This popped up in my time hop today exactly one year ago today Absolutely love this!! Neeyan tempers and iratbility during the acute stage raised massive alarm bells that something was just not right and something was seriously wrong !! Please Share if you can to raise even more awareness x #think_kawasaki # raising awareness #tempers #trustyourgut #forourchildren #Itsnotrare

Kawasaki disease is a rare condition that mainly affects children under the age of five. I recently came across @freyas_story, her parents are trying to raise awareness as the sooner it’s caught the better the outcome.
The characteristic symptoms are a high temperature that lasts for more than 5 days, with
- a rash - swollen glands in the neck - dry, cracked lips - red fingers or toes - red eyes
It is important to know that these symptoms don’t always appear at once and sometimes not at all! So if your child has a fever for 5 or more days and 3 or more of these symptoms, ask your GP to consider Kawasaki Disease
Find more information out at @kdfoundation www.societi.org.uk #kawasakidisease #Kawasaki_Disease #THINK_Kawasaki #ForOurChildren #TogetherWeCan #dadtribe #instadad18

Deffo felt the love today on my birthday thank you for all the lovely messages they seriously meant a lot!!! What would be even more special is if every single person who wished me a happy birthday shared one of my KD post to raise even more awareness to the number 1 cause to AQUIRED heart disease in children . Over a 100 likes and with 100 shares of the symptoms imagine what we could achieve!!! #saveaheart #Think_Kawasaki #neeyan #it’snotrare #smallactions #bigchanges #faceforward #raisingawareness #facts

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Loved receiving these today updated TEMPERS fully endorsed by RCPCH. All ready to raise awareness on Kawasaki awareness day.. the countdown is on an a massive thank you to @thedadnetwork @ealingcouncil @harrowonline @workforsky @life@sky all ready and waiting to support awareness for the number 1 reason to AQUIRED heart disease in children. #timeforachange #saveaheart #Think_Kawasaki #neeyan
Any more businesses willing to share through digital and online platforms so every one is talking kawasaki disease on the 26th Jan 2018.
One email and you could also be apart of an incredible change #raisingawareness #saveaheart #Think_Kawasaki #

Let's do this!!! 29th September will be the day I start my fundraising journey to support soceiti and KSSG. Both have been super supportive to me and now it's time for me to give back and make a real difference in making a change. What a day to start making a real change #worldheartday #think_kawasaki #saveaheart #raisingawareness #worldhearts #togetherwewill #no1cause #aquiredheartdisease #change

Today Kawasaki disease was finally confirmed!!! How? Neeyan coronary arteries had dilated to 4mm and today was the day we got told we had no choice to change Neeyan medication and add another cocktail to what he was already on. Infliximab was added as we waited to see how Neeyan would react.
Today we raised awareness in a kind of special way and spread our awareness further whilst remembering the day Neeyan heart was to change forever. The same day my heart broke too never did i know we were about to start on a life long journey with kawasaki disease.
#number1cause #aquiredheartdisease

#think_kawasaki #saveaheart #Kawasakidisease #raisingawareness #do1kawasaki #braveandstrong #googlekawasaki

Raising Kawasaki disease awareness #life@sky #itsnotrare #saveaheart #think_kawasaki

#think_kawasaki and remember #tempers

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