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Everyone wants to come see you when you've already worked first and second shift #thirdshift #naptime #emergencyroom #emergencymedicine #measles

Good Night To Y'all, Good Afternoon To Me!! #thirdshift #btal2006 #beardgang #buffguy

Our kegger, Michael, closing out another long shift of rinsing, filling, lifting and repeating. Be on the lookout for his insanely delicious My Turn black tea stout in stores, taverns and various watering holes later this month! #keglife #thirdshift #myturnmichael #allinadaysbeer

I'm out of practice but it's not my worst 💁🏻#Vegas #drawing #thirdshift

@tristan.ramer pulling at the @nap_apple_fest, for a 3rd place finish of 315.59'. This pull was dedicated to @paulhmiller, and the legacy he left in the community. @__pwi__ #pulltruck #lockeperformance #alltherpms #thirdshift

Discover #MyDubai at night with @Xdubai.
Have a look at their bio for the full edit.

We couldn't serve up mouthwatering barbecue without the work put in by our evening pitmaster, David. Thanks for making sure everyone gets their whole hog fix!
Read all about David and others who work Asheville's third shift in the latest piece from @mountainxpress
#ThirdShift #WholeHog

21 days in on the 1981 platypus. #thirdshift #speedkingdropseat #dontsettleforstock


...So we're about to have the BIGGEST PRODUCT LAUNCH in our 16-year history & now's an incredible time to join my Team and become an official part of our movement + family! The newness will officially be announced TOMORROW (Sep. 26th), but if you have any of the following goals (or any not listed below), ⠀

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I'm out of practice but it's not my worst 💁🏻#Vegas #drawing #thirdshift

Thirds by the fire 🔥 place, imagining nothing but your pretty face, and my lips and tongue round your face, picturing tasting you, in all sorts of freaky ways, you banging baby, and yea you drive me crazy, you have done it for years, watching good go to bad late nights and all of your tears, I wouldn't wish any heartbreak on you in a hundred some years. I could love you if you give me a chance and with that chance I'd follow all your demands if you could take these commands and let me enslave you, I wanna f**k you so good, I'll rearrange you, I want to kiss you in places that others faint, you, you are the only escape that I run straight too. If loving you is a crime, tell the judge that I need two while books, I think you're perfect and it's not just looks, and that's the truth but look, like this pic and maybe send me a follow, it's ok, just let your heart do the following, only if your mind will allow you, be free. Take your chances with me, cause I'm pretty straight forward and like the army, I wanna be the best I can be. Leave your name and your number, you been hungry for years and what a coincidence, haven't fed you in years and it's time you get this old thing back, your old flame back, tryna get you to arch your own damn back, and stop running from me, you been running for years, escaping your fears, in the corner coward in tears, I just wanna open up your mind and help you conquer your fears, I wanna help you swim that puddle of tears and let you drink from the spear. I love you like a crack head loves crack, plus you know I heard your sex life wack, you need that old thing back, you been feigning for me, and eventually, you'll wind up in my bed, getting practice from me. #Imyourcoach #likeforlike #followforlike #followforfollow #venting #thirdshift

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#toddlermom #newhampshire #mommaofone #thirdshift #sleepy #motivation #keto #postpartumbody #bodyafterbaby #ketogenicdiet #lchf #mommalife #nonap

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