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👀I was browsing IG and I saw a disturbing post from @savewithsydney. I looked into it on Facebook and found a copy of the email which was posted by whatsyourdeal.com.
😩I really hope that this isn’t true. But if it is EVERYTHING will change at Walgreens.
Please DO NOT take to cashiers and managers about this until it’s made public.

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&& this is why I removed my child from #FranklinSquareElementaryMiddle I refuse for my child to make headlines! People its up to you to make decisions for your kids && not sit around && wait for “school officials” to handle the situation! They DONT‼️ && the board of education officials wasnt any help either @mayorpugh50 Y’all speak soooo much about bullying but when it’s brought to these folk that were “hired” && “paid” to do Whats best for those affected by bullying NOTHING is done...It’s sickening to have to hear your child say “I’ll Just Kill Myself”...You think you’re doing the right thing By notifying the school && having meetings and going over there head when you get no results BUT even those folk don’t respond! And your child is just left to make a decision to take their own life because the shyt is just too unbearable to deal with anymore. Everyone has sympathy once it’s done && made the news && all social media outlets BUT who cares enough to step in && do the right thing for the child sake? I’ll wait⁉️ But while I wait I’ll be sure to continue to get my child the help she needs WITHOUT yall help because there’s no telling if you even respond, PER USUAL. #ThisIsHeartbreaking #RIPbabyGirl Sure Wish She Could’ve Been Saved❤️ #MyChildWillNOTmakeHeadlines

People!!!Please pray for your leaders especially,your Pastor and the whole 5fold ministry! We rather put our mouths on them when they make a mistake or preach something that pricks your heart!But we will never understand a true man or woman of God that really care about the flock that GOD has trusted him or her with, and still have a family that they have to worry about at home,or even still working a secular job and pastoring the people, that's a whole other life that u wouldn't understand!Let stop all the fussing and discussing foolishness and start praying for people that stuffing in there mind about suicide or think that they are better off dead! Please keep PastorAndew Stoeckin wife and kids in your prayers please! #Thisisheartbreaking #Weloveandprayforourpastor #weprayforallpeople #uneverno #bekind #suicideisreal #stressisreal #deathisreal@ Love y'all! IMPACTMINISTRY 🌍

A family’s reunion after months of separation. Is this what a great America looks like? Use your voices, choices and VOTES and get all these fuckers complicit in this administration OUT OF OFFICE. #itsoktobeangry #ThisIsHeartbreaking #powertothepolls #endfamilyseparation #fucktrump

My first baby on his first day of Pre-k. Not one tear shed (by him). Where did the time go?! #aidenbauer #makesmamaproud #isitpickuptimeyet #thisisheartbreaking

This is an inauspicious (and infuriating) way to start my day. 😭
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This is a daily occurrence in shelters all over.This is a DEATH SENTENCE for the majority of these animals.I hold my tongue about many things but I won’t any longer about things I believe in and the things that should be stood up for.This #sickens me!!There is no excuse for this.If you can’t afford vet care,can’t or won’t spay or neuter Don’t get a pet.If you get easily bored,don’t have the time or can’t commit to putting in the effort and work it takes...Don’t get a pet.It’s really no different than a relationship with another human being but then again some people view people as disposable too these days.Living,breathing creatures are not disposable!! You walk out,a cowardly act,that’s what cowards do tho and it ends there for you while someone else has to pick up the pieces and clean up the mess you created.It’s not right and it’s not fair.
There is someone in those shelters who have to decide on a daily basis which animals will be destroyed.
My daughter is one of those people and she’s honest with the people when they surrender pets about their chances of being adopted.She recently had a man and I use that term lightly,call her a “bitch” and tell her she could find his cat out in the parking lot when he leaves because he did not like hearing the truth of the matter.And he did leave the cat in the parking lot.Unbelievable how people could be.Be a responsible adult,be a responsible pet owner ADOPT don’t SHOP!!SPAY and NEUTER your pets!!SAVE A LIFE!!
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Oh my God.
I willll not be buying any more of their cosmetics. Mac too. Im sick. Any brands that sell in china are required to do animal testing. They are not forced to sell in china. This is their choice. Im so sick. OmG
#cosmetics #crueltyfree #thisisheartbreaking

Our heart goes out to all those who were affected by the Explosion at Otedola Bridge, Lagos. God please heal all those injured and strengthen the families and friends of all those who lost their lives 🙏 Lord please guide and protect us all from any form of accident and bad news In Jesus Name .....Amen 🙏 #thisisheartbreaking #prayfornigeria🇳🇬 #prayforwestafrica

Though I follow (and occasionally comment on) many political pages I try to keep the controversial issues of our times off my own page. However since the first thing I wanted to do after watching this clip was hug my kids and since this Instagram account was and is dedicated to them I thought it was time to speak out about what is going on south of the border. We simply cannot shrug our shoulders at videos like this anymore. This child was imprisoned for a month. He probably does not speak English and did not have anyone to soothe his fears. Can you imagine how scared he was? And by all accounts he is one of the lucky ones because it was ONLY one month. For crying out loud I understand the need to secure borders but I also understand that if I was living in an impoverished and corrupt country where drug lords made life not only unfair but unsafe for my children you better fricken believe I would try and get my kids to a better place. This woman tried to seek asylum in the U.S. from her native Guatemala. She was arrested at the border and was separated from her young son for a month. In my opinion she is not a criminal - she is a hero!! Not only that but she is following the lead of so many migrants before her. The USA was born out of people with similar motivations. Is there a more patriotic American symbol than the Statue of Liberty? Well perhaps the current President and his flunkies need to read the plaque at the base of the statue and be reminded what America used to stand for...“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” 🇺🇸 The world does not recognize you anymore America. Get well soon. 💔💔 And for the rest of us...hug your kids people!! The only reason it happened to them instead of you is geography. ♥️♥️
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