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[not me]
hello, loves!
sorry i disappeared a couple of days
i fucked up my phone and spent a whole day trying to fix it but i ended up getting my brother's old phone
i'm back now!!!! i didnt eat anything yesterday and today i only had yogurt + cereal in the morning (258 calories)
i walked from work in hopes of burning some, hope i did but im not sure
im very tired 😪 so i'll rest now
i dont think ill eat anything else, if i do ill probably post it in a story
How was your day? 😊

I’m so exhausted omg. I don’t have energy to do anything it’s so bad lol. I’m trying to eat healthier. Today isn’t so bad. I’m trying to have more protein and less empty carbs.

Exams are this week ugh. I have so many things to do and I don’t have ANY of the energy. I been waiting for an hour to use the bathroom and my stupid relative is in there. I might nap but I’m not sure my hair is still wet from showering.

Had 150 of coffee this morning and 50 of broccoli/cauliflower. Not hungry yet. Waiting another hour or two to let myself eat again. Drinking a lot of water and might have some tea. I feel skinner actually.

I got a full 7 hours of sleep last night, normally its between 5-6 hours.

It is not humanely possible to get this small of a waist unless you use a corset to reconstruct your ribs.

I'm so sorry for not posting on a regular basis guys 🙁 I just don't get to posting that often anymore

One thing wrong in this photo 3500 calories are in a pound. But anyways my dad made me eat again so this whole week I'm chugging water down and throwing away all food I get. So 7 days of no eating and I may even go longer who knows. Anyway kms. #anorexia #nervosa #ana #kms #deppressed #fat #thinspo #exercise #thingirls #unwanted

I want to wake up from this nightmare

So depressed. Feel like everything I have done is pointless. Like my dreams will never come true. My heart is crushed. Lost faith...whatever. I will honestly do anything to get away from here. I don’t care what I have to do. I don’t care anymore. I grew up and stopped believing in fairy tales. It’s about time. I just have to try my best, do what I can, and work on myself. Hopefully the rest will fall into place. I had 600 cals. Felt like I should have had less.

I'm failing in life and I don't think I'll ever stop.

I am definitely going to change myself tomorrow I can't let myself break so easily I've been at the same weight for a while and I've no progress.

I just want to be happy.

I guess I'll just lead a meaningless life in this meaningless world.

What does it feel like to be beautiful, and have no worries of anyone ever judging you.

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