This is Ivy’s “I’m nursing, don’t bother me” face 😂
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Christmas Eve breastfeeding. Cheers! #thisismomjeans #thisiswhereibreastfeed #twinboys

This is a gratitude post. I am grateful for the IBCLC who supported me. • When Aerilyn was 4 weeks old, I handed her to my husband and went in my bathroom. I sat on the hard, tile floor and called my sister sobbing. "I can't do it. I'm stopping." Breastfeeding was worse than any pain I'd been through because it was a combination of emotional pain coupled with physical pain and frustration. So many times I looked into my sweet baby's face and whispered, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry I'm not giving you enough." It wasn't that I minded giving her formula. I have no issues with babies who are nourished with formula. I just hated what I considered my body's failure to be able to provide. Why couldn't I do what so many could? What was wrong with me? At 5 weeks I met @elizabeth_devaney_ibclc from @laidbacklactation. This was the beginning of my success in taking back my body's power to breastfeed. Without Elizabeth's help and guidance, I would have been forced to give up my dream of nursing due to a lack of knowledge and support. Thanks to her, I nursed my first baby girl until she was 16 months. Elizabeth has continued to support and help me through part two of my breastfeeding journey with #BabyEJinks. What started out as painful and hard has become one of my favorite parts of being a mommy.
For anyone interested in more of my nursing story, I am happy to share!
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My crew! Our breastfeeding journey will be coming to an end fairly soon, so I’m soaking up every moment I can. I have loved this adventure and will always look back on our time spent nursing with a full heart. Lately, @phoenixthemancat has been joining us when we cuddle and with the upcoming cold season, I wouldn’t have it any other way. #fedwithlove #nursingmama #breastfeedingjourney #thisiswhereibreastfeed

Second perfect fall picnic in a weekend. Rory having a cozy snack al fresco. Love that the sun is warm and the air is crisp. #thisismomjeans #perfectfall #thisiswhereibreastfeed

We made it! Ivy did great on the flight - 6 whole hours! Been enjoying time with the fam and lots of homemade meals 😍. Props to Delta for not giving me any drama while breastfeeding during takeoff and landing. ✈️💺☁️Hooray! #fedwithlove #breastfeedingmama #thisiswhereibreastfeed #deltaairlines

A breastfeeding journey part. 7
What I discovered during this period is that breastfeeding is a journey and it is very personal. In my case I was giving me some goals to achieve: 3 months, then 6 months. And now I ended up in the philosophy that we will feel when it is gonna be the time to stop. And my personal lesson that I think I will pass deeply to my son through this experience we shared is that when things get though you never have to give up. Breastfeeding is the hardest thing until it becomes easy and blissful. @breastfeeding_world

A breastfeeding journey part. 6
From that day I began to breastfeed with my silicon nipples protection, put my cream each time I finished and after two weeks I was feeling better and a bit more confident. At that point the midwife suggested me to take the protection out one time out of two and see what was happening. At that moment I understood how much I was afraid of trying because of my past experience but I stayed calm and I tried with all the trust I had. A couple of weeks after I forgot about the cream and the silicon protections and I was breastfeeding easily without fear, it was not hurting and we were both Elliott and me savouring our victory. Read the end of my story tomorrow #tobecontinued

A breasfeeding journey part 5.
Then I remembered a midwife specialized in lactation that I met while pregnant and I took an appointment with her. I was putting all my faith in her and I explained the situation with all the horrible details and an open heart. She told me that in fact I had no wounds so that's why nobody of the medical staff was giving too much attention to my situation (not because they didn't care but because they didn't know what else to do) but that my pain was real and that breastfeeding didn't have to be so painful. She told me to stop beating myself up about it, that it was nobody's fault because Elliott and me were both trying to do our best. She put Elliott on a scale, then asked me to breasfeed him, then she weight him again. She told me that he was eating enough, that we were both making a good job, that the position was good but she showed me exactly how to put my shoulders, how to put the baby at the breast, how had to be his mouth, then she gave me a silicon protection and we trained a couple of times. After that she gave me a cream that was treating any kind of possible skin problem (fungus, inflammation, infection). She told me that she gives it only when necessary but that she was sure that in my case this could help. After more than one hour consultation I went back home with a lot of information on what was happening to my body while breastfeeding, one silicon nipple protection, the APNO (All Purpose Nipple Ointment of Dr Jack Newman) and fresh hope #tobecontinued Keep reading my story on day 6.

