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Day 2 -$65 πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ...rough start but you have to learn how to win and lose money its part of the game. Didn't play smart today overall kept my loss small.. Monday's a new day. Learn from your mistakes πŸ’―

During the last month I have made 2 trades where I lost money DPW -32%/-$40 and EBIO -7%/-3. I learned my mistake and what I do now is when a stock I own goes down around -10% I buy more to make my average less than -5% and every time I have done that I have made money. Let's hope my second month trading is just as good as my first!

MARKET RECAP video on my YouTube!! For all of those who were busy working today who haven't had a chance to keep an eye on the market go check out the video, link is in my bio. Quick 3 minute video. Big thanks for the support this far, going to be posting some tutorial videos and trade ideas early next week. I hope everyone has a great weekend! πŸ’°#daytrader #stocktrader #stockoptions #stocktrading #stocks #thinkorswim #tdameritrade #mission2amillion #friday

It's a little off because I have some stocks right now in the red. But I started trading 1 month ago and I have made $189, almost 10% increase. Yay! Let's keep it up!

Yourdailytrade: 3 sell the Jan26 177.5/175 put spread on BABA for .37 premium. BABA slipped this week so it’s a good opportunity to sell. Also earnings is coming up for them and they should rise back up/stay neural next week. By having our short strike be 177.5 we give ourselves a πŸ”‘ support line at 182.24 and some extra room if needed. Theta decay this weekend and a likely pop up Monday is what I’m looking for next week. #willioption #williwont #yourdailytrade

When you can sit comfortably in a trade or 2. πŸ€—πŸ“ˆπŸ“‰πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ
Using VWAP today to gage my exits.
#daytrader #daytrade #stockmarket #SexyStockBully #AchillesTheStockBull #TOS #thinkorswim #investor #stocks #stockcharts #womendaytraders #stocktrader #womentradetoo #investor #VaBeachDayTrader

Very pleased with my initial investment $480 papertrade( bought in at .16) on ARGS (sold at 2.46) with a return of $6945.50 this morning!
#thinkorswim #learningstocks #thethingsthatinterestme

Yourdailytrade: 2 Our FB position is sitting nicely, about 7% profit attained currently. There is still time to get into this trade! Our Key exit dates for this trade are right before earnings, after earnings and our expiration. The criteria for closing out at one of these 3 dates is: πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ 1) satisfaction with profit attained.πŸ”‘πŸ”‘πŸ”‘ 2) downside risk remaining for the time period of the trade. Personally if I’m at a 50% profit mark before earnings I’m closing out. Otherwise I’m holding till expiration.

Day 1 +$105 $RCON....$700 suretrader account. Following @mafiatrading lets see if i get the same success lol πŸ€”

So if SPY stays above $277.74 by Jan 24 I get $156? Deal. #thinkorswim

Today has been very kind to me!! So far +$70. I like it I like it. Robinhood makes trading so easy! I'm excited to see how much I can make this year. I know I've been posting all gains that's because I haven't sold anything for a loss. If something goes down. I just buy more and hold onto it. Hasn't failed me yet so I'm gonna stick with it.

I made a profit of about 4600 in a day on my mini account yesterday. These are the two main trades.

Pretty damn good given I'm not even focusing much on it now cause of my startup haha.
You may notice that for both trades, I went in the short direction and remember this - if you bet against the majority, and if you're right, it's gonna rain on you so good!

How did I know this was the right time? Real easy. Just look at flow and volume indications. Sounds a lot easier than it is, but once you get the bare ideas, it becomes almost second nature.

For those interested in discussing tactics such as volume trading, hit me up. I don't charge for my advice cause I used to learn from others as well :)

The TRUMP trade continues!!!! What's your target for the year? Taking profits yet? A wise man once said... "Small pigs eat a lot, BIG pigs gets baconaded" or something along those lines. My plan is to take profits before earnings for Q1. Get back in the market once there's any pull back. If not then middle of Q2. #thinkorswim #options #daytrading #trump #trade #continues #bacon

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