This is why I being called an "incel" is a compliment, just like "cuck" is a ultimately a compliment.

Advice on marriage to young ladies.
#organicblackgirl #humanitarianhottie #thirdwavefeminism

I'm having a hard time understanding where TERF's are coming from. Feminism is not just about cis-gendered women.
Transphobia and feminism are contrasts!
Inclusion is crucial 💚
#NoTerfsAllowed #TERF #feminism #feminist #cisgender #transgender #solidarity #fightinequality #freethenipple #thirdwavefeminism #inclusion

There are many things I love about Trajal Harrell’s work—the porousness with which he transitions between colloquial and highly aesthetic spaces, his intellect which manages to be both deeply serious and tongue-in-cheek at the same time, his willingness to allow high art spaces to also be FUN spaces, his commitment to investigating things that have been in order to imagine new, unrealized, possible histories... I could go on. #CaenAmour was lush, funny, titillating, and a reflection of problematic representations of women and non-western cultural traditions. The best kind of “hoochie coochie” show. I hope there will be more opportunities to see it in NYC. #dance #art #thirdwavefeminism #hoochiecoochie

Pumpkin Spice Activism🎃 #pumpkinspicelatte

Third Wave Feminists are the new Old Timey Christians.
#thirdwavefeminism #feminism #feminismiscancer #feministfrequency #gamergate

Deadpool exposes turd-wave entitlement and sanctimony like only HE can! *Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular one shot

Let's all share the blame. #ejaculationmatters💦

Lol. Those wacky third-wave "feminists" and their victim complex.

The burgeoning sex robot industry is starting to look like third-wave "feminism's" silver lining.

Gentlemen. BEHOLD!!! The gallant and chivalrous male, third-wave "feminist"!

So THAT'S what this is all about!

*sob* I was VIGOROUSLY reverse-RAPED by EVERY single girl in high school! Day after day, Year after year, they would BRUTALLY reverse-VIOLATE ALL of my VIRGIN HOLES! *sob* Sometimes they would GANG-reverse-RAPE ME!!! They told me I "like it"! I BEGGED them to stop! But they said I WANTED them to reverse-RAPE me! *sob* #metoo

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