T h i e v e s We love our new boho inspired Thieves Vinyl Label 😍 Just $5 (includes postage to anywhere in Australia) Have you tried our Thieves Household Cleaner yet? This 100% plant based cleaner with pure therapeutic oils is an absolute joy to clean with and the best thing about it is, I know how safe my family and fur babies are when I’m using it. At only .80c per 500ml (members) or $1.05 per 500ml (non-members), this concentrate is also great on your pocket! Get your 426ml bottle today $39.50 (members) $52 (non-members) comment below if you would like to learn more. Happy cleaning everyone ☺️

I’m getting ready to place a bulk order because I just realized I’m almost out, and there is NO WAY I’m going without this cleaner! Ya'll my obsession with Thieves is REAL, so dang easy to use, so versatile!
I strolled through target to look at the other cleaning options holy $$$, the only one that came close is TERRIBLE for ya! #thinkdirtyapp (prices adjusted to show 32oz of cleaner for an apples to apples comparison) Hands down this is my favorite Young Living product... okay, top 5 😜 I could never pick 1 fav.
Let's kick out the known health and hormone disruptors, if I can do ONE THING in this life, it'll be getting you some thieves. It's only $25 and will last you 6+ months. Plus, this cleaner is concentrated, so one capful in a 16oz glass bottle breaks down to just $1 a bottle when you dilute it 🙌🏻 Saving money and cleaning with an all natural product. Win Win!! Let me know if you’d like to grab a bottle or 2 or 3! .
I’ll cover shipping, so you’ll need to arrange to come pick it up (Local Peeps Only) Placing my order on Friday!

Miss this outfit #thieves #wannabeme

Because Germs. 🤢

I made my own little bottle of Thieves spray for ALL. THE. THINGS

Thieves is a germ killer. It’s antiviral,
antibacterial and anti-infectious. I spray this bad boy on everything. Mama doesn’t leave home without it. I’ve sprayed it on plane tray tables, shopping karts, public restrooms handles, kids toys, my cell phone, tables/chairs at restaurants, literally every surface that me or my kids touch.

To make your own spray, you’ll need:
2oz amber glass spray bottle
15 drops Thieves essential oil
1 teaspoon witch hazel
Distilled water

Add the witch hazel and essential oils then top off with the distilled water. Put nozzle back on, give bottle a little shake and you’re ready for some germ killin’👊🏻

Get your microchips(mark of the beast) $LAV£s. And, keep on listening to those in suits & ties(politicians) on how TH€¥ gunna enslave & manage your lives from cradle to grave....The economy is doing great. 👍 even tho America be in debt to a ILLEGITIMATE racist Jewish banking cartel. And, almost everyone is in debt just trying to survive in this consumer driven culture. There is nothing “sustainable” about our lives. And the so called “elite” know it. We’re consumed by fear, lies; propaganda & survival. All because the majority of ‘peoples’ worship money as their “God.” 🖕🏿👍🌞🏁💧🦁🍀💰🌎 #work #work #work #die #death #taxes #bomb #steal #murder #kidnap #gunviolence #police #complyordie #policy #politicians #poverty #government #mindcontrol #religion #money #authority #slaves #slavery #microchips #thieves #agenda #yaillpayforanotherbomb #terrorism

Secrets of the Heuertz Home: How in the world do I manage to keep our home ahhh... lived-in clean... while raising 2 littles, traveling for music, supporting a military spouse, hanging with friends, empowering others, camping, leading a ministry, and all the other adventures of life we choose?!?!

Let me know if you like this secret or what other tips you may have!

Scroll over. This. It’s seriously all-in-one with a bit of change in dilution. Now that sounds technical, but let me confess: for our home, we use two different ones: 1 capful of Cleaner per spray bottle {for every surface in every room} or 1 capful per toilet or sink {because my routine is off}. Yep. That simple. That cost effective. Mere pennies on the dollar.

