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Be prepared. If you’re going out and about to do errands, bring a snack and your water. I’ve noticed if I’m prepared I won’t cheat😆

She's so hot @brittanyjwebb 👙😘
Follow her for more💕

Coffee time ☕️

The kindest words my father said to me... Women like you drown oceans.... #me #perfect #amazing #loveyourself #knowyourworth #sexy #thickwhitegirls

#throwbackthursday a little progress each day is what it’s all about 👀

A couple of months ago my sister and I realized that we were going to get each other the same Christmas present. Because nothing says Christmas like hoodies with your own picture on it and a How I Met Your Mother reference.

Can someone pls tell me why she looks 13 on the top but 23 on the bottom
#booty🍑 #thickwhitegirls #snowbunny #mamiaf #isthatmydaughter #smashorwhat #ass🍑

HMU ‼️ #thickwhitegirls

I love you to the moon and back and even if I don’t find a lad who loves me the way you do then I don’t want one❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#bestfriendgoals #bestfriend #sister #iloveyou #mine #gorgeous #thickwhitegirls #thickwomen

Good Morning 🌴 any mamas out there? I am so exhausted with how early this one gets up! Any Tips? Or I just need to get used to this for the rest of my life? Lol


I have seen so many posts recently about “how we can survive Christmas” “ Have a starter instead of having dessert” is this any way to promote health & fitness to anyone. I of all people understand the importance of discipline & commitment especially when it comes to fitness goals but sometimes we can turn things in to an unhealthy obsession, which in turn means people find it harder to stick to their goals. Here’s my advice if you want to have a mince pie, have a mince pie. When your in it for the long haul & realise that fitness & good nutrition is something you maintain throughout the year, you don’t worry about the calorie content of your Christmas dinner 🤷🏽‍♀️. Remember a few extra chocolates or an extra glass of wine won’t suddenly make you “overweight” the same way a few healthy meals doesn’t suddenly make you “healthy”

Why aren’t there any Plus Sized Victoria Secret models? I think they should change that... oh and pants are overrated lol

❗️physique update ❗️I woke up today & smashed my leg session 👆🏼 feeling so much better after taking a few days off 🏋🏽‍♀️. This week I only managed to squeeze three of my workout sessions in (better than none 😏) I had so much going on that my body felt physically exhausted. Rest days are an important part of our training, if you neglect it you’ll pay for it sooner or later. I’m a huge advocate for listening to your body, taking time out will help prevent injury, make exercise more enjoyable & help make exercise a lifelong habit. When your body tells you it’s time to take a break- listen.

My baby (silver car) broke down and I had to leave It 😞 but my Mitsubishi looking mean as fuck 😈 thankful for my dad helping me out❤️

About to leave to move 😍 I’m nervous ahhh

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