R e v e l a t i o n
Behind, ahead and in everything is my spirituality.
The strength & endurance to persevere, the motivation, the joy, the vision + mission, my very hunger for an abundant life. 🧘🏼‍♀️✨
This Friday I’m sitting here, super drained, happy, empowered, and yet also wanting to hibernate for a few weeks... - messy bun, activewear with a denim button up slung over it all, puffy eyes, glasses with only traces of mascara rubbed around my puffy eyes from going to bed at 6pm last night... G r i e f & J o y
For me this week has been about writing out every single thing I’m grateful for (pages), prioritising meditation, and Showing up! 👟
It’s easy to show up when everything is lining up but showing up and putting your best foot forward when you’re feeling like a hot mess of laughter, tears, and toddler time outs all in the span of five minutes 😜 that’s when it takes courage and consistency.
This is when everything gets stripped back.
Why should I get up and keep showing up?
For me it’s the vision & mission of living a life of legacy. The legacy I want to leave is a life of empowerment, living out courage so sound in action that others would see and take heart, an enriched life, an overcomer authentic and open, strong as fuck because of the source of her strength. If I can dig deep, so can YoU! 👊🏽
Because I’m just some girl from a suburb in LA who decided to follow the leading of a God who has greater plans for her than even I could ever imagine or anticipate.
You will reap what you sow, what are you sowing in to this week?
I’m sowing in to that legacy of courage, of empowering others to live an extraordinary life. ⚡️

D r a k e
K... I’ll admit it. I sing and dance a hell of a lot around the house. Hehe 😄
I was just talking to my girl, Maria, about how I love Drake and Post Malone, they’ve been on repeat lately! Them and like heaps of throwbacks. 🎧
I love how much value my businesses add to my life. ✨ It was such fun discussing our dreams of what we want life to be like in a zoom meeting and manifesting those dreams, creating goals, reflecting on what’s most important to us.
Music totally does throw it back. I listen to Nsync and all of the sudden I have flashbacks of being a little girl singing in to a hair brush, it’s amazing how we can forget our childhood so quickly but an aroma or sound can take us right to that place n space.
What did you listen to as a kid?
Are you living that life you dreamt of as a kid, had your journey taken you to an even better reality?? 🤔💓

A l i g n m e n t
s o u l s
I fall in love with the overlap of woven lives.
Late nights where you can laugh + cry +
e x p l o r e
I hate saying good byes with a passion, so I’m covering the pain with some more hellos... only the aligned will stick and to them I will be loyal af. 🤙🏽
Smoothies, trips to nowhere, shared playlists, building in to each other’s goals.
What is friendship to you? 🌻

C r u •
Reunited after literally 3 years!
I can’t believe we all have families now. 🙈
Grabbing coffees together, watching them interact with these tiny bundles of awe and squish, talking about that dent in your pinky you get from holding an iPhone 8 Plus ... then inevitably comparing dents and lol-ing bout it. 😂
It’s like my soul finds rest in their presence.
My heart feels full remembering all the shared meals, shared cries, shared laughs, the overcoming we did together and the stories woven across our lives. 📚
Friendship is such a gift that enriches every other gift life gives.
Grateful! 💓

Te hablo a ti...
Como dirían en el sur "Están cayendo los alerces" ... Últimamente te espero en el aeropuerto que fue donde nos vimos por última vez, también en la picada de completos del centro, e incluso en el terminal de buses regresando de viña o de Temuco, ya el archivo nacional parece mi casa tanto que voy solo a imaginarte sentado leyendo.... a ratos te busco en algún corazón de Instagram... aunque se que no ocupas esa rrss.
Este finde te buscaré y te esperaré en las fondas... tan chileno que te sientes!!!! de seguro cambiarías la Sangría por el terremoto... Pero decidiste no entender que me refiero a tu humanidad .... y lamentablemente si te arrepientes, el momento habrá pasado ... All you need is love ❤ #tenerife #spain #thislifestyle #Autorretrato #Instagay #Follow #Followme #CarlosMeloIturriaga #Fotógrafo #Autorretrato #Gay #GayBoy #GayMan #TagsforLikes #Retro #TimBurton #Photographer #Ph #InstaHomo #Gaystagram #Twink #Om #Latingay #instagood #Cute #Meditation #Hindu #selfie #book

S a t u r d a y
I woke up at 5am to get some work in, and to make time to meditate, and as fate would have it my snuggly sick kangaroo woke up at 5am too.
I chose this photo to pair with a caption on friendship that I have now written up three times! Haha 🤦🏼‍♀️😂
I considered just waiting to post it later with this image of us at Kilcunda but I figured I’d just keep it real this morning.
I’m in bed convincing my son to play anywhere other than in my bed, accidentally deleted my caption after writing it up for the 2nd time.
Wrote it up for the third time but am second guessing myself. 🙊
Literally listening to Drake in one ear and my H waking Paul up in the other.
I’m so grateful for the early meditation I slipped in before the craziness.🧘🏼‍♀️
It’s been a hectic week, but I’m hitting my goals and somehow still prioritising my selfcare, for me that’s a real victory worth celebrating. ✨
Happy Saturday. 🌞

