I believe.... Every body has the inner power 💥 and potential ✨ to reach their fitness goals.

YOU have UNSTOPPABLE strength that comes from within .👊🏻 YOU can power 💥 through doubts, setbacks, plateaus, stumbles and even falls!!! Because fitness doesn’t just make you fit, it makes you better... This is YOUR Journey.

YOU are braver with every step.
YOU are more confident with every rep AND
YOU are stronger than you knows!!!! Embrace each day, believe in yourself 100%, stop comparing yourself to others and just show up!!! Let’s do this

Day 2 - Booty Day ✔️

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(full video on my facebook)
Tag your hunny + join us for OCT1st!!!
4 workouts / week
3 rest days
Simple nutrition + cheat day
Supplements provided

You can have a cup or more than a cup of coffee to help you get things done. What counts is that you focus on being productive instead of busy 😉
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Just chatting about a book with some other ladies!
Our “ah-ha” moments.
Things we agree with.
Things we disagree with.
Topics that can be related to each of our lives in different ways.
Just real, honest, and raw conversations.
Do you have someone you can talk about tough topics with? This is our first time incorporating a book into our monthly fitness challenge and it’s been awesome! I love hearing everyone else’s takeaways and stories!
We all are so different but also so similar...do you have a tribe that you’re able to share those feelings with?
There is so much power in solidarity!

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Good sense of humor,
Dirty mind and
Beautiful heart.
Deadly combination.
Looking forward to Friday already because I’m going to see @ashleighrenay and travel to #moabutah to see my friends from Utah for the #tiuutahretreat2018 . I’m so excited to see everyone and hike through Moab! I’ve been wanting to visit there for so long since my husband went on a guys mountain biking trip awhile back. It’s been so crazy busy lately and my head is swimming with all the things happening in my life right now. But, I’m taking one day at a time. .
Today, I ran in my new @hokaoneone from @roadrunnersports and I loved them! I was slow this morning, but it was great to get out before the sun came up. I also did a #studiotoneitup #kettlebooty workout with all my faves in the 6am class.
I also took Beauty for a walk and practiced our downs, 180s and heel. .
Have a great week everyone and let’s be productive! 👩🏻‍💻
📷: @snapshotsbymel

Double tap if you can relate! 😍
Need a little help getting going on your fitness? Looking for workout buddies to encourage you and a trainer to push you? Today we’re kicking off a new group training promotion! 🙌
From September 17 to October 17 new clients can try a GWA small group training class for free! 🙌
Existing group training client? Refer a new client to GWA between now and October 17. If they signup for a month of group training, you’ll get a month of group training free. 🙌
Click on the link in our bio to view the current group training schedule. To sign-up for your free class comment below! Questions? Send us a DM or talk to Donny at the gym! 🙌
See you in class soon!

Getting up this morning was a CHOICE✌🏻 and certainly wasn't something that I was excited to do.⠀
This morning I wasn't motivated to workout. I wasn't full of energy or well reseted.😴⠀
In fact, I'm quite tired from hosting a leadership retreat. 💓⠀

But wht I have learned along the way is that I can choose my attitude for the day. Even if it isn't going to be my most productive day I can choose to be positive. I can choose to do the most important tasks and I can choose to schedule in some downtime and rest.⠀

So today you get to CHOOSE what you do too! You get to choose whether you are going to face your fears and do something that you KNOW you should DO. Today you get to choose whether you are going to distance yourself from negativity and move closer to those that lift you up. Today you get to CHOOSE to put good quality food in your body! Today you get to choose to move your body even if it's just for 10 minutes. My friends, your life is a series of choices that are going to add up to bring you closer to your goals and dreams. ⠀

Be GRATEFUL 🙏🏻that your FEET hit the FLOOR and that you have this OPPORTUNITY to make an impact today!⠀

Start your day right:⠀

(1.) What are 3 things you are grateful for?🙏🏻⠀
(2.) Make a list of the top 3️⃣ things you need to accomplish today.⠀
(3.) Journal out your stressors, your anxieties and worries and then write down 1 way you can push through each of them.⠀
(4.) Smile and know that everything is going to be alright!⠀

Go out and make it a great day! I may not even know you personally and you may follow my account from afar, but I want you to know that I believe in YOU and I know that no matter what STUFF you have going on that you can take that STUFF and make it your message to empower and uplift others to live a healthier and more fulfilling life!⠀

Deal! #positivevibes #nevermissamonday

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