But why this?! Because it doesn’t make my 👀 water. Because it doesn’t make my lungs burn 🔥. Because my 🧒 👦 can use it. Because it doesn’t dry out my 🖐🏼. Because it saves us 💰. Because I can literally clean my windows, vinyl floors, counters, carpet, counters, car dash boards, tent floors, and beyond with just 1 bottle, 1 capful, 1 spray bottle.

You can guess how many products I had to take to the CHEMICAL RECYCLING CENTER when we cleaned our cupboards and replaced it with just this, vinegar, and baking soda. Yep. That’s right. It says it right on those labels, even the ‘green’ ones. Proper disposal meant a trip to a chemical recycling center. And I was using them in my home, around our pet, and with my kids... say what?!?! No thanks.

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Thieves 🍁 Frankincense ✨ Lemon 🍋My rollers are coming in the mail soon and I can’t wait to make my Be Well roller. Colder weather is coming and I want to prepare the best I can. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
15 drops of Thieves | 10 drops of Frankincense | 5 drops of Lemon ✨
This will be my first roller that I’m making and I’m super excited! What was your first roller that you made? 🤔 I would love to hear your blends 🌿
Never tried a roller? Comment below ⤵️ and I’ll hook you up! 👍🏻

Dumped the last of this bottle in their diffuser tonight and it got me thinking:

They used to catch all the crud. Every last bit of it. They’d have snotty noses all fall and winter and it was miserable. And expensive. Doctors visits? Missed school? Missed work? That stuff adds up! I’d rather spend my money on things that keep them well. Thieves is one of those things. It smells like Christmas 😍 and helps keep the yuck away.
If you’re Mom-ing without these oils? Why?! They’re the best tools I’ve ever put in my Mama tool belt. And I’d be honored to help you start. ❤️

I just got this amazing Thieves Cleaning Kit! The kit includes:
🍁 Stainless Steel Bucket 🍁 Young Living Spray Bottle 🍁 Cleaning Cloth
🍁 Thieves Household Cleaner
🍁 Young Living Essential Oil Carrying Case
🍁 5 YL Essential Oils - Thieves, Purification, Citrus Fresh, Lemon and Pine
🍁 Recipe Booklet .
Everything you need to ditch and switch your cleaning supplies for the home! I really love this kit, it's perfect! I swear by the Thieves Household Cleaner...I use it to clean everything in my house. The best part, it's completely all natural. I love that there are no toxic chemicals getting inhaled in my lungs or absorbed into my skin and adding the essential oils only enhances the cleanser and makes everything smell great. If you've been on the fence about switching over to natural cleaning and using essential oils to help clean your home, I highly encourage you to look into this kit. I'm a scientist and I know what all these bacteria and viruses look like under a microscope...you can't un-see what you've seen. Trust me, every surface of your house is disgusting and if you have kids, sweet baby Jesus, you need this kit like now.
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If you know me you know I love my #Thieves essential oil blend😊😍🙏. It totally changed my life few years ago. 🙏🌿🍃But did you know there are other clean #nontoxic products made with this #essentialoil blend? One of my favorites is the #thieveshouseholdcleaner 👌🙏😊 and a little goes a looooonnnng way. #lessismore 😊 #chemicalfreehome #selflove#confianceensoi#consciousliving#autumnvibes#simplethingsinlife#yleo#younglivingphilippines#namasteॐ

Di dalam rumah anda ada perokok? Risau org lain sama terbau asap nya?? 😐

Kajian menunjukkan thieves bila diffuse. Dalam masa 10minit pertama mmbntu untuk mengurangkan segala kuman yg berada di sekitarnya.. Baygkn kalau diffuse 10jam?? InsyaAllah sgt mmbntu untuk berlawan di udara asap rokok dan mmbntu kita untuk mndptkan udara yg sihat😍

