#littlekickers it was a hot one! But he did well

Cat life

This was my kitchen counter a few days ago. I had been so busy that I hadn't gotten a minute to put it all in the dishwasher.
I could have started telling myself, <3 I am failing as a mother
<3 I am lazy
<3 How could I have done this AGAIN
<3 I'm setting a bad example for my son

BUT instead I acknowleged
I got my son up, made him breakfast, had a workout, fed myself, fed the fish, pet the cat, got dressed, drank my water, took a moment to enjoy my son, drove him to preschool, worked .... The list goes on!

YOUR success is not measured by the condition of your kitchen or all the things you "should" have done but didnt.

So be KIND to yourself and recognize that you are a successful mother! You wear A LOT of hats and it's okay for your kitchen to look this messy, its ok to prioritize what YOU feel is important every single day.
Josie xo

Love yourself

Cat cuddles!

This kid is my world!
He has cuddled me and given me kisses all day!

Regardless of all the tough moments this boy makes me so proud.

He is kind, polite and ready to help most of the time.

This love is pure ❤

While on a coaching call today my son eloquently asked for a whip cream sandwich AND let the hamster loose!

Oui vie!

This is mom life people 🤣

Got a mani/pedi while the little was in preschool today!
Thanks to my friend and esthetician @tammyallendean
What's your favorite form of self-care??

Any comic moms out there!

I found my love for comics while dating a guy in my early 20s.
I'm big into Wonder woman. If you haven't seen the movie, you need too

She's so inspiring...I need to get a @wonderwomanfilm tee!
Who's you fab Superhero?

Join me in The Mom Bomb check the link in the bio ❤

Happy kitty

Sexy tights...you need to try these mamma!


Mom's Unite! Minus the swear words 🙊

Get your shoes on buddy!...resistance.

If you haven't checked out my live go now! It's only up for 24 hours.

Here's the dairy-free recipe for my kid-approved mac & cheese

1 tbsp butter or dairy free alternative
1-2 tbsp flour
1 cup of nut milk
1/2 tsp of Epicures Herb & Garlic spice
Pinch of pepper and Himalayan pink salt
1/4 cup of Diaya mozzarella shreds

Melt butter in a frying pan over medium heat. Once melted whisk in flour

Add all other ingredients and whisk until thick consistency
Add to cooked pasta!


Я лучше всех.
Всегда обходила стороной любые состязания, считала себя, наверно, недостойной. А кто я такая, чтобы претендовать на такое-то звание?!
Понятное дело, жизнь показывала самых разных участников. Все, думаю, встречали не сильно красивую девочку на конкурсе красоты, к примеру. Причем она обязательно победит/возьмет призовое место за смелость или харизму, уже не важно.
Но и это меня ничему не учило, я просто наблюдала со стороны.
Как можно быть такой скучной-то🤣 Слава Богу, теперь и я смогу детям рассказать о личном опыте.
И знаете, что я поняла: это должен узнать каждый. Это познания себя, окружающих. Как путешествие почти.
Номинанты, зрители, ты сам, твои друзья - да все открываются с новых сторон. И пусть бывает, что кто-то ведёт себя не очень, все равно надо.
Участвовать обязательно, только с правильным отношением.
Испытывали радость победы или горечь поражения?

You loved me first and you've loved me fiercely. You taught me to love myself and you taught me to love the world around me.
You not only brought me life, but also my entire being. You are my everything.
#thisismom #thisiscanada #happymothersday

Happy Mother’s Day from our This Is It family to yours!! #happymothersday #thisisit #thisisis #thisismom #momsrock #momsarethebest #thisisitmothers #thisisfamily

Happy mother's day to my mom Connie. She is a strong woman and has been through a lot in life but, that has not kept her from loving God and trusting Him no matter what the circumstance was. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple months ago she did not loose faith. My mom kept her head up and trusted God through that...no matter what the outcome was going to be! She went through 2 surgeries and 6 days of radiation..... and beat breast cancer 🙌🙌🙌🙌!! My mom is a rock when it comes to loving, comforting and being supportive of us kids. This is my mom and I love her 💜.
(The picture is of my husband Ryan walking my mom down the isle for our wedding.) #happymothersday #thisismom #beatcancer #loveher

Yesterday we brought in the big 60 and the party continues today. #ThisIsMom #OnHerDay #HappyBirthday #HappyMothersDay

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