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Thierry Allemand explaining the difference between his vineyards to @danielanylin and two wines showing the importances of SO2. The difference between these wines are 1 gram of SO2 for every 100 liter of wine... #reynard #chaillot #cornas #thierryallemand #IfWeSpokeBetterFrence

Never gets old, love the chicken, love the wine. #zunicafe #thierryallemand #cornas

1 ⭐️ Michelin restaurants in France are the shit .... Chef Masa brings the heat with some simple well cooked food, some of the best of had for a while.
Merci Thierry and Théo Allemand for the Amazing hospitality #iceroadtruckers #vinnaturel #thierryallemand

You know, dinner. '03 guigal chateau d'ampuis was the winner, followed closely by the 2011 Reynard.
#cornas #coterotie #thierryallemand #guigal

Chaillot '12 by Monsieur Allemand tonight #oaxenkrog #thierryallemand #cornas #rhonewine #coravin

Cornas, foie gras and bits of beets @restaurantmelee #thierryallemand #melee #rhone #cornas

내가 가장 애정하는 리옹 Bouchon 에서 fricassée de ris de veau 송아지 흉선 프리까세 요리와 Thierry Allemand 티에리 알르망 샤이오 2012.
같이 먹는 순간 감탄사가 절로... 여기가 천국인줄 알았다
#thierryallemand #chaillot #lyon #bouchonlyonnais #risdeveau

A visit to the temple! #cornas #thierryallemand #theatlasoftaste


Good to be back where it all started 4 years ago. Thanks @kyliejavierashton for the great hospitality, @ambrosechiang for the awesome wine selection and @jack2beauregard for the great company! #sommlife #glouglou #guiberteau #thierryallemand

We could not resist the urge to finish the last bottle of Allemand's 09 Reynard. Built to last, but outstanding already now, evolving forever in the glass and paired well of course with the lamb roast! #theburgundy #cornas #thierryallemand #skoogsvinhandel

Kvällen fortsätter på #theburgundy med vin från magiska producenten #thierryallemand Cornas Reynard 2009 grymt bra 👌🏻✨ @orre_swe #skoogsvinhandel

Double date with a pair of Cornas 2012 from Thierry Allemand! What a treat to have such rare bottles in our line up last night. We were really excited to try those unicorns...
The Chaillot has a fragrant pronounced nose of dried fruits, blackberry and black cherry. Quite tannic on the palate with some candied cherries. Not too appealing at this stage and rather not living to its fame. The vintage was difficult for sure, but this is quite disappointing.
Our rating: 12/20
The Reynard was slightly less expressive on the nose, but had a bit more complexity than the Chaillot on the palate, with finer tannins as well. The old vines seem to be expressing themselves here. However, the wine is under delivering for a top Cornas. I won't stock up 2012s for sure.
Our rating: 13/20

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Amazing wines shared with amazing people❣

I think I'm in love with Cornas or maybe just Thierry Allemand 😍

Thierry Allemand, blir knappt bättre än så om man gillar Syrah. Vi öppnade en 2012 från Chaillot vingårdsläget i Cornas. I cuveen Chaillot används tydligen druvor från de yngre vinrankorna. Vinet är dock fullmatat med härlig frukt! Att mycket av det goda fortfarande ligger gömt under en rejäl struktur har med den unga åldern att göra. Vinet mår bra av fem år till på rygg, och ändå är det löjligt gott redan i dag. En Syrah som bär på en bukett av blomster i doften passar i försommarkvällen:) #thierryallemand #cornas #rhone #syrah #2012 #wineporn

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