A breastfeeding journey part 4.
I was nearly breaking down but I found a lot of support around me. My family and my boyfriend didn't really know what to say to keep me calm but they supported me. I couldn't deal with one more person saying "it is normal it will pas". But I didn't give up and was looking for new solutions as now the problem was getting bigger everyday. Now even seeing Elliott getting closer to my nipple was scaring me out. The pain was not only physical anymore but had moved to something deeper #tobecontinued Keep reading my story on day 5.

A breastfeeding journey... part 3
After one month of breastfeeding I was suffering like Hell. Even a T-shirt touching my skin was unbearable. At the hospital they told me that Elliott's position was just perfect and that I had to be patient. After 2 months the situation was still the same and my mental health was beginning to show weaknesses. I was pumping my milk during the day to bottlefeed Elliott during the night as I was not able to stay calm at night because it was hurting so much. The situation was driving me crazy and all the people around me. And I was beginning to feel I was not able to do it. #tobecontinued Keep reading my story on day 4.

A breastfeeding journey... Part 2. --
As soon as Elliott was born he was put on my chest and found his way directly to the holy boobies 😜 At this point I linee I was entering the learning period and I behaved like a good student. It was painful. I was feeling like I was walking in the dark and I didn't know if what I was doing was right or wrong but I was mainly listening to my feelings in a brand new way and I was doing quite fine. I was tired but happy and satisfied #tobecontinued Keep reading my story on day 3.

A breastfeeding journey...part 1.
Since my pregnancy I really trusted in the high benefits of breastfeeding both for the baby and the mother. I decided I really wanted to breastfeed for as long as I could and I tought it was so natural that I would learn to do it easily and it would be the sweetest thing ever. I was so so wrong! Keep reading my story tomorrow #tobecontinued

Thank you, @vnessawithaneye for spending the day with us and capturing this beautiful moment with my daughter. #breastfeeding #mom #maternityleave #thisiswhereibreastfeed

Thank you @gap for 50% off baby clothes and a nice spot for an afternoon snack 💁🏻👶🏻 #wbw2017 #thisiswhereibreastfeed

#thisiswhereibreastfeed In bed, all throughout the night with my growing guy; Happy national breastfeeding week everyone!

#breastfeedingweek just ended but better late than never to #normalizebreastfeeding 👍#thisiswhereibreastfeed at the @honolulumuseum , directing a show @kahilutheatre , at the beach and in the car (sitting in a stopped car for an hour ). Babies need to eat, they don't care where you are so #freethenipple 👶 for them #breastfeedingchallenge #breastfeeding #breastfeedingawareness 💖💜💛

#thisiswhereibreastfeed: @lovelarisalove
"I'm so proud to be exclusively breastfeeding, and blessed that I've been able to have this privilege. •🍈🍈
So #thisiswhereibreastfeed: I used to cover up but I no longer give a shit, mainly because it's been so HOT. I breastfeed anywhere. I try to make it home before a feed but if we can't, we can't. I've breastfed while walking through an ikea, at a Starbucks, at a target, and in the car. I've never and will never breastfeed in a public restroom and I'm super lucky to live in NYC because no one has an issue with me feeding my daughter. •🍈🍈
I did NOT think I would enjoy breastfeeding. Before I was pregnant I always talked about how it scared me and how I didn't think it could ever be for me. Everything changed when I read about all the health benefits + I saw Ivy's ability to latch right away. We never had any issues, so we are super lucky. The latch was always great and she goes back and forth between expressed milk in a bottle and the breast with no issues. •🍈🍈
Something we rarely talk about is how exclusively breastfeeding is a PRIVILEGE. It's a lot of time and effort on the mother's part, and many women don't have the financial means to stay home and nurse exclusively for the first year like the APA recommends. I am blessed that running my own business has afforded me this privilege and this time with my daughter. •🍈🍈
So people of the world: don't judge anyone's decision to NOT breastfeed. With maternity leave in the US seriously lacking, it is a difficult choice many mothers have to make. •🍈🍈
And to anyone who takes issue with breastfeeding in public, or for longer than 3 months.... that's nice, but literally no one cares about your opinions so stop asking me to cover up or when I plan to wean 😘
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#wellroundedny #breastfeedingweek

Oh, you know. Just nursing my 30 lb 16 month old while waiting on line to pay for admission into the Museum of Natural History on a crowded Saturday afternoon 😅💪🏼 #breastfeedingweek #thisiswhereibreastfeed

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