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@Regrann from @thicksnoww - Never before seen pic👑 #ThickSnoww #Regrann

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Calls her man a deadbeat when he's a loving caring father. She cheated on him while she was 2 weeks pregnant and he still stuck around even not knowing if she was his. She treats him like garbage and others around her, swears on her kids life and lies. He's tried to push her to better since day 1 but does nothing but bring him down. Tries to give guys a sad sob story when she's fucked #thicksnoww #fat2thickwithcass#beautiful #fitness#deadbeatmom @fat2thickwithcass

The real thick momma snow does nothing but smoke weed and sit on welfare while her man works 6 days a week and gets up with there baby and still does house chores. Try's to say he owes her money when all she does is rack up her cards and spend money and sits on the internet watching black guys suck off white guys she's a user and a weirdo. He's done nothing but tried to shine a positive light in her life and she spits in his face and others that truly care #fat2thickwithcass #thicksnoww #thick #fakepeople#beautiful #hot

Naturally delicious😍💦💘🎂
@shegotthatcake_ #thicksnoww #throwback

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