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Дамир на данный момент чётко знает кем хочет стать когда вырастит и как вы уже поняли Policeman🚔 На протяжении 6-7 месяцев он клал монетки в копилку для покупки полицейской машины. Мы договорились с автосалоном и ребята вошли в наше положение. В День рождения перед покупкой машины Дамир разменял в банке его копилку и получил бумажную купюру. Пока мы ехали, я смотрела на него и видела как светятся от счастья его глазки и в тоже время как сильно он волновался 👼🏼 Подъехав к автосалону, Дамир побежал на встречу своей мечте НО... Тут нас ожидал сюрприз! Он бедный так переволновался, что за всё время находясь там ни сказал не слова 🤦🏻 Он даже забыл куда положил деньги, что бы рассчитаться за машину 😂 По окончанию осмотра машины , мужчина протянул документ на покупку и Дамир его с радостью подписал.
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What a weekend! We had so much fun doing all of the Christmas things we could possibly do together.. playing in the snow and seeing the new Grinch movie, baking cookies, putting up the tree, shopping for new decorations, + all of the other fun things we did in between! Life is great with these two + their daddy.

I wasn't aware dandelions smelled so great, but apparently they're pretty magical.

t h r e e fabulous months with you. (almost 2 weeks late and we kinda missed the 2nd month but better late than never😂) you're so loved little gal, keep packing on those pounds and working on those chubby cheeks😍

2 weeks apart.
Life knocked me down but I chose to rise. I didn't beat myself up because I've learned not to. I did what I could and still made progress.
I'm thankful for the setbacks..the be-right-backs..but also the never-going-backs. Because they're part of the process and pave the way for a stronger comeback. This is a marathon and I'm not worried about the sprinters. Girlfriend if you're looking to stop the yo-yo fast fixes and wanting to adopt a lifestyle of balance, sensibility, ease & joy...JOIN ME. Join my community of fit sisters and get the tools to live your life, healthy, strong and CONFIDENT. On your terms, committed and in control! Do this alongside me arm in arm. You'll get the SIMPLE fitness, flexible nutrition and daily support with me as your coach. I need your accountability as much as you need this!
My next virtual bootcamp starts Dec 3rd & a bunch of us are committing to 21 days. Most people are waiting till the New Year but not us! & if I know you, you aren't most people either. YOU IN?!
Drop a 🔥 or 💌email me👉 meganwight@ymail.com for more deets.

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CRB #MOPS #Playdate Tomorrow! Please note we changed our playdate location! There will be pizza and other delicious snacks and sweet treats. Hope you can come join the fun!

Since the beginning of time, people have noticed the sky and the stars above them. Throughout history, stars have been used for finding direction and charting a course. Scripture tells us that the brightest of all stars in the sky shown above the manger in Bethlehem. On that silent, holy night it was a star that led others to Jesus. ✨🌟 •

We hope our Christmas Story Box helps your family discover the Christmas Story anew. We only have 32 Boxes left! 🙌

“I definitely encourage couples to share their struggles. In pregnancies since the miscarriage we have shared the news earlier because we really felt that the support we received from friends after a loss was so helpful and that suffering in silence was terribly lonely and sad. The tradition of not telling anyone until 12 weeks in case you lose the baby baffles me now. Why would you chose to isolate yourself like that when your child dies?” —Alyce
Story by Alyce // Image by @anniespratt
To share your story of pregnancy loss, tag us and hashtag #ourscarlettstories.

Current feels about tomorrow being Monday

The drooliest of babes 🤤🤤 Thank goodness for @joeyzbandanabibz 🙌

Sun’s out buns out 🍑

When you shop with 2 divas, they like to strike a pose in the middle of the parking lot! 😂 Seriously, though, I love spending time with these two, and pray our fun outings together continue even when they are all grown up! 💖

I felt it was time for the big tree to go up today! Started setting up and then tucked the kids into bed. It is not a pre-lit tree so it takes a few hours to assemble completely. This mom was on a mission to get it done tonight! We have had this tree, which is the same age as our oldest daughter for 19 years. We bought it especially for her birth as my due date was Christmas Day. She came later, but I was ready if she made her entrance❤️ This tree has given me years and years of happiness. All 4 of my children and my husband have enjoyed the Christmas seasons around this tree. My youngest asked me before bed tonight if she could have it when she gets married for her kids. I love her little motherly heart. Making memories with my kids has been the best, they will forever make my holidays complete. I can’t wait for the kids to see it finished and decorated when they wake up in the morning.
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Using this Sunday to plan out December and the new year! Can you believe there are LESS than two months left in this year!

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