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Acho que a placa quer dizer algo tipo que não poderia andar ali🤔
Um #tbt que deu saudade hoje.
#hiroshima #japao

🤗🤗 Thankful Thursday's 🤗🤗Lets start with some honest truths - I am a skeptic. I am stubborn. I question almost everything (guess I can't get mad at my kids for the same). I'm a 'see it before I believe it' kind of woman. I'm a 'work hard cause no ones gonna do it for you' kinda woman. I've had a "job" since I was 14. I'm basically a workaholic - my coworkers can attest to that truth. So when I say I'm THANKFUL for the opportunity that has been presented to me by this business - take it seriously. I don't do anything lightly - I research, I try, I talk my self in and out of it over and over and over. This company has changed my life - it gave me clear skin which in turn gave me my self confidence back. It's given me the tools and opportunity to see this as far as I want it to go. I've learned that the sky is the limit and only I set the boundaries. We were not meant to just pay bills and die - we were meant to enjoy every moment cause like our parents and grandparents have all told us (insert eye roll)- life flashes before our eyes. Make your own dreams come true. #bossbabe #thisisyourlife #theskyisthelimit #rodanandfields #believeinyourself #youareworthit

✨NOW HIRING ✨Were always seeking out bright stars to add to our team as Energy Exchangers! Energy Exchanging provides people who want to be more involved with the Life Yoga community the chance to practice yoga as often as they like for free in exchange for helping out around the studio once a week for four hours or so. Visit the link in our bio for more info. #joinourcommunity #energyexchange #trade #barter #community #thisisyourlife #ygk

Ready for the Postie! Fresh off the press (literally)! Our first personalised ‘This Is Your Life’ online order fulfilled! www.paperesque.co.uk/collections/personalised-guest-book #york #handcrafted #shamblesyork #personalised #paperlove #thisisyourlife

Just when I was having a moment there, wondering how I'm going to get my book proposal done on time. Reassurance from Archangel Michael 😇 Archangel Michael has heard your prayers, and he’s guiding you in the direction in which you were born to go. You already have ideas about a career that would bring you joy, excitement, opportunities to help, and financial security; and these thoughts are indicators of your Divine purpose. You’re meant to be engaged in work that brings you and others happiness!

This card is validation that the career you’re dreaming about is your life’s purpose. As such, the universe will support and open doors for you. Move forward confidently!

Possible specific meanings: Your current situation offers clues about the next step to take on your path—follow your true feelings • Angels are watching over your business and finances #archangelmichael #lifepurpose #destiny #workhard #thisisyourlife #angels #guides #doreenvirtue #motivation #trust #gotthis

💗 Always Choose Her 💗 So powerful but true. Not everyone will under your own personal journey or why you do what you do...but you have goals for yourself and your life, stay the course and the people who want to support you will be by your side, others will just disappear...and that is ok. #beAtPeace #loveyourlife #progressnotperfection #phase2 #hustle #goals #thisIsYOURlife

All those misconceptions about women lifting weights- GONE!!! 😊
I love a good weight workout. This one was extra special because it had a cardio effect!
How many ladies out there lift? If you are not weight training a couple of days a week you need too. I use to do only cardio because I thought I would get big. I promise you won’t, unless that’s what you want. But with what I’m doing, it’s just about staying lean and strong. I invite you to join me and give it a try! #girlswholiftweights

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Never let anything hold you back. #ohdarlingletsbeadventurers #lifeisanadventure #bebrave #becourageous #neversettle #thisisyourlife #youonlygetone

#Repost @reynaga.agency with @get_repost
What would you do when the person you love the most suddenly gets taken away from you? Besides the emotional devastation would your family be financially devastated as well? Having life insurance can help reduce that stress. Contact me today to see how we can help your family prepare for the unexpected! #whatifwednesday #thisisus #thisisyourlife #georgiainsurance

I love that quote. Believe it and it will be!💕

Hopefully this message is taken seriously but by those before half their life is over. 😊
But really and truly I believe it takes time and experience with lessons learned before you can understand that this life starts with you.
Don’t let others blind you by what they think you should do or be.
Find your own path. Because you are unique and you may miss something you have to share with the world if you live by what everyone else says. #napoleonhill #liveyourlifenow

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You will always see the sexy ones.

You will always see the materialistic ones.

You will always see " LOOK, I am happy☺" but they are really n😢t ones.

You will always see "I hate men, or women ones.

You will always see "money over bitches" ones.

But how many inspirational "I would marry and settle down" with ones do you truly experience on social media?

All that glitters is definitely not gold.

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