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Some accessory leg work today...nothing fancy just getting it done!#workhard#legdayiseveryday#thickbutstillfit#fitmilitarywomen

Issa throwback to yesterday's routine with @victorfit14 after a nice run #Sprints #burpees #burpeesvariations #fitfam #WorkInProgress #girlswholift #musclegirls #workout #iworkout #thickbutstillfit #loveyourself #strength #Grateful for #grace @victorfit14 a member of the trainers from hell squad @focuswisdomd @dicksonfit_10 @richard_ajikobi. God is watching all of you in 3D

Those b&w vibes in all @aloyoga ❀️

Manifest dreams, and then work to cultivate the changes you wish to see in your life ❀️ Tomorrow's #asanasdown posture is compass pose πŸ“

@aloyoga #aloyoga
Anyone else as obsessed with this fall pull-over from @aloyoga ?! 😍

Creativity stirs within the soul when you believe that everything is possible and nothing can limit you ❀️ Tomorrow's #IntricateHybridYogis asana takes horse pose 🐴 and adds a mermaid bind πŸ¦„ if you can't fold and balance, feel free to create the bind around the leg without the head below your arms and instead above them ❀️ or show us your fierceness in traditional horse pose.
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Wearing swoon worthy solids from my favorite @aloyoga #aloyoga

There are people, souls, you meet in life that change you. Whose light and energy force you to be better. More compassionate, more loving, more present, more grateful.
Day 2 of #asanasdown was given to us by @elisheva_yoga in the form of pigeon pose 🐣

Wearing our generous sponsor @aloyoga #aloyoga

It's often the littlest of things that hold the most power to positively impact the course of humanity. A little kindness, a little understanding, a little love, and a little soul who is capable of greatness with endless possibilities ❀️ Flashback Friday to feeling fierce in my favorite summer line pieces from @aloyoga #aloyoga

Firing into a new month.
Can y'all believe tomorrow is already September 1st?! 😱

It's also day 1 of #asanasdown and we are kicking off with one of my favorites, archer's pose / arkarna dhanurasana 🏹

@aloyoga #aloyoga (wearing the new fall line 😍)

Some nights I have poetic, soul infused words to share and some nights I'm like: oh hey, that's a butt πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ‘ All black in @aloyoga #aloyoga

Shoutout to all the people out there with thick thighs and thigh gaps. Who are a size 2 and a size 22. To the people with six packs and the people with stretch marks. Shoutout to all the people who are shamelessly loving themselves even when the world tells them not to. You were born to burn with the power of the universe within you, light the whole world on fire πŸ”₯

Feeling like a goddess in my favorite fall @aloyoga pieces (pun intended) ❀️ #aloyoga

The start of a bright future filled with wonder and endless possibilities.
My heart is overwhelmed.
With such excitement and happiness for you as you go off into the world for the first time on your own.
To learn.
To make new friends.
To grow.
And also with a bit of selfish sadness.
Half a decade + it's been just you and me.
Every day together.
But as with all good things in life..
It's time for you to test your wings my little love,
And oh how I can't wait to watch you soar. ❀️ Outfit: @aloyoga #aloyoga

Swaying with life like πŸ’πŸ»

. Pain and sadness, although tragic, are necessary in life. They remind us to practice gratitude. Those moments humble us. They make us compassionate to others. And they make us human. ✨

Wearing my new favorite alloy color from @aloyoga #aloyoga

Ever see a T-Rex rocking a forearm stand?
Well, you basically have now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #igotsshortarms
Tomorrow's #yogaatthecore asana is one of my absolute favorites: pincha πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Hosts:
Wearing: @aloyoga #aloyoga

To cage something wild is to steal a piece of her soul. Her song may still be beautiful, but it will never be sung for you ✨

Don't let the world cage you in, steal your wild, tame your soul. Whoever it is you are, be that person. Break the rules, be a rebel, take no shit. When you die your headstone only reads one name at the top; be sure your life was lived by and for that one name and not for the sake of pleasing a thousand others. πŸ¦„

In love with the new fall line over at @aloyoga I mean this eggplant color πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΌ am I right?! #aloyoga

We are all birthed into life,
And we all leave by death.
Stay humble in between. ❀️ Chakra jewelry: @tinyomjewellery

This is a yoga body.
A mom body.
A sister body.
A daughter body.
A wife body.
Because I practice yoga, am a mother, a big sister, a middle daughter, and married to a great man. Not because of what I look like, but because of the life I live.
If you want to have a bikini body, wear a bikini.
If you want to have a yoga body, practice yoga.
If you want to have a weight lifter's body, lift weights.
The only person keeping you from having said body is yourself listening to other people's bullshit opinions about you. Get out of your own way and live ✌🏼 Wearing the fall line from @aloyoga #aloyoga

Whoever you are,
Keep being that person.
Those who don't like it don't deserve you.
Wearing all @nuxactive use code joeliz for 15% off site wide

I don't need to show the world I have a body worth loving,
I simply need to show my body I'm willing to love it. ❀️ What if instead of spending time and energy trying to change other people's opinions of us we instead spent it on changing our opinion of ourselves? If we spent it on loving ourselves more, accepting ourselves more? Once you learn to love yourself other opinions will cease to matter all together, and let's face it, changing someone else's opinion rarely happens anyways, and the people hiding behind Instagram while judging, well, troll alert troll alert ❀️ Wearing all: @aloyoga #aloyoga

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