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Happy birthday Katherine!
- Andrew

Happy Birthday beautiful @katherinelangford 😘💖 🎊 21 🎊

I like posting other edits every now and then🤷🏻‍♀️First time doing an edit with blurs and it didn't turn out terrible😂Anyways these are some characters I ship from different shows💫❤️

Qotd: Favorite ship from any show?

110% YES!!!! 😍
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okay i'm back from my small vacay, so ill be a lot active now :))
- trin, @jeffsfoley

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Thank you for 2k followers

Q: Do you like Justin?


Its 23:01 in england and me and Madi are so hyper, and my parents are coming back from a concert in like 56 minutes 😂 Just thought I would upload an edit for you all 💘 ~Marie💫
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This really got me!!!😢😢
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| "I need everything to stop..." |

[ Photo via Ellen's Instagram ]
Dylan Minnette and Katherine Langford on the recordings of The Ellen Show. The program with the participation of both will air on Monday.
@dylan_minnette @katherinelangford

Because nobody really cares 👌🏼 world is so nice seriously 🤦🏼‍♀️ these "friends" that act like you meant the world for them but then in a more complicated situation you stand there.. alone.
Sooo thanks to all of you, for these friends who love me and respect me and understand me and never will leave me ❤ -
[vc; xdiaphaneity]

Увидела книжку, посмотрела сериалом 📘🎬 😊

P.S: далеко не позитивное содержание.
Про девушку суицидницу и ее 13 причин, которые толкнули ее на этот серьезный поступок. И кстати это о школьниках-старшекласниках.

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Last post of this theme💛
Q: Zach or Jeff?

“In quel momento era tutto perfetto. Per la prima volta dopo tanto tempo potevo immaginare un futuro in cui ero felice.Come poteva essere bella la vita.E so che anche per te era così." 💕 #13reasonswhy #thirteenreasonswhy #love

Happy birthday to this living legend💗
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