Wagged the last day of school to hang out with Mama today! 🙊👯‍♀️ #girlsday

Onze producten worden met liefde gemaakt en zijn altijd uniek. 💕We werken met een team fantastische vrouwen in Thailand en daar zijn we erg trots op.

My darling Freddie. This sums up some of our days perfectly.
You’re still having trouble with your Reflux and some days it causes you to just cry for a lot of the day. And those little tears running down your cheeks break my heart but I know the only thing that stops them eventually is to put you on your favourite place and just stand and rock. I was so concerned when I had your sister not to get into so called ‘bad habits’ and always put her down for sleeps in her cot and she was very quickly in her own room. But with you little boy, it seems I just have to embrace those cuddles and the waking in the night to co-sleep yet again as it what makes you happiest and you won’t want this forever ❤️ .
P.s. I love that you love chest cuddles...but having to lie on me while I get my HD brows done so you don’t scream the salon down, is just a whole other level my boy 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 .
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Всем доброе утро! Встала сегодня с огромным желанием снова шить что нибудь! ☺️ Придумывать одежду и вдохновляться осенним настроением! 😄 Пока гостим ц подруги, но уже жду не дождусь вернуться домой и мастерить!:) #полинаzakaria

Мне красиво сейчас везде🤷🏼‍♀️

This is just a reminder for those times when we get carried away with daily activities. The weekend is here, let's take time to unwind, relax from the stress of the week and also listen to our kids. 💚

“It’s ok, Blakey, I’m here for you”
Heart explosion 💗

LET IT GO! What have you released yourself from in order to take better care of yourself? Sometimes I find it's a case of letting go of something you do - cleaning, cooking, an activity or going to an event. Other times, it's letting go of thinking or worrying about something - the amount of stuff in the house, what the children eat or what other people think of you. I have realised this is an important part of #selfcare 💜💚
This week I have let go of...
➡cleaning the house other than absolute basics
➡cooking anything if it takes longer than 20 minutes
➡my son's swimming class as he just doesn't like it
➡️ worrying about what we’re going to do with all the paper all over the house
I’m a fully signed up member of the #stuffarmy created by @thepsychologymum until I have the headspace to sort it all out!
Have a lovely Friday!
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✨ GIVEAWAY ✨ A while back I kickstarted unbeknown to me at the time a project close to my heart that I now call 'Something for the Mama's'. It’s all about mums giving back to other mums in a show of gratitude and appreciation of just how hard this job of ‘motherhood’ can be.
Self care in motherhood is crucial, a little me time goes a long way towards giving us back a bit of ourselves that we can so easily lose whilst playing out all the roles motherhood demands. It is a tough job and tougher still if you don't make time for yourself. Time after all is the biggest gift we can give back to ourselves
So... This is where you come in! ✨ GIVEAWAY ✨as part of this project we are giving you a chance to nominate a mum friend who you think truly deserves a gift of self care. The prize is a gift of self-care in a box. But not just any old box, these contents have been lovingly put together with mums in mind and the theme is all about Gratitude
👉 TO ENTER - Simply tag a friend in the comments, someone who you feel really deserves to
win this beautiful gift.
- If you are attending the next @spoonfedtalks event 'The secret to being a Mum and loving motherhood' you can also nominate a mum directly here, by doing so you will be automatically entered into a prize draw on the day to win a small gift of self care, just for you
A huge thank goes to the lovely Kaya George Founder of @thebirthofmum Box who has kindly agreed to be the first Mama in business to donate these beautiful and unique prizes
💕 If this is something close to your heart that you feel deserves some recognition then please help to share the love by sharing this post. Photos by @lovemiss_d

This was actually how I pictured motherhood to look like before I had a child....

It mostly doesn’t look like this but I guess it sort of does SOMETIMES because well, I do have the pic! 📷

I will admit I’m not often this much fun. 🙊 But today I kind of am because it’s Friday and Fridays are for wine! 🥂

*Libri di cui non puoi fare a meno* Do you know who Carlos Gonzalez is? || Una lettura fondamentale per un genitore è Besame Mucho di Carlos Gonzales, "come crescere i tuoi figli con amore". È stato introvabile a lungo prima della nuova ristampa, ora finalmente è disponibile e sono riuscita ad accaparrarmene una preziosissima copia.
Questo è un libro assolutamente da leggere.
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You see that little cutie... He’s responsible for the dark circles I’ve been sporting recently! 🙊 To make these sleepless nights a little cosier we’ve finally added some soft lighting to the bedroom.💡💤 I’d been loving the hanging bulb look and sure enough found what I wanted on @ebay_uk and like a lot of products, with free delivery! 👌🏽 Happy Days! & Nights! 🌙💤 #ad

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#Repost with @Repostlyapp @imumzone 💗 SHITTY SIDE OF LIFE 💗

Isn't this cute.... I hope your ovaries are still tickling ☺☺☺ .

Where will mama start from ?😂😂😂 .

#imumzone .

Via @momshangout

My goodness I love these kids something fierce. Being away sure makes me appreciate being their mom even more. ❤️❤️❤️
In the busy and stress of each day, I sometimes find that I lose my joy in being mom. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mom. It’s the greatest calling I will ever have. But the days can be long and hard, especially in certain phases of life. Once I’ve refilled my cup or spent a day doing something for me though, without worrying about everyone else, I always return feeling rejuvenated and ready to give more of myself.
The saying you can’t pour from an empty cup is so true. I just need to be better at finding simple ways to fill it because my kids deserve it and I’m tired of feeling guilty at the end of each day. We can only handle so much and our patience can only be stretched so thin ya know? We’re human, even though we as moms expect ourselves to be superhumans- and most days we are. We need to recharge too.
What are little things you do?

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