O j o s | L e s Y e u x
When did we become so uninvested and uninterested? 😝
I want more friends who are driven, who want to talk for hours about authors, swimming in the ocean, the science of how our brain operates, the history and language of the Bible, what it means to feel heartbreak, how when I was a kid I just wanted to make money so that I could buy a house for everyone who didn’t have a place to stay to come live with me. ✨👌🏼
Where are the people who drive over just because they want to make you smile? Where are my dreamers and laugh till you cry-ers?
I want to go back to when we walked from Melbourne Central to Vegie Bar, when it started pouring buckets and we just kept talking walking in soaked to the core! Haha 👐🏽
I’m gonna cut right to the chase, message me and let’s connect if this resonates with you!
I’m building my tribe. 👊🏽🙌🏽
🐺📖 🦅

S h a k e 🍶
Anybody else Adore Riverdale?! I love the vibes and always crave a milkshake and burger at the end of an episode 😂🍦
I’m gonna get real here, I’m not an outstanding cook or an outstanding baker. It’s just not me.
However I am the queen of throwing it together 🌞
I can make a kick ass smoothie because you just throw it all in, I love bliss balls, taco salad, chilaquiles, and anything else you can just toss together on the fly haha
I especially love when it looks fancy and naughty but is actually pure nutrition. 😋✨
When I was vegan and had just moved to Australia I LOVED going to this cool spot that is noisy and busy and has this really cool buzz with an electric atmosphere, nothing like Pop’s from Riverdale, but also Vegan! 🌿
(It’s called Vegie Bar, still one of my favourite places but haven’t been in ages!) Anyway I adore their food because it’s beautifully presented, delicious as delicious can be but Also Super Duper clean eating! 🤤
For me these little spots and recipes that I find make my heart and body happy are like little gems, I’m building my treasure chest of ‘em and I get so thrilled when I find something that meets all those needs!
Anybody else relate to that?! I love little cheats 😉

TBT 2014 😊

Iam crazy . But you know whats else ?
I don't give a Fuck. .Tupac Shakur ------------------------------------- #makaveliness #idgaf #crazy #business #trustnobody #thislifestyle #stuckincell #vulnerable #changes #humble #humanity #jail #perspective #learn #ghetto #books #knowledge #community #Tupac #2Pac #makaveli #makaveliness #ghettochild #struggle

I ain't scared ,you know what iam saying '?There's death and life , and there is no life if you ain't fighting . • Tupac Shakur -------------------------------------
#Life #Death #struggle #fighter
#business #trustnobody #thislifestyle #stuckincell #vulnerable #changes #humble #humanity #jail #perspective #learn
#ghetto #books #knowledge #community #Tupac #2Pac #makaveli #makaveliness #ghettochild #struggle

I still get love from my community . I can still go down the street ,ride past a crowd and they scream ,you know? Its like I own them everything ,Thats where I own everything - To the HOOD

I got love there. I got love from thugs, from street dudes. We can do anything if you just give us a shot and stop trying to beat us down . We need to be in control of ourselves . •Tupac Shakur

#business #trustnobody #thislifestyle #stuckincell #vulnerable #changes #humble #humanity #jail #perspective #learn
#ghetto #books #knowledge #community #Tupac #2Pac #makaveli #makaveliness #ghettochild #struggle #theros

Jail is a big bu. Believe me, I see the big business . They charge you for your telephone calls.They charge you for disciplinary problems . Jail is a big business , you know could feed a whole town off one jail. • Tupac Shakur

#business #trustnobody #thislifestyle #stuckincell #vulnerable #changes #humble #humanity #jail #perspective #learn
#ghetto #books #knowledge #community #Tupac #2Pac #makaveli #makaveliness #ghettochild #struggle #theros

G o o d
M o u r n i n g
Shamelessly overcompensating today because my favourite person in the whole world has moved to a higher realm.
So yes I’m finding comfort in the compliments today because nah, I’m not okay
...and yet I’m totally okay with that. 🤙🏽
Make up, fake up, break down - rinse and repeat.
Honestly, it’s just the final stage to me living confident + unapologetic.
Life is short.
I want to be surrounded by people who bring out the best in others, who value themselves and embrace the fullness of life.
I want to fill my time with timeless memories, building my legacy. ✌🏽
Thank you to my sweet beautiful intentional inner circle for just being yourself and making me feel blessed out of my mind just to know you! 💋 te amo. Hugging a little tighter today.
@envanem @lizzyibrahim @_blizle_
thanks for being there for me. 🤟🏽
#or not so much wisdom

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