Gabungan mantap clove, lemon, cinnamon, euc radiata, n rosemary mmbntu mmbuang kuman di sekitar kita😎

Research menunjukkan thieves Bagus untuk boost immun health, mslh oral, adrenal, skit kepala, cleaning, bntu mmbuatkan smoker bnti smoke dan sbgai penyegar udara yg Bagus untuk mmbunuh bakteria😉



If y’all don’t have a thieves roller, what are you waiting for? The germs certainly aren’t waiting! #younglivingessentialoils #thieves #fightthesickness

💦Detox Baths & Essential Oils💦
Epsom salt baths allow for the minerals to "draw out" toxins from the body. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath can remove harmful toxins and balance the body.
It also helps with:
+weight management
+gaining relief from sore muscles
+increased health
By adding a few drops of Essential Oils such as Lavender or Thieves, your body begins to absorb the benefits of the essential oils through your skin. Lavender is great for calming the mind & body while Thieves is great for immune support. Add a few drops of each to a cup of salts & warm water and you have your very own wellness bath.
A typical detox bath should last up to 20 minutes, drink lots of water to help flush out toxins, and soak up the relaxing aroma of Lavender lofting in the water and air. You will want to drift of to sweet dreams. 😴
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I started out staring at oils & wondering what on earth you do with them other than diffuse them to make your house smell good. Now? Now I have a firm routine I never break from. I use Sleepyize behind my ears every night before I go to bed, & I’ve slept like a BABY for a whole month now. AND I’ve had dreams again almost every single night. I’ve not dreamed consistently in YEARS! I also use Progessence Plus & Endoflex on the inside of my ankles & over my thyroid every night, then Lady Sclareol on my lower abdomen every morning & Endoflex over my thyroid again in the morning. Hormone. Support. Is. Crucial. The incredible benefits this has had on my physical & emotional health are undeniable. I use my Thieves toothpaste every day, & actually don’t like regular toothpaste anymore. Then I use Thieves for immunity support, as an acne treatment, & internally for immune system support. It’s a life saver.
My husband may not be fully on board, but he now carries my Breathe Again roller with him EVERYWHERE & has been using it religiously to help make breathing easier, which is crucial for him with how sensitive his sinuses are.
If you have any questions or want to know my personal testimony with these magic, God given oils, please reach out. If my routine helps me as much as it does, I can only imagine what it can do for everyone else ❤️💕🌿 #YLEO #YoungLiving #YoungLivingEssentialOils #OilySisterhood #OpportunityKnox #HormoneSupport #ImmuneSystemSupport #Oily #WellnessWednesday #Thieves #Sleepyize #BreatheAgain #ProgessencePlus #LadySclareol #Endoflex #CleanLiving #NaturalLiving #Blessings #Thankful #SmellGood

Well come spring the set up will be different. Lastnight someone decided they needed my trailer more then I did. Also missing is a polaris ranger and 4 wheeler from my neighbors. Gotta love people that feed off other peoples hard work and success.#firelinelawncare #utilitytrailer #lawncare #stolen #thieves

Going to Costa Rica this past summer totally changed my outlook on how we treat the world we live in. Humans are so unappreciative of all the damage we cause the ground we walk on, the air we breathe, the animals we admire, plants we eat, and how we treat each other. Ever since I learned about how all of my actions affect the world, I try to do something good each day. Whether it’s something small like going out of my way to recycle, or choosing the “ship in least amount of boxes” option on Amazon, or swapping out my toxic shampoo for a Non-Toxic one, or even reaching out to a long lost friend: I’m actively trying to live better so that I can be better. Do the same
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Something about this time of year makes me think how gross my phone and pretty much every surface outside my home is. I keep Thieves spray with me everywhere I go to ease my mind about what my hands, the kids’ hands, mouth, nose, feet, tongue....(you catch my drift) touch 🤦‍♀️. Door knobs, shopping carts, restaurant tables you name it I spray it 😁😉😍
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