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Bilbo gave me an early Christmas present 🌰


It's a pleasure to show you this beautiful picture from Finland.

Photo 📷 @annesaarinen
Loc: 📌 Turku
Selected by @0satu

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"It's the little things in life 💞" Today sunrise was about 10am - a bit foggy but... uuuh 🙈🙏🏼 Aamulla laiskotti... siis heräsin kuudelta, mutta onneks oli toinen ääni kellossa kaheksan jälkeen ja lähettiin tyttöjen 🐕🐕 kanssa Levitunturin huiputukseen.

#visitfinland #visitlapland #levilapland #discoverfinland #lovelyfinland

One of my favourite cities.. 🌉 Hopefully I’ll get a chance to revisit San Fransisco sometime in the future. 🤤


Ever since I heard Dodie's Intertwined, it has been my favourite word in English and my sentimental dream. Link for my newest song, Hands make the sounds, is on my bio. Go leave a lissssten .

Today’s post it’s going to be a little different! I’ll tell you 10 things about me! 👩🏻 I’m the oldest of 3 sisters
🇲🇽 I was born in the northern part of Mexico, a city named Monterrey
☕️ I rather have tea than coffee (it makes me crazy) ☀️I prefer sun than cold
🗣 I looove talking and speaking and yelling jiji, I’m good at it
🤩I am hyperactive but always focusing on what matters 🌸 My favorite flower is the gerbera
🎤 I love to sing, have taken classes but have stage fright 🍋 I love lemon, I use it for everything 👳🏻‍♀️👲🏻🧕🏻 I absolutely love to experience different cultures with locals, it truly shows you how the country is!
There it is! And about this pic, I’m doing a series of self portraits (but post them on my personal account @andreazoal ), and experimenting with different things (like smoke bombs) It was in the middle of the forest close to a place called Inkoo! Amazed by the forest! I fell in love with it!


The beauty of ice-fishing lies in its simplicity. A session of ice-fishing could almost be counted as a sort of meditation. Whilst waiting patiently for something to happen – and often nothing does – your mind clears itself unexpectedly and effortlessly. Infinity and silence are the key factors here. The spirituality is further enhanced by the strangely comforting idea of the vibrant underwater-life deep below the seemingly still and icy surface. Catching fish is a bonus, not the purpose. -#visitfinland

#winter #icelakes #iceriver
#icesea #fishing



Adam Lambert & Queen ❤


Hulluja me suomalaiset. Eikö niin? Ja outoja - mikäs sen parempi markkinointikikka. Päivän haasteessa tänään aiheena media.
Itsellä mieleen mediasta tulee mieleen eri sosiaalisen median kanavat. Otetaanpa erikseen esille Youtube ja videot ylipäätänsä. Näissä Duudson jäänmurtaja -videoissa on rohkeasti hyödynnetty suomalaista hulluutta ja saatu myös näkyvyyttä.
#suomikuvahaaste #14 #media #suomi100 #dudesons #duudsonit #suomi100 #suomi100finland #marketing #travel #visitfinland #thisisfinland #icebreaker #jäänmurtaja

Another night to put to the history books. It started with a 3 course dinner in the VIP-restaurant and continued with a high quality concert watched from row 20. Happy and sad at the same time, mostly happy. Spectacular visuals, spectacular people, spectacular love in the room (for being in Finland that is). ..maybe a bit slow audience.. But hey, #thisisfinland

What touched me to most tears was Brians tribute to Malcolm Young. And Who wants to live forever.. Their world must be crumbling down these days, a hero at a time. 😖 Which made me think.. IF I have the same speed,passion and drive as these guys when I'm 70+, then I've found my lifes task. THANK YOU guys, please do come again, if you want of course! "Someone still loves you..." #QALhelsinki

Throwback to the top of Levi fells. I really miss this all, beautiful landscape and snow.😪
(and maybe a little bit of that car too.. 🙈)

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