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Sketching my way through the Psalms. This is Psalm 1. #thinplace

So for the past few years I've picked a morning when our group is at Montreat, gotten up super early, and made the drive with enough time so I'm sitting in our church's spot when the doors open. I only stay for a few hours, but any time here is better than no time. Grateful to get to share a morning with my church peeps and other folks I run into at this special #thinplace

One of my Votive Jars from 2012. Tiny jars 1cm high left in the landscape in places that hold significance. #ceramicart #ceramics #porcelain #thinplace

Stunning day yesterday | #thinPlace

A revelation moment from today that I hope can encourage someone else. There are seasons for waiting, praying, and contending for things. God, in His goodness, encourages us to ask Him in order to build trust and relationship and give Him opportunity to transform us. God has been asking me during my particular season,"What do you want?" He has asked me this over and over, to which I have grown frustrated because I know that He knows the answer to that question. What I haven't realised is that every time He asks my heart has been changing, and today my answer was different. In the midst of waiting for His promises, I found myself simply missing Him. I've been spending so much time pondering on His "yes" or "no" and trying to make sure I'm ok with either one that I've actually been holding myself back from loving Him beyond His reply. Yes, He knows the desires of my heart, but He has been shaping in me a deeper desire--a desire for Himself. Not just what He does, but the pure nature of who He is. If He never did another "good thing" for me--if He somehow didn't come through, would I still have a heart that leans towards Him rather than away from Him? While He is no doubt faithful and true to His Word, I want to want Him more than His promises. I want to know Him more than what He will do for me. I want to be with Him more than just to see if He will come through. It is His presence that brings freedom--no matter where, when, or what circumstance. Where He is there is life, and He gives generously of Himself to all. He, in and of Himself, is enough.

Daniel 3:16-18 (help me out Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego)


The fine line between heaven and earth #thinplace #sprinklesparkle 📷: @zo_gro

A thin place for me that is so wild and so wonderful. #thinplace

The kingdom of heaven is like this.....several close friends fly in to surprise you for a weekend of red meat, #FuriouSeven, coronitas, and sharing in the richness of life. Thanks all you knuckleheads and Jenny B for coming in to hang. #forpaul #gotheem #thinplace #bigpete


Rath (earthen 'fairy' fort) in Clare, Ireland – our favorite glimpse of mystery and grace
#rath #fairyfort #clare #ireland #thinplace #mystery&;grace

Standing on top of Umunhum yesterday, looking out towards the west, looking towards the Santa Cruz Mountains. My trail stoke is high. Skyline to the sea 50k is coming up. Don't expect anything from me, I'm only doing it to enjoy the trail. I've always wanted to run the whole trail. I'm definitely going to take my time to enjoy the journey through the redwoods. 🌲💖 #thinplace #trailstoke #NOWambassador #teamnuun #healthwarrior #teamcaf #STTS #50k #traillove #umunhum #run #trailrun #doEPICshit #epic #runwolfpack #cloudrunner #zerolimits

"My old dad was something of a mystic. Like the Celts, he believed we're made up of invisible currents. He used to say there are 'thin places' where we're closer to the unseen world." Elizabeth Hay, Late Nights On Air

Reading this book in Wales felt like stumbling upon a thin place. I loved it immensely. Full review, as always, on the blog. Link in my bio.

#books #bookreview #bookstagram #summerreading #bookworm #bibliophile #thinplace #readmorebooks #read

"The unforced rythyms of grace" #sabbath #CREDO68 #thinplace

It has been a crazy two weeks. And, frankly, this summer was not restorative, at all. AND, since August of 2016, I've been on "GO," with sub-variants: "HEAL," "FINISH," "STUDY," "WORK." A week full of the effects of Hurricane Harvey, and an inundated feed of people despairing and people overworking, finally got me to step on the brakes. I taught 2 yoga classes in which I hoped to bring healing to the traumatized who were taking a break from their personal hell and/or the guilt-ridden who felt bad because they suffered no losses in our deeply damaged city, and then Lenie and I skipped town. .
Self-care is mantra for me, and Colorado is a place that Lenie and I both love. Today, I walked my favorite place in the US--a thin place for me--and breathed in mountain air (albeit twinged with smoke from the Montana fires). I felt communion with God in this place, which I needed. I didn't need words of commiserating or motivation--I needed silence. I'm sharing some of the experiences from today. In some, I can see the Divine presence. I hope you can, too! #noigfilters #nature #colorado #inspiration #selfcare #refillthecup #breathe #checkingouttocheckin #thinplace #gardenofthegods Shot & edited with #iphone7plus

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