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The pinkish cones, YAY or NAY?! 😁💕 #alphafoodie #pink

Sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful. 💗 Tag someone who needs to hear this! 💗 || 📸 @itsjudear 🔥 || #thisislondon

Have you ever seen such a tiny looking English pub? In fact, have you ever visited a "proper" pub? Gone are the old stereotype establishments with stale English food, warm ale and smelly beer-stained carpets! Modern British pubs serve cracking food and even better - some of the beer is chilled! Ha! But I do love the ones that carry modern food and good service whilst keeping the ancient old oak beam designs and the essential flower hanging baskets. This is the wonderfully squeezed Coach and Horses, which dates back to the 1770s, and is thought to be one of the first properties to be built in Bruton Street in Mayfair, London. I posted a different shot this morning but had to remove....long story 😂

In fact, The Coach and Horses is one of the best-known British pub names. In London alone there are still over fifty Coach and Horses pubs. For many centuries, prior to the invention of the railway systems, horse drawn carriages were the only means of travelling between towns and cities. The innkeeper would advertise this with a sign depicting both a coach and a horse, indicating that not only the place have everything the tiresome passengers could wish for, but even provided lodgings for the exhausted mounts, allowing them to be fed and watered ready for the long journey ahead. Hackney carriages became an essential part of life. These consisted of a horse and carriage and licensed for hire since 1662 and their job was to whisk city folk about the city. ⠀

And of course, us Brits do love a good ghost story. Headless horsemen are a popular motif in British folklore and it's said that an eighteenth century coach pulled along by four horses was driven by a ghostly figure has been seen here. Those that witnessed the ghoulish happenings describe that as the coach came closer, the driver was without his head! But then, that does happen after a few sherries I find. Photo by us @photosofbritain 🇬🇧 Visit Blimey.com (see link on my profile) to read more! Want your Photos of Britain to be featured? Follow us and then add the tag #photosofbritain and tag us in the picture too! 🇬🇧

Today's topic: Instagram.
I'd love know how you’ve been feeling about it, especially those of you who take IG a bit more seriously.
You know, I love all things Instagram. Over the last couple of months I've had many chats with Instagrammers. Some of them get paid for what they do, some don’t, some want to get paid, some don’t. Every person I’ve met has got something interesting to say. I love you all!;)
Things I've been wanting to share with you:
- We’re all tired of the IG algorithm. We all doubt our skills, our editing styles, oh, just everything. We all know what a comparison trap can do to a soul. To sum up: nothing new!😅
- Quite a lot of IGers have lost the joy and fun of creating, often and mainly because of the above. I haven’t come across a single person that is entirely happy with IG… Guys, we can’t give up! Hello!;)
- Money talk is still a BIG tabu.
- IGers who ask brands and companies for remuneration sometimes come across as greedy and demanding. Lol.
- Many IGers still collaborate for free when it’s so evident they should be paid for what they create and do. It’s obviously changing for better, but very very slowly. Please, guys, value your own work.
- I’ve found out that a brand that wasn’t willing to pay IGers for sponsored posts cause of no marketing budget, has actually a budget big enough to cover costs of billboards in London tube stations. I laugh every time I pass by one of them…
- PR/brand managers tend to forget that we, IGers, talk. And, I mean, we talk a lot. If you treat us unprofessionally and try to take advantage of us - let’s say even though we’re paid for the collaboration, well… we still talk about you over a coffee. We all like to be treated with mutual trust, respect and friendliness.
- London IG scene has been growing, but also has become very competitive and cliquey. It’s quite opposite to what I saw in Cambridge, where we all just sticked together. Here I’ve witnessed tears, jealousy, anger, and soooo many gossips. Arguments over photos of a certain places. People block each other and accuse each other of copying. The world’s insane and, call me a naive, but I hope one day I’ll find a way of changing it…

✤ London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧 Courtesy of @alanisko
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Qual a cidade dos sonhos de vocês? 🌎 meu grande sonho desde pequena era de conhecer Londres, chorei de emoção quando vi a torre do Big Ben ❤️ e a cada dia descubro que Londres é ainda mais daora que eu imaginava

Just another day in London.
Happy Friday x
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Found this next to Tate Britain @notestostrangers. What a cool idea!
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Yummy Chicken and Prawn on Toast, because traditional prawn toast simply wasn't enough!

🏠 Freadman White Architects
📸 @jeremywrightphotography
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'...life from a window...'

S M O K I N' // Smoke fish, mackerel & tigernut @Ikoyi_London 🐟🍠 #HottestNewOpening

All pink errtang. New visual diary on le blog now.🌺 link in bio xoxo Ashley

Morning walk just before the rain ☔️ Have a nice weekend.
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Vermentino Wine from Sardinia...

Hello, Friday. 🚲🚲🚲


Traditional Caribbean banana cake is dark and spicy, but our version is a dense, creamy gateau!

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