Workout feeling routine? Volunteer with Austin BCycle @aclfestival !
Cycle with friends to keep traffic flowin' and our environment clean.
TWO shifts = FREE Annual B-Cycle Membership + B-Cycle tee.
Register: http://bit.ly/2x8apQK

#acl #bikeshare #volunteer #local#atx #austinbikes #workouttexas #biketexas #thighsofsteel

#turbo class this morning at #peakefitness Really tough but I’m going to have #thighsofsteel at this rate! Don’t forget Open Weekend at Peake Fitness @sbnhotel with special joining offers this weekend

#cardio everday #leggs #bandworkouts #thighsofsteel lol trying anyway & lil booty lol💪😁 #healthynotskinny💕

Those nights where you’re tired and just can’t be arsed but you go and get it done and it makes everything better.
So pleased I went to @crossfittooting tonight - it looked so simple on the board but boy was was I dying by the end.
Have been feeling a bit despondent really - jogged for 8 minutes a week ago and my knee is still letting me know about it.How much more time does it need?!It’s so easy to just give up especially after seeing so many people smash epic runs this weekend.
But I won’t.Because running is bullshit and I love it.

Holidays are mainly walking up hills until you need to stop for a drink #positano #italy #thighsofsteel

I stayed in a tiny village high up a valley.
My host Raul is an ex-street actor* and has an infectious curiosity.
We talked into the night about many things including his itinerant life, and the role that the Mafia in the end of facism during the second world war.
His stone house was once on the main route for goods, information and culture, from one of the cinque Terra ports into the interior of Italy.
The route has long since changed but the village and history remain.

Can anyone translate the Latin inscription above the door?

#transeuropeexpress #thighsofsteel *Not coronation street

Practice ride #thighsofsteel

Graduated pole beginners and now have legs of steel, really proud for sticking at it and had an amazing instructor 😊can’t wait to move onto intermediate @pole_sessions_studio #polesessionsworsley #polefitness #thighsofsteel #workhardplayhard

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