Liberate Transfemmes!
Trans women and femme non binary folk deserve the right to exist in the same spaces as everyone else! Biology does not define a persons gender. Feminism is not feminism unless it includes ALL women and femmes! They are beautiful and have strength like no-one else on this planet. They have the strength to live in a world that rejects them and erases them every single day. Transness DOES NOT erase lesbians or ‘feminists.’ Feminists are campaigning to erase transness. TERFs are attacking and protesting pride parades all over this world making them unsafe for the trans* community. They forget that he reasons they have rights to begin with are thanks to trans women.
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Free our bodies from your archaic notions of gender and beauty. Free us from a medical system that suspends us in a purgatory of incompletion, self hatred and sadness. Liberate trans-feminine and non binary identities from the patriarchy and trans-misogyny.
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Boarding School (pt 2)
It was late, and everyone would be sleeping. I'd creep out my bedroom door and peek to be sure no one was in the hall way. As I made my way to the bathroom he could feel his pulse begin to race, his head was filled with reluctance and embarrassment. This isn't where we are supposed to be. "Shut up!" I say to him. "This is the girls bathroom, of course I'm supposed to be here." But the closer I get, the worse the butterflies begin to flutter in my belly. I don't know why but I can't help feeling like I'm doing something wrong; like someone would see me and become angry.
If this was indeed where I'm supposed to go then why did I find myself peeking around bathroom corners? Or cautiously entering public restrooms with this obviously paranoid delusion that girls would see her. I didn't want them to see her. I wanted them to see me. He wanted them to see me. Many of my friends thought they saw me. But I didn't FEEL like her. I PLAYED her in a game called "Survival". And I was GOOD at it. At least I thought I was. They'd never understand just how deeply I had been bleeding. As I moved from childhood to adolescence, I only felt more angry, more depressed, more out of place, more... like giving up. I couldn't find control of any of us.
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Boarding School (part 1)
Boarding school. I'd be 15. A sophomore. And I was FINALLY free to be away from restrictions, rules and conversations. At least the ones my mom had with me. "This is my chance" he thought. I.. thought. We were wrong.
Boarding school brought a whole new set of problems for us. For me. I wasn't ready for any of them. But I was old enough to realize that what I had been feeling was more than just a "tomboy" phase. This wasn't going away. HE wasn't going away.
It was a private, Traditional Roman Catholic school. A historic building that was once home to Jesuit Monks. Now it was home to the Nuns, Priests and Brothers who would be my teachers and substitute parental figures. And for the next 2 years, it would be my home.
We lived in the basement level with 2 nuns as our "den" mothers. My twin sister would be with me, but even that provided me little comfort.
The school was segregated by stairwell, lunch room, boarding house, even some classes. Girls on one side and boys on the other. The most social interaction we had with the opposite sex was during some classes or outside in the"breezeway"- as we called it- after school was out. But even then, we were allotted a time frame and a curfew to be back in "The Villa" (girls' dormitory). We had dinner every night, rosary, homework and down time in the family room where we could watch edited movies, play- or pretend to play- the piano, Super Mario Bros., and just generally do...WHATEVER it is that girls do...in a group together.
I was conflicted. Glad I could wear whatever clothes I wanted (except to church and during school, skirts/dresses and uniforms were mandatory for females). I could wear my hair in a ponytail as often as I wanted, and just maybe, be more free to be me. To be.. him. Without criticism. I could be him in the littlest ways without giving away my secret. But every time, I brought myself back to her, back to... reality. Who was I kidding? I wanted to hide. And there was something else. I was about to share space with 10-12 other girls. For the next 2 years.
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You stare at us with disgust, anger, morbid curiosity, confusion, discomfort, judgement and criticism. Your stares make us feel alienated and othered. You remind us that we are different to you, and make us feel ashamed and uncomfortable. You make us feel like we are freaks.
The person who should feel ashamed is you. You who have such low self esteem that you treat those of us who have the courage to live authentically like we are garbage. You who look at us in disgust because you don’t have the courage to stand tall in your differences. You who is uncomfortable in our presence because we confuse you. You who feel anger because we are beautiful and attractive even though we are so different. You who gets angry because we stir something in you that you would rather suppress.
You upset us yet we still have the strength to face you and your bullshit every single day. We put our clothes on, our make up, our binders, we tuck, we put on our prosthetics, we take our hormones, have our surgeries, choose our names and pronouns and wear it all like shining armour in our constant battle against you and your society. Sometimes we crack but you will never break us. We will continue to shine as bright as we possibly can in the spotlight that you hope will destroy us.
Trans* Power 💜
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Concept sketch for this weeks digital piece.
#pronounsmatter #thisiswhattransfeelslike #transgender #concept #sketch

The society we live in makes trans* folk feel shame over our identities and bodies. They look at us like we are freaks. Prolonged stares. Expressions of disgust. Judgement.
We try to keep our heads up and walk with pride and confidence but behind closed doors we are exhausted, broken. Longing for a time where we can exist peacefully along side the cis population. Without fear of discrimination, oppression or exclusion. We are human just like you. We do not want or need special treatment. We want equality. We want the space to exist with out shame.
#transrightsarehumanrights #transisbeautiful #stopstaring #transgender #trans #equality #fuckoppression #noshame #weexist #thisiswhattransfeelslike

When you call her ‘sir.’ When you misgender a femme you cause her trauma. You cause her pain. You violate her identity. You erase her.
When you meet new people, take a moment to really look at them, feel their energy, inform your language and then address them properly. It’s not hard. It’s not hard to look at a person and understand how they are trying to present themselves and then respect that.
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There are people in the transcare system, who’s ONLY job is to manage surgery waitlists and submit our files to the correct surgeons. They can’t even do that. Every day they procrastinate on processing our papers doesn’t really matter right? WRONG! What difference does a few days make in the grand scheme of things? ALL the difference!! At least you know it will happen eventually though. Should have happened YESTERDAY!!! But you are strong and resilient. Only because we suffer in silence behind closed doors. Well the longer it takes for your turn, the better the surgeon gets. At the expense of our mental health!!!!
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There’s nothing like art to convey what words can’t: What it REALLY feels like to be trapped in a body that’s not yours.
[Artist unknown. If anyone knows who made this, please let us know so we can credit!]

Be your own hero.
It has been over 10 years but when anger, pain, beauty and happiness collide, I am inspired to paint.
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I said ‘no, my hairbrush is just too small’ and sent her this. Then she asked me where the zebra one was. •

#thisiswhattransfeelslike #nonbinary #transgender #trans #transgenderartist #transartist #transgenderart #transisbeautiful #translivesmatter #transandproud

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