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When you want to have a lazy day but you still need to get sh*t done... Travel table to the rescue! #elleyplans #thisismylife

Check me out tonight @ 7pm PST on the @worktalkpodcast with my new buddy, John, as he picks my brain about all the things that make me me...this may take a while. 😅

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Real Housewives of Hershey PA. #imeanreally #thisismylife

Once you do something, do not be afraid to fail and do not leave it. People who are deficient.
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Last night Jonathan’s team made it to the championship and played an amazing game but in the end they lost 15-16... The team played so hard and worked even harder and their hard work was a direct reflection of their coaches dedication to them! We were so lucky to have amazing coaches and an amazing team! “A coach’s worth isn’t found in the win/loose stats but in the impact they have made on the game and in their players lives.” .
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Do the letters IEP make you shudder? 😨 Make your anxiety shoot up? 😵 Then you must be a special Mama like me!❤️❤️❤️ Had my little one's IEP meeting yesterday. I used to dread it every time the school scheduled a meeting. 😢 As her behavior got worse the meetings became more adversarial. In the fall, when she was at her worst, the school just didn't know how to handle her anymore. It got to the point where there was talk of moving her out of general ed and we were thinking of hiring a lawyer. 😤😡 Then we got the phone call that changed everything. The Residential OCD Treatment Program had an opening for her. We just had to hold on 10 more days. Those 10 days seemed to drag on yet fly by at the same time. We wanted her to get help but hated the thought of leaving our 9 year old 6 hours away!

The 3 months she was at the Residential Program were some of the hardest days of my life. There were so many nights she called crying and begging to come home. She had to celebrate Halloween there and we had to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas there, but at least we were together.
There were some amazing moments too. When she finally conquered a fear and could do something she hadn't been able to because of the OCD. The first time she was finally able to hug me I burst into tears. We cried happy tears on her discharge day.
Yesterday's IEP meeting was a 180 from our last one. She still struggles a little, especially with the ADHD/ODD, but her OCD is so much better controlled. She can handle school pretty well now. She's thankfully all caught up academically even though she missed the first half of 4th grade. Overall, she's just a happy girl again.
It was a nightmare but so well worth it to see her happy and to start getting our lives back, without OCD in control!

There is hope!! #iep #iepmeeting #specialkids

Setiap orang punya jatah gagalnya masing masing 😄 , A person who never made a failure never tried anything new - Albert Enstein😍


I know folks have been commenting lately about how fascinating our life is and I paint this amazing portrait but truth is, it’s a lot of hard work and beyond exhausting most of the time. There’s literally no time for relaxing and sometimes, it just makes us want to cry - yet it’s still pretty damn rewarding. I wouldn’t trade this chaos for anything and I’m glad it keeps falling into place the way it does but let’s be honest, there is never a dull moment and this is real life right here y’all. #junestopeatingmyhair #cashstopbeingadick #justgetgoatstheysaid #thisismylife

☠️Abandoned Water Park Fails ☠️

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