back in stock on Amazon Friday--If you order now, I actually think you'll get it sooner :) ❤️❤️ We want to thank everybody again for all the love this book is getting!! Someone actually commented that because of our book they are no longer going to strip their old house to the studs and start over...instead they are going to restore what's there and update around it!! I can't even tell you what that means to us!!! That's exactly why we are working so hard to spread this message!! Love you all so much!!! #oldhomelove #saveanoldhouse (Photo from the book of Garbett Homes :) photo by @chauntevaughn

Gray and red is a combo you don't see often on a house but I'm liking it here ❤️❤️

Shout-out to this little pink-trimmed vernacular Italianate that's trying its very best, OK??? In related news, I can't believe it's Monday again 😭

Two years ago today we got our keys and started rehabilitating and restoring this old house. I honestly never been happier in my whole life... ❤👊@hoppywifehoppylife you are the greatest!!

Having one of those why-do-I-even-try days so naturally I'm adding a laborious project to my list. I'm talking demolition of an eyesore. Do you see it? The mass of tile staring at you like two black buck teeth. No? Well I've got a sledge hammer and a dream that my fireplace will be a beauty. I'm not entirely sure who okayed this tile choice but they should refrain from all interior work. I'm just saying, I'm not great at it either. But this. Fingers crossed we uncover some charming (intact) brick underneath 🤞🏼Welcoming advice, tips and encouragement 😊👷🏼‍♀️⛏

I was inspired to try my hand at a little woodworking after listening to @anawhitediy on my fav @younghouselove podcast, and here is the final result...a tiny breakfast bench nook! On a related note...I've been a little afraid to share pictures of our kitchen, as the dark wood walls aren't really "trendy ," but you know what...heck with it. They're old as dirt and we can't bear to paint them, so I'll just start embracing them!


Trying to stay busy today! I'm refinishing these 88 year old cabinet doors for the upstairs built ins. I don't know if it is the purple or the makeup texture, but I love the wood filler! #thehouseonkensington #thisoldhouse #itrytodiy #diy
#astoria #teachersonbreak

The Witch House - Salem, MA
The only structure still standing in Salem with direct ties to the Salem witch trials of 1692. Thought to be built between 1620 and 1642, it was the home of Judge Jonathan Corwin (1640–1718). No witches lived here. From Wiki: "Despite rumors to the contrary, no interrogations or trials were ever conducted in the Witch House. There are no documents in which an accused is demanded to be brought to Judge Corwin's home, nor is it likely that the judge would have used his own home as a place to conduct legal proceedings of this nature. Interrogations were done at either the Old Meetinghouse or Ingersall's Tavern." #TheWitchHouse #salemMA #salemwitchtrials #1692 #thisoldhouse #witchtrialjudge #JonathanCorwin

researching farmhouse style for our newest project and it's forcing us to stare at rooms like this 😍. #currentinspiration (please tell us if you know the source so we can credit appropriately!) #kitchendesign #kitchengoals

poll 🗳 what's your favorite option for the master bathroom lighting? #renovationdecisions scroll to see the options 👉🏽

Creating a little entryway in our 1,500sq ft home where there was none, was a fun challenge for me when we moved in. A mirror + hooks did the trick! Now this is the perfect place to hang my hat!

On 70 Campbell St.....visiting Murphy today netted seeing this sweet QueenAnne which my wife says looks like a "dollhouse& #34; . I quite agree! Known as the Robert Lafayette Cooper house, house was built in 1889. Love how the roof on gazebo/pavilion echoes roof in tower. House is currently for sale at $495,000....4,220 sq ft with 4bd/ 2ba. You can see interiors on oldhousedreams.com or Zillow. Check it out! #queenannevictorian #queenanne #queenannestyle #victorian #victorianhouse #victorianarchitecture #victorianstyle #archi_ologie #archilovers #housestalker #houseaddict #oldhouselove #oldhouseenthusiast #iloveoldhouses #thisoldhouse #oldhousecharm #historichouse #ipulledoverforthis #loveofoldhouses #beautifulhouseoldandnew #houses_ofthe_world #casasecasarios

Taking a bath in @dewpendleton Nanny's sink. #thisoldhouse #hippieredneckgospelovechild #LoveLeo #thependletons We are in a special place :)

What you don't see in the before pic is Lorna trying to not fall in the hole that was right outside the sliding doors. Lack of maintenance and lots of water damage (from clogged gutters) wreaked havoc on this deck. We were able to save the support system and only had to replace the stairs & deck. In doing so we had to bring everything up to code, which was to our benefit. We knew we'd be selling the house to a family (7 bedrooms) so more safety was definitely a good thing!
Want to know how we do what we do? Ask us! We're answering all your real estate questions in our Ask an Investor Series! Check out the latest installment and keep writing in questions! Link in Our Bio!

Cutting down #doors in an #antiquehouse last week (so they would swing and shut again) and this was the #cutoff from one of the #stiles There are more than 100 #growthrings in this small 1x3 inch piece of #wood . Absolutely incredible. A piece of similar wood today would have maybe 20 at the most. #thisoldhouse #oldgrowth #yellowpine #nofilter

When you get that thing in the mail that reminds you that what you're doing is truly making a difference in people's lives. The people that I've already been able to educate, coach, motivate, and inspire to go after their goals without hesitation or limitations has been an incredible experience! I started this coaching thing as a way to hold myself accountable in my own health and fitness journey, but it has become so much more than that for me. It's given me a refreshed outlook on life. It's given me a new sense of purpose. It's become a true passion for me. And I can't wait to see where it takes me! 🏃🏼‍♀️

Still a little bit of decorating to do and even though I experienced the changes first-hand, it's so hard to believe that this is the same space. #boom #nailedit #isitbedtimeyet #diy #homeimprovement #thisoldhouse #fixerupper

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