Field, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

Field, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

Outside my window, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

Autoritratto?, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

Autoportrait?, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

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The nervousness of facing the challenge, the impenetrable concentration of the task and explosive joy of achieving success.

Rubik's 2x2x2 assembled under 30 seconds (with left hand movement severely impaired from bike accident / car invading the bike lane). .
#seviranos30 #thirtyseconds #ebanxlife #cubers #speedcubers #rubikscube #nofilter

Self-portrait?, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

Selbst?, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

La Promenade (Wupper), 04.22.2018 by Günter Wintgens

Outside my window, 2018 by Günter Wintgens

Balance challenge. We did it in 30 seconds. It’s wasn’t easy for us but we got the shot. #balancing #groupbalance #tumblingclass #thirtyseconds #acropose

I've told a lot of stories and kept many more to myself. I haven't been forthcoming at all with anything lately mostly because I feel broken down, spiritually mute, constipated in the sense that anything I would write would feel, sound or read like garbage. Even thinking this now, as I lay here peacefully dying, bit by bit, a rotten sack of bones on the verge of full decay, I get vaguely nauseous even thinking that I could never get the right thing right. That's a trend. A motto, a lifestyle - I never get anything right. I have my moments, most of them awful and unremarkable in any way shape or form, except for the fact that it eventually gets people to laugh. Which, in itself, is something that I tend to enjoy here and there. And all the while they laugh at me, I try to smile, weekly, feeble, knowing entirely that I have nothing at all but that, sets and rows of white teeth and a bunch of big fat failures... he closed the notebook, put the pen down and scratched his head. That's fucked up. It really is, he thought. On the other side of the bed the cat stretched with conviction and proceeded with the conquest of the territory. There wasn't much time left before the end. He stared at the notebook now, thinking about how he could change the ending. A blank. A blank. A blank. I'm fucked up, he though. I really am. #flash #thirtyseconds #bye

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