Beautiful Quartz Point from Skardu/Pakistan
Starting bid $8
Auction will end 24hrs after 1st bid ( Eastern Time)
Shipping $6 Worldwide
⚠⚠On winning you will receive paypal invoice which you can pay either by paypal of credit/debit card⚠⚠
Tracking number will be provided along shipment
✋️✋️Kindly Tag the person you outbid OR your bid will not be considered✋️✋️
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I guess you just can’t judge a book by the cover.

Something told me to get a Tetanus shot. I did and didn’t think I’d need it- until the following week. I fell down a hill and actually my throat caught the full weight, as my head slammed on the table like a basketball. The table had rounded edges. Thank god. Nothing like going to the reservoir and seeing someone decapitate them self. If you haven’t had the shot in 10 years, you may want to get one.

They are not always nice.

A ‘little bird’ really did tell them.

I had one famous actress tell me she couldn’t get out of bed or stop crying for over a year and she even tried to kill herself. Why? Because she read all the things haters wrote about her online.

Oscar Wilde was so right.

Angel attended the LONDON COLLEGE OF PSYCHIC STUDIES in England for 15 years, and was granted access to the inner-circles for Advanced Psychic Development. Angel has apprenticed with the most distinguished psychics, mediums and healers of our time. Many of her metaphysical teachers were born in the Victorian era. 👵🏻 In 2018 Angel was certified in Ancient Divination Studies at HARVARD UNIVERSITY.
Angel was also certified in 2018 in Contract Law Studies from HARVARD LAW SCHOOL.
Attending the once formerly known as the ROYAL NATIONAL ACADEMY FOR MEDICAL HYPNOSIS & PSYCHOTHERAPY at the St.Marys NHS Hospital in Blackheath, England (now known as The Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Great Britain). Studying under the world-renowned hypno-anaesthesiologist Dr. William Butler PHD, she trained in Applied Psychology for Psychotherapy in Clinical Hypnosis for surgery and criminal investigation.
Angel also trained with the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF SPIRITUAL HEALERS in England who work in hospitals, clinics, and other public facilities endorsed by the medical community.
Formal education includes 2 years in undergraduate work in Psychology and Communications at OHIO UNIVERSITY in Athens , Ohio.
Angel graduated from the prestigious DSL in post-graduate studies in West London.

Nominated for the international ‘New Voices in Literature Award’ by Writers Digest for THe Psychology of the Soul (available on Amazon as hard copy, electronic, or as an audiobook). Angel also has written A Compendium of Souls, The Secret History of Your Soul, and Angelic Healing Soups- where there are ancient recipes to help heal various medical issues (based on ancient formulas supported by modern medical research). Angel has lived and worked all over Europe, Australia and even spent a year working in Japan as well as other remote regions in the East. She feels that this has taught her far more than any formal education.

When unexpected things arrive in your life, there’s a reason.

Listen to your primitive brain. It’s what got you here in the first place.

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